When Can Baby Sleep With A Pillow? Experts answer

Sleep safety is one of the most pressing concerns for us first-time parents. Good thing experts these days are just a click away. Unfortunately, even the authorities have differing views regarding topics, so it kinda gets confusing for some.

The Answer


Some of them say a one-year-old can sleep with a pillow; others suggest you should wait until two.

There are also other cultures who do not think pillows pose any risk to our babies as long as they’re heavy enough not to be lifted by your little one, and they’re as far from them as possible--like using them only to fill in blank spaces in the crib.

So let's stick with the safest time which is 2 year-old.

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The Common Conviction



There is a common conviction.Babies, especially newborns, should not sleep with a pillow nearby. Not even a blanket. To be safe, just give them one when they’re more than two years old. To be safer, when you’re little one is ready to sleep in a bed.

Why again?Suffocation and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). According to statistics, there are more or less 40 deaths per year due to suffocation caused by pillows and cushion. It’s a small number compared to the number of safe babies, but one death is already too many.

Aside from pillows, blankets and thick quilts are also culprits. Blankets and quilts are may cover your baby’s face, and since not all come in a breathable textile, it can cause suffocation. Blankets, which are more pliable than thick quilts, may accidentally wrap around her throat and strangulate her. These two may cause your baby’s body to overheat, which is also harmful to her health.

Keep pillows, blankets, and quilts away from your baby’s crib until they are two years old. They can do more harm than good during this period.

What If My Baby Feels Cold?

If you want to keep the baby warm, use one-piece footed pajamas. Also, regulate the room temperature during the cold season.

Should the time come that you think a blanket is necessary, use one with light material.

What If My Baby Has a Clogged Nose?

If you need to raise a mattress to help your baby breathe well, you should consult it first with her doctor. If you get the go signal, ensure that the angle is not too high that it will cause your baby to slide down or roll to any side. Additionally, check that there are no gaps created between the mattress and the crib.

Alternatively, you can help your baby breathe better even when she has a stuffy nose by using saline drops to get rid of the clog or suction it with a bulb syringe. Both are cumbersome for your baby. Be careful not to hurt their noses, or you’ll have more problems to deal with.

In her room, run a cool mist humidifier and place it as close to your baby’s sleep area as possible. And clean the room to get rid of irritants such as dust.

You may also give her a steamy bath before bedtime.


So just to recap our answer to the question “when can a baby sleep with a pillow?” we agree that it should be when our little one is ready to transition to bed or at least she’s two years old.

Also, take note of the following:

No blankets, toys, corded devices, sleep positioners and car seats in the crib. Use a firm mattress to avoid smothering and lay her on her back to prevent overheating.





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