Why to Use Umbrella Stroller? Do you need it?

So you already have a baby stroller you use every time you go out with your baby, but your friend tells you to buy an umbrella stroller.

You then start mulling over enlisting it on your little one’s wish list, and as you do, you ask, “Do I really need one?” “Isn’t the current pram I have enough?”

As a mom, let me tell you now that the answer really depends on several factors, which I will be discussing later on. The topmost of which is your budget. If this is not an issue, then, by all means, get one. It will save you tons of headache in the long run.

But before I enumerate these considerations, let’s define umbrella stroller first.

Use Umbrella Stroller

What is an Umbrella Stroller?

Umbrella strollers are a lightweight, smaller, and reasonable choice for guardians of youthful kids. It can be folded somehow just like an umbrella and has a sun/rain shield, hence the name.

Its light and foldable outline makes the umbrella carriage appropriate for voyaging families, as it can be effortlessly put away and reassembled. It’s unlike regular strollers that tend to be a bit bulky and heavy to push.

This feature makes it a great option if you’re a mom or any guardian who’s always on the go, and you love taking your little one with you.

Why Choose an Umbrella Stroller

1. Lightweight

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate umbrella strollers. As a first-time mom who frequents groceries more than any other moms I know, umbrella strollers are the best thing since sliced bread.

The reason?

It’s lightweight.

You see I’m a grocery store regular because 1) I don’t keep a to-buy list with me and 2) the store is just two blocks away from where I live.

Because I can’t leave my baby at home all alone, I had to take her with me almost every single time.

I tried taking the regular stroller we have, but crossing the street and going over obstacles are a hassle. My arms tend to get sore from pushing, particularly after buying plenty of items. The regular strollers are already heavy in itself. Add to that the weight of your baby, and it’s too much.

So carrying an umbrella stroller saved me.

Even if you don’t visit nearby establishments as often as I do, having a lightweight stroller is one of your greatest gifts to yourself. You can easily put it in your car’s trunk even with one hand.

Use Umbrella Stroller

2. Space saver

As mentioned earlier, umbrella strollers fold like an umbrella; thus, they are big space savers. If you’re traveling with it, rest assured that it won’t take much space in your trunk.

If you’re flying, a lot of airlines won’t charge you for taking it with you.

Because it saves more space compared to the regular stroller, you also won’t have a problem keeping it in your home. I usually place it right beside our shoe rack and it sits there nicely.

Now that my kids are big, I just popped it under our bed. That’s how small it is when folded. In case I need to use it again, I know cleaning it up again is easy peasy.

3. Easy to assemble

I may not be speaking for all umbrella strollers, but in my limited experience, this type is so much easier to assemble and disassemble than the regular ones.

I can fold and unfold mine using a single hand without any problem.

I find this very helpful when I have my little angel with me because I could hold her in my one hand and fold and unfold the umbrella stroller with the other.

Just imagine all the time you can save and frustrations you can avoid when it’s starting to rain, and you already want to put the stroller in the trunk.

I agree that quite a number of regular strollers also have that can be folded and unfolded in just one push, but because this type is bulkier than umbrella strollers, it takes more time to do so. And it needs both hands, too!

When to Buy an Umbrella Stroller

1. Consider Your Baby’s Age

Despite the obvious pros of having an umbrella stroller, you shouldn’t buy it right after having a baby.

Umbrella strollers are designed for babies who can sit by themselves or whose back is strong enough to support its head.


Because your baby has to be seated the whole time she’s in the stroller.

Yes, umbrella strollers may also be reclined, but it won’t go as low or as flat as the bulkier ones. In other words, umbrella strollers cannot support your tiny tots (read newborns and infants) really well.

2. Consider Your Budget

As I mentioned right from the get-go, getting an umbrella stroller is only viable when you have the extra dow. You can definitely survive without it.

It is a big help, but it doesn’t mean that you should make purchasing one a priority.

You may, however, put it on your Christmas wish list this year.

3. Consider Future Use

It’s not enough that you have the budget; you should also think about what you’re doing with it after. Just because it’s a space saver doesn’t mean it doesn’t occupy any of your place’s space.

If this your first child and you’re having some more, it’s OK to buy an umbrella stroller. Otherwise, you can look for someone in your family who can have a baby in a few months after your baby outgrows it. Just make sure to keep it in its tip-top shape.

Why am I saying this?

Our babies grow fast, but umbrella strollers are a bit pricey. The really good ones are somewhere between $400-$800. So if you’re using it for less than a year, it may not be worth it.

Make sure to read our article on Top 10 Best Umbrella Strollers I am sure you would love to read it.

So again  Wrapping It Up

Why choose an umbrella stroller?

Three reasons:

  • Lightweight
  • Spacesaver
  • Portable

Umbrella strollers will help you and your baby a lot.


You can always choose not to get one if you don’t have enough money, your baby is too young, or you don’t plan to use it for long.

Sarah Morgan

Chief editor of WellBeingKid.com and striving mom-extraordinaire.Let me share and inspire you with my daily struggles to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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