Are Umbrella Strollers Safe for Newborns? A Detail Answer


You’re probably wondering if you can get the umbrella stroller for your baby instead of the regular one. It’s pretty understandable because this type is way cheaper than the regular buggy.

I, too, asked the same question when I had my firstborn, and to tell you frankly, the answer is no. Well, not completely no. There are instances when you can use umbrella strollers for them tiny babies, but, in general, I advise you to stick to the regular stroller for safety.

So let’s get started.

So, Umbrella baby buggies are a lightweight, smaller, and reasonable choice for guardians of youthful kids.

This to a great degree flexibility style of kid buggy can be a profoundly helpful decision in a hurry guardian.

Frequently fabricated with the lightweight texture and a collapsible component, umbrella carriages are anything but difficult to move with and haul out at whatever point required. 

What is an Umbrella Stroller?

An umbrella carriage is a lightweight child stroller that can crumble into a substantially littler size. It’s weightless and the foldable plan makes the umbrella stroller reasonable for voyaging families, as it can be effortlessly put away and reassembled.

This kid buggy gets its name from is effectively foldable structure, umbrella J-molded handles, and sun/rain shield. Umbrella baby stroller is famous for use on the open transport, for use in shopping centers, or even use at jubilees and outside celebrations.

Umbrella Stroller

Are Umbrella Strollers Safe for Infants?

When your little one (LO) is born, I’m pretty sure she’s not equipped with the right muscle or bone strength. I have heard babies being born with teeth, which is not normal, but never have I heard one that’s born who can sit on their own.

The first four months is the time your LO develops her bones and muscle so they are strong enough to sit unassisted by the time they’re about six months old.

How is that related to umbrella stroller?

We previously stated that umbrella strollers do no recline fully. We also mentioned that they don’t have enough paddings because they’re meant to be lightweight and compact.

With that said, it only means that you cannot place your newborn in an umbrella stroller because they can’t sit. Even if you can prop them to sit, it’s still unsafe.

If, however, you find one that fully reclines, by all means, use it for your newborn.


You have to read on the tips below on how to do it properly.


Is My Child Ready for an Umbrella Stroller?

As mentioned above, babies start sitting at the age of four months. But that doesn’t mean you can walk them around in an umbrella stroller at that age. They still get tired pretty easily, so it’s better to stick with the regular buggy.

There’s no exact age when they can sit in umbrella strollers, but if you read forums and expert advice, the safest time would be when they’re more than six months old.

You have to make sure that they can support their head for a really long time before letting them sit in an umbrella stroller.

If you’re feeling a bit paranoid, I’d say one year old is your safest bet.

Some Tips

Clean Umbrella Stroller

Just because your little angel can now sit on her own doesn’t mean you should just pop her into the stroller then fasten the seat belt and go.

You still have to remember the following tips to ensure safety:

1. Keep the stroller balanced

Always keep in mind that umbrella strollers are lightweight. So you have to make sure you keep it balanced when your baby is sitting pretty in it.

Do NOT hang anything on its handle at all times. Our items may be heavier than our babies, which may cause the stroller to be outbalanced and flip back.

Some strollers have small baskets underneath. That’s where you can place your light bags, umbrellas, and others.

You also have to make sure you’re carrying it the right way.

2. Go for one with safety features

Umbrella strollers are safe in general, but we can never be so sure. So when I bought mine, I looked for the safety features I can’t live without.

First, I looked for the device that prevents accidental closing of the stroller. I don’t know exactly what it’s called though.

Then I made sure there are locks on the wheels, so I am confident the stroller stays in place whenever we stop.

Most importantly, I make sure the stroller has seat belts and that these are working properly. There are strollers I know with seat belts that are either not locking properly or are too hard to unlock. Imagine the hassle when it’s raining and I have to get my baby in the car quick!

3. Choose one with a canopy

Whether you’re staying out long or not, you have to make sure your little one is protected from the sun or rain.

The canopy is also very handy because your little one will surely fall asleep while you’re out and about. This will keep her from getting blinded by the sun or any light.

4. Have enough paddings

Your precious angel’s bones, muscles, and skin are still very delicate; hence, it is only proper that you ensure they are properly cared for.

Sufficient paddings will make sure your babies are comfortable all throughout the trip.

The padding and cushion will also help support your baby’s head. This is highly beneficial if your baby is still learning to sit on her own.

Here are ten umbrella strollers that will surely give your angel the comfort she needs.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

So going back to the question “Are umbrella strollers safe for newborn?” I would have to say no.


You find an umbrella stroller that fully reclines, appropriately padded and cushioned, and has the safety features mentioned above.

But, in general, umbrella strollers are made for toddlers or at least the babies who can already sit on their own.

We make sure that all the articles are clearing all your ambiguities and helping you out in all manner. Feel free to ask anything anytime. 

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