Ultimate Guide To Hatchimals: Is It Worth The Hype, Wait & Cost?

Retailers are magically finding new stock of Hatchimals and then advertise a single day when they will be on sale. Hundreds of people line up for only 20-40 available Hatchimals.

Are you wondering if it is really worth getting up at 6am, grabbing some Starbucks, and camping out in front of a store?


This year’s hottest toy, is without question the infinitely clever Hatchimals, which normally retails for $59.99-$69.99. We first learned about Hatchimals in mid-October from my 7 year old who watches GreerGirls endlessly on YouTube.

GreerGrils, along with Pat and Jen (Super Minecraft Videos) keeps her entertained for hours on long trips even though hearing those videos could threaten my sanity as a mother. But that is what headphones are for, right?

As the buyer for Diaper Jungle I immediately fell in love with this toy and placed a large order with the manufacturer Spin Master, to have plenty on hand.


Even though we placed the order as early as October 2016, it was still too late. They were sold out by that time and our shipment was expected in February 2017. Luckily, we got our hands on one Hatchimal to make a little 7 year old girl happy and provide feedback for this review.

But what really are Hatchimals?

Hatchimals are magical creatures who first arrive inside a 10” tall egg. You must cuddle, nurture, care, rub and talk to your Hatchimal to wake it from its sleep to begin the hatching process.

Hatchimals come in a variety of animals and colors, and like a real baby, you never know what you will get until its hatched. Then Hatchimal goes through 3 stages; baby, toddler, kid.


This is definitely the most fun part of the toy and will keep your child engaged for the 1-2 hours it takes to hatch. To start the “hatching process” slide the inner sleeve out of the box, remove the 2 keys at the bottom of the egg and this will bring your Hatchimal to life.

Hold the egg from the bottom, cuddle, rub and talk to your Hatchimals pet. Its eyes will start to glow pink and you will hear a heartbeat. It takes about 20 minutes of play before your Hatchimal will start pecking at its shell.

Parents, don’t worry:

Your Hatchimal will not hatch without you if your child puts it down. It needs constant care, playing and attention for 20-30 minutes to begin hatching, otherwise it goes back to sleep.

While playing with your Hathimal, it will make adorable baby noises, eyes will flash different colors telling you what it is feeling (look at guide below) and may even get sick. Make sure to interact with each feeling (eye color) to speed up the process. Once the hatching begins (where it pecks away at the shell) it will take about 20 minutes. This stage is so cute and clever.

Hatchimal makes little baby sounds as they happily peck at the shell then moves a few inches and pecks again. Hatchimal will keep trying to break the egg until you pull it out and remove the plastic around its wings. At this point Hatchimal will sing Happy Birthday in its cute baby voice.

We got a baby Draggle. Half bird, half dragon.

Tip: To stop the hatching process completely and restart later, simply turn upside down for 8 seconds, then your Hatchmals will go back to sleep.

​Baby, Toddler and Kid Stages

This is where Hatchimals becomes boring to a kid, which is a shame because the hatching stage is so cute. You have a few games like recording your voice (playing it back), playing music game or teaching it to walk by clapping your hands.


The games are unimaginative, simplistic and don’t engage the child. We had to constantly refer back to the manual or internet to figure out how to activate the games. The problem is you have to push Hatchimals tummy to scroll through all the different eye colors.

Eyes Guide

With Hatchimals, it’s all in the eyes.

The eyes tell what Hatchimal is feeling; if it's scared, needs to be burped, hiccups, sick, sneezes, cold or falling asleep. The Eye Colors have slightly different meaning in each stage (Baby, Toddler, Kid) and this is where kids lose interest. You have to keep the Tips and Tricks guide close. Example of the Egg stage:

  • RAINBOW EYES - Hatchimal will start pecking at its shell, trying to hatch. This is the only time so far we’ve seen the Rainbow eyes.
  • WHITE EYES - Hatchimal is sleepy.
  • YELLOW EYES - Hatchimal wants you to play in different way. Like all kids, it too gets bored.
  • ORANGE EYES - Your pet needs to be burped. Gently pat on the back of the egg to help Hatchimal. YES it really does burp.
  • ORANGE EYES FLASHING - Hatchimal has the hiccups. A couple of quick taps on the side of the egg scares the hiccups out of your pet.
  • RED EYES - This means Hatchimal is upset. Soothe Hatchimal by rubbing the bottom of the egg.
  • GREEN EYES - Your pet isn’t feeling well. Rub the bottom of the egg to help it feel better or tilt the egg to help it sneeze.
  • LIGHT BLUE EYES - Hatchimal is cold. Rub the bottom of the egg to warm.
  • DARK BLUE EYES - Hatchimal is feeling very scared. Rub the bottom to comfort it.

Baby, Toddler and Kid modes have some more colors (eyes) and the colors mean different things. All Hatchimals look adorable and have big eyes that just melt you.

On the other hand, Hatchimals are not exactly soft and cuddly. My little girl loves to sleep with her stuffed animals and Hatchimals made it one night.


It is certainly gets two big thumbs up for the hatching process. The whole family will watch in wonder as your Hatchimal baby is born. We love the eyes, and cute baby voice.

For us though:

Going through the Baby, Toddler and Kid modes are only slightly entertaining.

We have had our green Draggle Hatchimal for over a month and already it is in a storage bin, not even on the coveted top where only the most loved stuffed animals are displayed.

It gets a definite recommendation only at the $59-$69 price point, which is still a little high. Your child will get 2-3 weeks of play, then toss it in the toybox, so paying a higher price is probably not worth it in the end.

Final Thought

As a mother, I am against the greedy Grinch’s selling Hatchimals for $250 or more. Just say “NO” to these types of people or companies who take advantage of others. There are a lot of other toys your kids will be just as thrilled with. Little Live Pets Snuggles is a great substitute and does much of the same things (except hatch).

​By Liz Marks, writer, blogger, brand manager and parenting expert at DiaperJungle.com. A fully recovered Creative Director for several Ad agencies who now enjoys natural living, writing, relaxation, and volunteering.

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