Toddler’s Coughing At Night: 5 Reasons According to Experts

As we all know having a baby is the most beautiful feeling in the whole wide world and no other happiness can match the limit of the glee of nurturing a little life in your hands and taking care it from all your heart and soul.

It is a time of happiness indeed but it is also a time of care and controlling yourself. We often see parents who become over-protective in taking care of their child and often cause harm to them without knowing it. 

As the toddler advances into the growth years they become open to the threats like wide spread common disease which are easily caused by contact of any allergens in the air or on land. These types of common allergens cause cough, sneezing, flu and other related diseases to the little toddlers as they grow.

As a matter of fact there is no way to stop the child from getting in contact of these low level disease because the toddler in his age is curious about everything he sees and wants to know more about it by exploring through all their senses. 

It is really a common phenomenon that you often see toddler putting everything he finds curious in his mouth. This becomes the main cause of the spread of these common diseases in most of the toddlers nowadays. 

Coughing is one of the most common symptoms of any disease found in most of the Children all around the world. Coughs and colds are common among children especially when its winter as the children especially the toddlers comes more in the contact of the germs of these kinds of diseases.

Most commonly this disease affects the children sleeping at night and most if the toddler coughing only at night is the ones who have a weak immune system. 

In fact:

Coughing is the most occurring phenomena in the body which indicates that there is an irritant in the body which is messing with the respiratory system of the body of the toddlers and then they are sleeping the body involuntarily undergo this phenomena to indicate the conscience of the mind about the inhabited irritant. 

This is the main reason that the toddlers cough at night as their immune systems are very weak to defend the body so the body indicates for a foreign help. 

Children get eight to ten colds per year until they’re about two years old. But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean that we should take toddler coughing at night lightly.

Sometimes, it may just be caused by simple saliva blocking the air passages; other times, it could be a symptom of a more serious underlying cause.


Here we give you some reasons your baby coughs at night and what you can do about them.


Why Is My Toddler Coughing At Night Only?

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1. Sleep apnea

Your baby is fast asleep when all of a sudden you hear her cough; sometimes she even sounds like she’s choking. If this happens almost every night, your little one can have sleep apnea. It is a serious disorder caused by the pollutants and the irritants present in the air which blocks the flow of the air during the process of breathing and when the pressure is build through that blockage then the blockage is released in an instant which causes the coughing phenomena in toddlers. 

Experts say that sleep apnea is a serious disorder that affects both kids and adults. Usually if the child or an adult experience fatigue and is not relaxed even after a good night sleep then there is vital chance that he or she may be suffering from sleep apnea.

This can also cause loud snoring habits in adults and the toddlers may suffer from periodic coughing throughout the night. It is when your child’s tonsils and adenoids are enlarged and block your kids’ airway passages when she’s sleeping.

This is more likely to happen at night because the muscles in the throat relax then the tonsils and adenoids block the air passage causing it to generate a pressure at the joining of trachea which results in toddlers coughing the whole night. 


Sleep apnea is not a condition that goes away with time. So if you think your child has it, you have to see a doctor. Sleep apnea has many stages the least stage is known as the Obstructive sleep apnea which usually happens to the toddlers due to the relaxing of the throat muscles during the night time. 

The doctor may place your child under observation or ask a sleep expert to conduct further testing. Your toddler may then be referred to an ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialist and check the tonsils and adenoid glands.

If sleep apnea is confirmed, your child may have to undergo a minor operation.

2. Croup

If you hear your baby coughing like a barking seal then she’s struggling to catch her breath, but then she’s OK at daytime, she may be having croup. Other symptoms include having stridor when inhaling.

According to KidsHealth, croup is caused by a virus that creates laryngeal and tracheal inflammation. It’s common from October to March due to the weather.

You can take your child in a place with cold air or sit in a steamy bathroom with your child for about 15 minutes.

Either of the two helps relax the airways. You may also put a cool-mist humidifier in her room.


If your little one is really having a hard time breathing or if stridor lasts for about 5 minutes, you have to see a doctor immediately.

Croup goes away on its own, but every child’s system is different from others; some kids may beat it better than the others.

3. Asthma

Another possible reason for your toddler’s coughing at night is asthma. Some of its symptoms include a dry cough that usually lasts the entire winter time and is worse or only appears at night.

This is a type of disease which usually occurs due to the entrance of allergens like perfume, dust, pollens etc react with the respiratory system which causes the larynx and the tubes to contract and are filled with mucous which cause the flow of air to decrease and the body needs to breathe with more power to pull the breath in. This whole thing is the reason of that wheezing sound which the children produce during the sleep at night.

There’s also that wheezing sound when your tiny tot breathes plus her chest caves in when breathing.

Asthma is a chronic condition says the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; hence, another sign you have to watch out for is the repetitiveness of a cough that goes along with the changes in weather. It may also be triggered by exercise and allergies.

If you suspect asthma:

You also have to see your doctor who will then diagnose your child through a physical exam and asking about parents’ health history.

Depending on the severity of your toddlers’ cough, she may be given a bronchodilator or a preventive medicine altogether.

4. Bronchitis

If your toddler’s coughing at night is accompanied by mucus—green, white, clear, or yellowish—fatigue, and chest discomfort, she may be having bronchitis.

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, which is usually caused by a respiratory infection.

According to Mayo Clinic, acute bronchitis usually goes away on its own usually within a few weeks, but your child’s doctor may prescribe a cough suppressant to help your kid rest. 

On top of this:

You should also let her drink plenty of fluids and breathe warm yet moist air.

5. Sinusitis

The last of the topmost reasons your toddler coughs only at night is sinusitis.

This is a result of the inflammation cavities around the nasal passages also referred to as the sinus.

When this passage is inflamed, the mucus builds up in that area which leads to blockage. Also, mucus drainage is affected.

Sinusitis may be a result of different factors: infection, allergies, nasal polyps, deviated septum, or other diseases says MedlinePlus. Symptoms of sinusitis include tenderness around the eye area along with the nasal congestion.

By and large, sinusitis goes away on its own and should nothing to be worried about.

To help your child breathe when there’s nasal congestion:

You may elevate the head area of the bed or find another pillow to place under her head. You may also let her breathe in vapor rub on a towel or use a nasal aspirator.

If symptoms persist for more than five days, tell your doctor about it.


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Toddler coughing at night may be caused by different factors as illustrated above. Some may be light; others may be severe. If your child has symptoms not mentioned here, check other possibilities.

But again:

We remind you to know your child reacts to it. If she’s having a fever and is lethargic, consult your pediatrician.

In my experience, I would observe my daughter for two days. If she didn’t get better, I immediately make an appointment with her doctor.

We hope that after reading this article you would have a keen understanding about the reason why toddler cough at night time and you would have found the perfect cure for it but if there is anything which is still left unclear then feel free to ask us anything you need to know about the reasons why the toddler cough at night.

We would be really obliged to provide you all the information which you deem necessary to know. For more informative and updated articles stay tuned with us.

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