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17 Mom-Tested Tips and Tricks to Survive and Thrive while Breastfeeding

You can survive and thrive as a breastfeeding mom. Thanks to the internet, help is just a click away. But what if you have no time to spare back-reading all those forums and parenting sites?

No worries! I have condensed my time-tested and mom-approved breastfeeding tips and tricks for you. After a decade of being a mom and being a health professional, I have experienced and seen the intricate ins and outs of breastfeeding.

Nowhere else on the internet shall you find a breastfeeding resource as compact and complete as what is on this page! So better put that kiddo to sleep so you can read in peace. Take a cup of hot chocolate (or tea), prop up your feet, relax and read on.


Tip # 1: Pump it.

If you are not confident of your breastfeeding ability, pump it! Breastfeeding is the most complicated albeit the most nurturing thing that you can do for your child. Every mother’s breastfeeding journey is different. What worked for you might not work for me. But if there is one practice that can ensure the most return in milk, regardless of your beliefs or what you think: it’s pumping!

Tip #2: Patience is the key

Don’t get swayed by naysayers saying that you should be able to pump this or that amount of milk. Every mother is different. Some moms can produce a liter of milk, and there are also those that can barely express a trickle. Some breasts are like late bloomers; it will take a lot of prodding and pumping to get them to make milk. If you are unsure if you are making enough, then better read:

Tip #3: Learn the art of cluster feeding.

Cluster feeding can help your baby to sleep longer at night. Perhaps you are already unknowingly doing cluster feeding right now. Here’s the article that sums up how to do cluster feeding:

How Long Does Cluster Feeding Last

Cluster Feeding: What It Is And How Long Does It Last

Tip #4: Paced Bottle feeding simulates breasts timing.

Switching from the breasts into the bottle isn’t easy for your baby. Your breasts can respond to your child’s sucking cues. Not even the fanciest feeding bottle can replicate that rhythm. Paced feeding can help your newborn not to get drowned on bottled milk.

Paced Bottle Feeding

Tips and Tricks For Effective Paced Bottle Feeding

Tip #5: A little blood is OK.

If you happen to see a little tinge of blood on your expressed milk, that’s normal. If this recurred, then perhaps something is amiss.

blood in breast milk

Blood In Breast Milk: Should You Be Alarmed Or Not?

Tip #6: It’s alright to breastfeed unless you are very ill.

You might get hesitant about breastfeeding your child when you have colds or flu. If this sounds like you, better read this article:

Can you breastfeed with a fever or a cold?

Can You Breastfeed With A Fever Or A Cold?

Tip #7: Your breast are not created equal, handle them accordingly.

Your child can have a favorite breast. It’s also possible to have one of your breasts produce twice as much milk as compared to the other. If you don’t want your breasts to look lopsided, here are my tips:

one breast produces more milk

Struggles And Solutions: One Breast Produces More Milk

Tip #8: A bit of alcohol and caffeine is alright, just a wee bit though!

Moms can also have fun! Breastfeeding must not limit you from enjoying good food, a sip of coffee and even a bit of late night drink. If you are curious about the timing and amount of caffeine or alcohol that a breastfeeding mom can drink, then better read:

How Long Does Alcohol and Caffeine Stay in Your Breast Milk

How Long Do Alcohol And Caffeine Stay In Your Breastmilk?

Tip #9: Nip pain in the bud, don’t suffer.

Giving birth is painful, but how about breastfeeding? Why didn’t they tell you that it is also as painful and frustrating? Don’t listen to well-meaning family members that say you have to tolerate pain. Accept it but don’t suffer! Here’s how you can relieve breast pain:

breast pain

5 Useful Tips To Relieve Breast Pain

Tip #10: Energy drinks are a big NO!

Sure you can have a sip of coffee in the morning, but energy drinks are a big NO! Here’s why:

Caffeine & Breastfeeding

Energy Drinks And Breastfeeding

Tip #11: Beer can increase milk supply, but not so much!

Perhaps your grandma is right; beer can help to increase the volume of your milk. But what worked a century ago might now work now. So take this advice with a pinch of salt.

Tip #12: You can breastfeed with nipple piercing, but you have to remove it!

Giving birth must not restrict your individual self-expression. It’s alright to breastfeeding if you have a pierced nipple, just take caution and remove that ring.

Can You Breastfeed with Nipple Piercings?

Can You Breastfeed With Nipple Piercings?

Tip #13: Breastfeeding and sleep are both all about timing.

There is nothing as frustrating as a baby that cries on top of his lungs for hours. You can prevent this by practicing proper breastfeeding and sleep timing. You should be able to feed your baby and put him to sleep before he becomes too exhausted. As a rule, don’t keep you little tot awake even a minute past his usual bedtime.

why do babies fight sleep

Why Do Babies Fight Sleep And How Can I Help My Kid?

Tip #14: Mom Helpers: best breastfeeding accessories and equipment.

These items are the must have’s when it comes to breastfeeding. I suggest that you shop and buy them before your delivery date. You’ll need them all starting from day one. These items can save you time and effort, making your breastfeeding experience easy and fuss-free.

Tip #15: Invest in some breastfeeding supplies.

Invest in these breastfeeding supplies. If you won’t, your breast milk won’t last long, and you’ll be buying formula milk in no time. These items can help you to increase your breastmilk stash, saving you money by in the long run.

best baby bottle brush

Mom’s Review: Best Baby Bottle Brush

Tip #16: Master the difficult stage of weaning

Weaning isn’t easy. But breastfeeding must end after some time. So you’ve got to wean, and you need to do it right. Don’t ever quit breastfeeding cold turkey. Practice proper timing. Likewise, don’t prolong your agony. Here are articles to guide you on making your weaning stage a less stressful time both for you and your baby.

wean baby off nipple shield

There you have it! These tips and tricks will be helpful for every stage of your breastfeeding journey.Help is just a click away.Better bookmark this page so you can come back to this resource every time you need additional information.