5 Things You Must Know When Considering Co-Sleeping

A co-sleeping is basically a lightweight portable fold-up co-sleeper which provides a safe environment for babies while they sleep. There are many features that matter when it comes to a co-sleeping for your baby.

The mattress should be comfortable enough to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for your baby, but it should also be strong enough to ensure safety. They should be easy to fold and light to carry. Before you read further also check our article on difference between a co-sleeper and a bassinet.

A Complete Guide On When Considering Co-Sleeping

At the time of acquiring and using a co-sleeper there are many things that you should look at, then we will describe some of the most important. There are very simple co-sleeper simply with their walls and mattress in the background and other very sophisticated ones that include music and light.

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But, the external characteristics of the appearance of the co-sleeper are not the most essential, what really should matter is that it is safe and comfortable for the child, but at the same time easy to transport in the trunk, without occupying too much space. So consider some important features to take into account before buying the co-sleeper.

Removable or Folding Co-Sleeper

The first thing we should review in the product specifications is the folding of the co-sleeper. The removable co-sleeper is a little more solid than the folding ones, they can be assembled and disassembled.

If you are one of those who prefers to spend many days of your vacation in one place, this is the ideal type of co-sleeper for you. They are a bit heavier than folding and require the use of specific tools to assemble and disassemble, so we must remember to put these tools in the trunk next to the pieces of the co-sleeper, before leaving home.


We should choose a co-sleeper that has at least two heights. Small babies should not be so far down in the co-sleeper, but as close as possible. In addition, putting it in the background represents a greater physical effort for parents to take out and put the child.

Mattress Type

It is very important to know that co-sleeper usually include a very small and thin mattress, so it is good to include in the budget the purchase of an additional mattress a little more cushioned so that the baby can rest comfortably.

Age range

Some co-sleeper is suitable for newborns while others are not, as are babies, older children, and preschoolers. It is important to consider the age range of a co-sleeper before buying it.

Portability and Safety

One of the most important factors of a co-sleeper is its weight and size – both when assembled and when you want to store it. It is important that the folded co-sleeper is small enough to fit in your suitcase, carry-on luggage or car boot, but it is also important that when fully installed it is large enough to fit the size of your baby during the maximum period of possible time.

While safety is obviously very important. The things to consider are if there is any space between the mattress and the co-sleeper, if the sheets are kept in place and if the baby could fall out of the co-sleeper.

Consider the above things before purchasing a co-sleeper for your lovely newborn baby. Also check our article on why you should move a baby out of bassinet.

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