All About Summer Shoes For Toddlers

Are you trying to figure out what are the best summer shoes for toddlers so you can pick one, which is more than appropriate for your child’s needs? The summer season is the time when your toddler gets so busy with all the activities that he/she wants to do.

The problem is you might find it a challenge to pick the best pair for him/her, especially if he/she tends to wiggle too much out of your lap or throw tantrums when you are out shopping. Minimize the hassle by ensuring that you are fully aware of what you should look for with this article.


​Types of Summer Shoes/Footwear for Toddlers

​1. Sandals


​Sandals are among the most fashionable footwear that your toddler can wear during the summer. Aside from being fashionable, you also have an assurance that this footwear can keep his/her feet cool and fully protected.

The good thing about most of the summer sandals for kids today is that they are safe and comfortable to wear while also showcasing cute styles. Such can make your toddler fully enjoy his summer romps.

If you want to invest in a pair of summer sandals for your toddler, especially if he is still learning to walk, then it is crucial to go for one, which has non-slip soles. Such feature ensures that his tender heels and small toes are fully protected.

Ensure that you make your choice not only based on style but also on the level of comfort and protection that the sandals can provide.

​2. Cut-out Shoe

​With a pair of cut-out shoe, there is no need for you to worry about your toddler’s little feet getting too hot or sweaty. It is an ideal option because of its guaranteed breathability.

Make sure to pick a cut-out shoe, which features a sole made of rubber and contains micro-holes. There should also be a special membrane lining. Holes in leather and Nubuck material are also helpful in boosting durability. Added comfy feature should be a removable insole.

​3. Flip-flops

​If you are in search of the most comfortable pair of footwear for your toddler, then it would be best to go for a pair of flip-flops. It is easy to wear and cheap plus it is compatible with kids particularly those who are over 2 years.

If you want to improve the level of security that your chosen flip-flops provide, then it would be best to go for that, which features a strap at the back. The good thing about the majority of flip-flops today is that they are available in many child-focused and fun themes.

Most of the designs in the flip-flops, particularly those offered by Havaianas, can’t be expected to fade even after you wash them for many times. When shopping for this footwear, make sure to avoid going for infant sizes as such are too narrow for your toddler’s small and chubby feet.

Go for a size or two bigger and your toddler will definitely feel happy with it.

​4. Canvas Shoes

​You can also go for canvas shoes if you want to figure out what are the best summer shoes for toddler. Make sure to look for a pair of canvas shoes that you will never have a hard time putting on and taking off.

If possible, go for one, which does not also require you to deal with the hassle of wearing socks or tying laces. Since it is for your toddler, make sure to look for a fun theme and style, as well. Aside from that, the canvas shoe should fit well. It should also be well-cushioned and sturdy.

​5. Crocs

​One of the things that make Crocs an ideal option for toddlers this summer season is it works well for all kinds of terrain, such as the beach. It is also easy to put on and off.

Aside from that, you have an assurance that the footwear is breathable and comfortable because of its many ventilation holes. Crocs footwear is also waterproof, making it an ideal option if you want to bring your toddler to the pool and in case they get covered in mud.

Another thing that you will love about this footwear is that you can easily wash it. It is also long-lasting, so there is no need for you to purchase a pair too many times. Furthermore, it comes with a back strap, which makes it easy for your toddler to wear it or remove it by himself.

​6. Water Shoes

​Of course, you also have to include water shoes in your list of options. You will most likely bring your toddler with you at the beach, pool or waterpark during the summer.

The problem is that while this is fun and exciting for your toddler, it can also expose his small and tender feet to harsh elements and hazards. Protect his feet by wearing the right water shoes for toddlers.

One of the major benefits of wearing water shoes is that it can prevent your toddler from slipping when he is walking or running on wet surfaces. Most of them are made with a strong grip, making them perfect in handling slippery and wet terrains.

Such shoe can also protect his small and delicate feet from sharp rocks and glass when he is in the pool or beach. Aside from that, you have an assurance that he won’t suffer from blisters affecting his feet.

It should be noted that some footwear, like flip-flops and sandals, still tend to trap moisture. That said, there is still a great chance for your toddler to experience discomfort and develop blisters even if such footwear is designed for summer.

With the right water shoe, your child’s feet can breathe, thereby preventing such problem.


There is no need to worry too much about how you can answer the question what are the best summer shoes for toddlers since you actually have plenty of options.

All it takes is to figure out which one can offer your toddler the highest level of comfort and protection without compromising style and fun.

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