Storing Pacifiers Properly: A Complete Guideline

Pacifiers are God’s gift to parents as these helps their babies calm in so many ways possible. These also contribute to the physical development of your little one as it keeps babies away from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

With this importance, we urge ourselves to invest to getting the best pacifiers, and of course, properly maintaining these to avoid any harm that it can further cause to our babies.

As we want to keep our babies healthy and content with the comfort given by pacifiers, it is imperative to know how to properly clean and sterilize it. 

After knowing those things, we now go to the “how’s” of
storing our pacifiers. The next sections will explain the further details on pacifier storage.


Why Do We Need to Store Pacifiers Properly?

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1. To keep pacifiers clean

We put so much effort in keeping our pacifiers clean to avoid any causes of illnesses which can affect our babies’ overall health.

We have known of the existence of pacifier wipes, cleaning through the running water method, and putting them on boiling water to remove dirt and bacteria.

Sometimes, we go an extra mile by getting ourselves a sterilizer for our milk bottles and of course, pacifiers.

Once we are done with cleaning and sterilizing, what should we do next? This should be followed by properly storing our pacifiers.

Looking for an enclosed container keeps our pacifiers away from the aerial germs, hence maintaining its cleanliness.

Storing pacifiers properly is one way of maintaining its quality, which means you are deemed to buy new ones less often—and we save pennies from it.

2. To organize your pacifiers.

Storing pacifiers is one way of organizing it along with the other baby stuff like bottles and bottle nipples.

A pacifier storage would give a big help in organizing things be it inside your bag, in the pockets of your strollers, or at home. We know for a fact that we do not want to mix the baby stuff with toys, or with the dishes used by older ones.

Also, we do not want to misplace our pacifiers both at home or outside. To avoid those things, we dedicate a solo place for our baby’s things. This then makes our lives easier, and the life of our pacifiers longer.

3. To make it extra handy and clean at the same time.

In case one falls off, no need to look for a running water because you definitely have a spare one, that is still clean and sterilized.

These clean pacifiers are made extra handy by the pacifier storage that you have in your bag, in the crib, in the nearest cabinet, or even in your pockets.

Pacifier pods, covers, or pouches can be put in your little wallet or in the small pockets of your baby’s walkers, strollers, and crib.

4. To prolong the life of your pacifiers.

We do not need to always get a new one if qualities are not yet dilapidated.

Pacifiers could be expensive depending on the brand, and parents would not want to put much pennies on pacifiers because that is not just what our little ones need.

To avoid causing too much costs, we need to prolong the life of our pacifiers.

There are many ways to maintain the quality of pacifiers—you can have varieties to make sure that your baby is using one every other.

 But in case you do not have the luxury to have more pacifiers, then taking care of it would be better, and knowing how to store pacifiers properly will greatly help.

How to Store Pacifiers Properly?


1. Using ziplocks and pouches.

There are many ways as to how to store pacifiers properly. Some uses ziplocks for temporary storing. 

However, if you decide to use ziplocks, be mindful of how many times it should only be used. Ziplocks would be an instant pacifier storage but it is accompanied by the hassle that you have to wash the plastics as well after a single use.

Also, you post the risk of bringing extra harm to the environment because—plastics.

If you are a bit of environment-conscious, you can get a pouch to store your pacifiers. 

However, you would need to check the materials used in making the pouch. If it is made of cloth, make sure that your pacifier will not attract lint.

2. Commercial pacifier storage.

If you search the internet, it will say that pacifier storage can actually be made by yourself, depending on the scrap you have, and of course, your creativity. 

If you have time, you can try making your own improvised pacifier storage. A pacifier storage at home is easier to improvise. A DIY pacifier storage would need a clean jar, vase or any container which can store your stuff. 

However, you need to be extra careful if you plan to improvise because you need to make sure it is 101 percent clean.

Useful Tips in Storing Pacifiers:

  • Before storing your pacifiers, make sure it is clean, sterilized and dry. Do not store wet pacifiers because it may allow germs to stay and reproduce inside your storages, causing molds.
  • After putting pacifiers in storages, be it in ziplocks, pouches or commercial storages, keep it in cool place or those with room temperature. We avoid moist and over exposure to high temperature.
  • You cannot store your pacifiers for a week. Maybe having it inside the storage (that is completely sealed) in two or three days would be enough. Excessive of that, you would need to clean and sterilize your pacifiers again to make sure it is clean enough for your baby.
  • Whatever storage you will be using, clean it as well. If possible, include it as you sterilize your bottle nipples and pacis. We need to be extra careful when it is being put in the mouths of the little ones.


Pacifier storage is such a big help in keeping our pacifiers clean and in good condition.

Instead of getting a new pacifier every once in a while, try to take care of it first to avoid spending too much.

Storage and organizers could be cheaper than a new one—but of course, you cannot use your pacifiers for a lifetime, you would need to change it after few months of frequent use or it will not be able to pacify your baby enough.

Thank you for reading through this article. Got questions or want to share your experience in storing pacifiers? We would be happy to hear from you in the comment section!

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