Using Dr. Shettles Method To Conceive A Boy Or Girl. Is It Working?

Is it wrong to covet for a certain gender for your unborn child? What if your choice of gender didn’t come out as planned?

There are some popular gender-swaying methods out there that sound like those old-wives tales. Are they even reliable in the first place? Let us discuss one of these popular gender-swaying techniques, the Shettles method.


Shettles Method: Conceiving Your Gender Of Choice

Newborn twins

With the ascent and refinement of the modern technology, gender determination had become an exact science. Our ancestors might have resorted to guesswork, but nowadays, we are bombarded with technologies that might sound far-fetched a decade prior.

Blood exams, DNA testing and the likes have made gender determination an easy (albeit costly) industry.

However, there's a cheaper alternative.

A lot of practical parents have resorted instead to using prediction means that doesn’t cost much. One of the most popular methods out there for easy sex determination is the Shettles method.

Pioneered by Dr. Shettles, it proposes that timing of copulation, sexual position, diet and other things that can influence a child’s gender.

Shettles method says that it is possible to “sway” your baby’s gender to the direction that you choose using the following principles:

1. Timing of sex

The Shettles method proposes that to have a baby boy, the insemination must happen as close to the ovulation day as possible. To have a baby girl, copulation must be timed to around 2 to 4 days before ovulation.

During ovulation, the woman’s body is not as acidic so the male sperm can thrive much better than the female sperm. For this to be successful, the female must track her ovulation at least a few months before trying to get pregnant. The downside to this is that it is hard for a woman to determine her exact day of ovulation.

2. Sexual position

Sperm deposited through shallow penetration will likely result to a baby girl. It is said that the common missionary position creates more baby girls than boys.

To conceive a baby boy, deeper penetration is needed to deposit the sperm far down the near the opening of the uterus where it can have the best chances of reaching the egg.

But, remember:

This notion is unreliable for the reason that there is hardly any difference in terms of structure between the Y (male) sperm and the X (female) sperm.

3. The Big O

If you want to have a baby boy, Shettles method says that the woman must try to achieve single or multiple orgasms. It is even more reliable if the couple can achieve orgasm at the same time.

Dr. Shettles said that the reason behind this could be because waves of female orgasm help to draw the male sperm quicker to the egg, giving your partner’s male sperms a good head start.

The opposite is advisable if you are trying to conceive a girl. For a baby girl, female orgasm must be prevented.


What’s erroneous with this method is that it is hard to accurately pinpoint orgasm, it is also something that is hard to contain once it began.

4. Keeping it cool

If you and your partner are trying to conceive a baby boy, the male scrotum must be kept cool. The male must avoid exercises that expose him to hot weather. Hot spa, sauna and tight clothing or restrictive underwear must be avoided.

But one question remains:

If this is really the case, then why is there not much difference in the ratio of boys to girls in countries with warm climates?

5. Diet can also affect baby’s gender

It is said that for the male, drinking coffee around half an hour prior to intercourse can increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

If the couple is aiming for a girl, the female must avoid anything that contains caffeine such as coffee, tea, and soda. Drinking or eating lemons or lime might also tip the scales in favor of a male baby.

Some couples even resort to adopting a “rabbit” diet full of green leafy veggies, banana and other citrus fruits in order to conceive a baby boy. 

Gender Selection: Choices And Effects

Twin baby resting in mother's arms

We are hesitant to share our choice of gender due to a lot of reasons. We’d rather not disclose it. You might be thinking that being pregnant is already a blessing in itself. Asking for a certain gender is already too much; as some women are already having a hard time conceiving. You are lucky enough to be pregnant, you might think.

Does it really make sense to choose one gender over the other? What can happen if we do so?

1. Men’s world is a tough world

There are some societies that highly favor a gender over the other. Genders must be equal in every population, or everyone will suffer. On the case of China’s one-child policy, there is a great inclination to have a boy. Three decades into it and China now has about 122 boys for every 100 girls.

The shortage of females will lead to a lot of potential damage. Men find it hard to get a suitable female partner. “Bare branches” perpetually single testosterone-fueled men will likely create an increase of incidence of riots and civil unrest, a spike in the rate of prostitution and trafficking, increasing the crime rate and violence in the long run. Women neutralize the men’s aggressive drives and a nation with few women will result in a hostile society.

2. Women live longer than men

Men outnumber women by a sizeable number in our world right now. A baby boy is the more favorable gender of choice on most countries, hence the prevalence of females in some populations are due to other factors.

If you are curious if there are also countries that are female dominated, there are quite a few such as Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, Portugal and others. It is just a small margin at around 54-52 females per 100 populations. The shortage of men is not by choice of the inhabitants of these countries. Part of the reason could be because women live longer than men on an average.

Women are more resilient to conditions such as economic unrest or famine. Men are hardy but they are prone to violence, suicide, disease and the like. Men are also more disposable as a nation’s resource for economic activity and war. Women are more nurturing to the young and more caring to the old, as compared to their male counterparts. These are among the reasons why some couples would rather prefer baby girls to boys.

​Gender Selection: Its Consequences And The Bigger Picture


Some parents have valid reasons why they prefer a certain gender; it could be due to economic difficulties, culture or pressure to have an heir of a certain gender. But sad to say that not all gender expectations of parents go fulfilled. Even the Shettles method discussed above was just dependable about half of the time.

Since it is always just 50-50 as there are only two choices of gender, the method’s success is quite at the same rate as couples who have not done any preparation.

Most of the consequences of the parents’ gender preference will be borne by the unwanted child. Expectation breeds frustration when the baby’s gender is the opposite of what they had planned or have in mind. An unwanted baby will be held and nurtured less, he or she will also be less likely to get welcomed into the family.

Having an unwanted child or a child of undesired gender, these parents might not be able to overcome their frustration for years. They may eventually vent on the child especially if he or she is the reason why their plans are left unfulfilled. Being blamed for such circumstances is difficult for a child to bear. This is especially true because the cause is something beyond the child’s control.


a boy and a girl

A baby’s gender is something that’s hard to predict. Wishing for a certain gender for your unborn child is futile, you’ll only be right half of the time. There is always a reason for everything, even the gender of your baby is no coincidence. Why not just let nature take its course, set gender preference aside and instead focus on giving the best for your child?

Every child is different, you will never know how adorable and unique your he or she is until he or she grows up. If anything, giving birth to a healthy baby is already in itself, a big blessing.


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