5 Best Baby Shampoo For Cradle Cap – A Complete Review

Cradle cap is not contagious. It is likewise not caused by allergy or poor hygiene. Cradle cap is commonplace, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll just let it as it is. If left on its own, it can irritate baby’s scalp. So how to pick the best baby shampoo for cradle cap?


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Step By Step On How To Remove Baby’s Cradle Cap

1. The best way to remove cradle cap is to start off with the right type of baby shampoo for cradle cap. Bathe baby like usual and then rinse the shampoo thoroughly.

2. Put him in his changing pad and dry your baby all over with a soft towel.

3. Rub baby’s scalp with a palm-full of pure natural oil. There are lots of natural oils that you can use. My personal favorite is organic coconut or virgin olive oil. Let the oil soak your baby’s scalp for about 10-15 minutes.

4. Using a soft brush, gently comb out the thick skin patches. Take care not to rub your baby’s scalp with the brush. Take your time removing all the skin patches.

Be extra gentle; you don’t want to irritate your baby as it can make him fussy. If baby’s hair gets entangled, use a wide toothed comb to straighten it out.

5. Once you are done removing the skin patches, shampoo baby’s hair once more. Rinse the oil thoroughly; you don’t want to leave any oil residue that can later cause another episode of cradle cap. Dry baby as usual and that’s it; cradle cap is gone!

Best Baby Shampoo for Cradle Cap : Mom-Tested Top Picks

Regular shampoo won’t help you to remove cradle cap.


Some of these shampoos might have harsh chemical contents that can make matters worse. You need the right type of shampoo to decrease yeast formation on baby’s skin. It must be gentle enough for daily use but potent enough to solve your cradle cap problems.

Here are my personal picks for the best baby shampoo for cradle cap

And you know what?

Plenty of other moms love these too!

Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

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Puracy Natural is a bestseller gentle baby shampoo in the market. This is 2-in-1, so there is no need to buy a separate baby wash.

It is ideal for babies with sensitive skin suffering from eczema, diaper rash, or cradle cap.

But wait–there's more:

This baby shampoo hydrates baby’s skin without leaving oil residue that can clog pores.


With the Puracy baby shampoo and wash, a little bit of liquid of goes a long way. Just one pump is all you need to create a nice lather.

The smell is pleasant (citrus) but not too overwhelming.

Isn't that great?

The only downside is that this shampoo is not as tear-free as advertised. There is a mild sting, but it’s somewhat tolerable.

Also, the prices for Puracy products are a little steep, but you are paying for an all-natural product, so it won’t come cheap.



  • Bestselling baby shampoo, trusted by moms
  • Made of 100% natural ingredients
  • Ideal for baby’s sensitive skin
  • No harsh chemicals that can irritate baby
  • No as tear-free for infants; has mild sting
  • Not as cheap as other baby shampoos
Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Baby Shampoo

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Bella B Bee Gone is one of my most recommended baby shampoos for the removal of cradle cap. Its price is low but this product is comparable to a premium shampoo regarding performance.


Because it can quickly remove stubborn cradle cap in just a few washes.

But first a warning:

The first time  you use this shampoo, it will look as if the cradle cap has gotten worse. What looks like a flare-up of cradle cap is loosened skin patches. You can prevent this from happening by brushing your baby’s cradle cap while at the bath.

The best way to use this baby shampoo is to let the lather sit on top of baby’s head for around 2-3 minutes. Let it work its way down to penetrate the inner layer of the skin scabs.

Once the skin patches are thoroughly soaked, use a soft brush to remove baby’s cradle cap. Rinse and repeat as needed, while the baby is playing in the bathtub.



  • Affordable baby shampoo
  • Natural and all-organic ingredients
  • Loosens skin patches to make them easier to remove
  • Smells nice
  • The packaging is not as durable
  • Not as fast acting
Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns

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Mustela Foam is the ideal shampoo for newborns. It is one of the gentlest baby shampoos for cradle cap.

What separates this from the rest?

If you are unsure whether you must brush baby’s scalp as it can hurt him/her, then the Mustela Foam Shampoo can help. Use this shampoo on its own without the aid of brush; just leave it on its own for a minute or two. The skin flakes will eventually fall off after a few uses.

For the best results:

Use this shampoo during summer because its formula can dry baby’s scalp during cold weather.

So what do you do during the winter season?

If your child’s skin can get a little sensitive, you may spread a thin layer of coconut oil at his scalp after taking a bath. Take note to rinse shampoo thoroughly to prevent any skin irritations brought about by chemical residue.



  • Gentle enough for newborns
  • Tear-free formula guaranteed
  • Mild exfoliant; with antibacterial component
  • Easy to apply with its foam formula
  • Removes extra oil, loosens tough, oily skin patches
  • Skin-drying formula, not ideal for cold weather
  • The scent is too strong
Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Baby Shampoo

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Babo Botanicals Baby shampoo is my recommended product for children suffering from a severe case of dandruff/cradle cap and even eczema.


This all natural product is potent enough to treat extreme dandruff cases of adults. Just don’t expect an instant result, though, as it can take you at least one to two weeks to see any changes.

But beware:

Before using this product, check if your baby is not allergic to the components of this shampoo. You can do a partial skin exposure test.

Take a minuscule sample and dab it to your child’s soles or inner arm. Rinse it after one hour and observe the skin spot for a few days. If no redness forms, then you are assured that this product is the right pick for you and your baby.



  • Makes hair smooth and silky
  • Plant-based natural ingredients
  • Certified organic
  • Uses natural oils as fragrance, no artificial chemicals added
  • Smells woody and masculine
  • Pricey for its small volume per bottle
 Mummy's Miracle Moringa Baby Shampoo

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Mummy’s Miracle Moringa is useful to aid fast healing of cases such as eczema and skin irritation. You may use this for cold weather; it is non-drying on the skin.

What's more:

It smells great and is gentle enough even for newborns.

But remember this:

Don’t expect too much lather when using this shampoo. Nevertheless, it is capable and sufficient to eradicate cradle cap with just a few uses. I also love how it can make my hair (yes I used it one time) bouncy and smooth.

This product could compete with premium baby shampoos for cradle cap if only the company that makes this shampoo would consider using a better container to prevent leaks.



  • Made of antiseptic Moringa oil
  • Made of natural organic ingredients
  • No allergens, safe for sensitive skin
  • Tear-free formula
  • pH balanced formula
  • Bottle container is too flimsy
  • Packaging is subpar


Cradle cap might look scary, but it isn’t. It happens to just about every kid out there.


If you child suffers from this skin irritation, don’t just leave it alone. There are lots of shampoos in the market that can help you with cradle cap.

You can always go and try lots of products; but if you want to save time better just heed my advice and purchase nothing but the best baby shampoo for cradle cap.

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