Quinny Yezz Stroller – A Complete Review

Here we have shared an amazing review on Quinny Yezz Stoller.

Being a mother is the most consecrated and respectable obligation God has given you as a lady. This is on account of the life of your unborn child significantly relies upon you.

Amid your pregnancy, you ought to be sheltered from brutal climate components like the searing daylight and precipitation while going out for a stroll for your unborn infant. 

Quinny Yezz Stroller


You ought to in this way dependably have your pink umbrella amid your day by day strolls.

Both you and your little-blessed messenger with observing the umbrella carriage to be your regular companion. You, along these lines, should be mindful while getting more data about its size, highlights, and evaluating in addition to other things. 

A Complete Review On Quinny Yezz Stroller

In this article, I will give a full scope of data including some essential notes that you should know before you choose to purchase an umbrella carriage for your child.

The Quinny Yezz infant kid buggy has one of the coolest outlines. It has awesome highlights that make it ideal for any family that needs a baby buggy that is extraordinary for voyaging or a kid buggy that can enable you to explore occupied spots effortlessly.

It is made with quality materials that are gathered together pleasantly to give it its creative outline.

Quinny Yezz Stroller

It has an extremely smaller overlap that makes stockpiling simple since it can fit anyplace.

It is incredible for in a hurry travel as it overlaps rapidly and has a self-stand ability with a programmed bolt. It can be collapsed even by utilizing one-hand.

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It has brakes that are anything but difficult to work. It has a pocket at the back that proves to be useful when you are on a multi-day outing and you have to convey enough infant supplies.

On Public Transport

The Yezz is a fantasy on open transport. It fits conveniently into the pram cove on transports and can even be crushed in there beside a twofold carriage.

It takes up almost no room on a tube/prepare and even on occupied drives with no genuine space, you simply crease it down.

How Is The Quinny Yezz To Push And Steer?

The bike like 'skate wheels' are entirely clever and make moving on the level, smooth surfaces an outright dream!

With regards to uneven, rough surfaces they don't passage so well. Despite the fact that I live in the buzzy urban city that is London, the asphalt in my general vicinity is covered with grooves, breaks and tree roots that have actually halted the Yezz in its tracks a few times.


  • It has a 5-point tackle with lashes that are anything but difficult to alter.
  • It is one of the most straightforward umbrella carriages to collect.
  • It has a 4 skate style wheels that make the route to be exceptionally smooth.


  • It has a moderate outline.

Conclusion - Wrapping It Up!

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