Mom’s Survival 101: Baby Sleeping

Baby’s sleep: its precious, it’s priceless, and it’s complicated. It took me ages to this “baby sleep technique” right. There are days back then when I am just dreaming of sleep, after another all-nighter with my fussy infant. Perhaps you are like me. You are working, and you are losing sleep. If you want to gain your sleep-deprived life back and keep your wits and sanity intact, then read on.


​Sleep Training

When to Start Sleep Training

When To Start Sleep Training And How To Do It Right

After a decade of being a zombie-like sleepyhead mom, I learned what clicked and what isn’t. My children all come from the same womb, but they are opposites. What worked for one might not work for the other. So when it comes to putting the baby to sleep, it all boils down to patience and technique.

First off, if you are a new parent, I suggest that you brush up some new skills. The first thing is training. You might think that your newborn is too young to learn anything. If will take you by surprise but there is such a thing as a practical baby sleep training.


Now, if you already set up your baby’s nursery, then well and good. But for your child’s first year of life, let her sleep beside you at night. Co-sleeping is one of the best ways for moms to get more sleep.I always wonder why in terms of taking care of our kids, we people of the West are so backward. Every culture around the world is doing this co-sleeping routine.

Don’t worry; co-sleeping is just a temporary thing. Your child should have been weaned and sleeping on his own before he set foot at school. If you are wondering how to get him to sleep independently, there is a way.

​Baby Sleep Questions and Tips

Our babies didn’t come into this world with an instruction manual. There will be nights when you’ll just stare at the ceiling, asking yourself if your child has a reset button somewhere. You’ll then realize that your all-nighter routine can get tiring.

baby only sleep on me

​Mom’s Question: Baby Will Only Sleep On Me, What To Do?

​Now, there will be nights when your mortal strength will evade you. You cannot hold your baby much longer. There will be days when your baby shall cry for hours and hours. Those were the times when you’ll also cry in despair. Fret no more because here are the root causes behind your child’s wails:

​Is your baby teething or does he have lots of gas? Perhaps you are breastfeeding, and you have eaten something that kept your little one awake and crying all night.

​Babies are strange creatures. They can get creepy sometimes. Wonder why?

​Creating the Perfect Baby Sleep Environment

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to learn how to put your baby to sleep through the night. It’s not just about tricks, tips, and techniques. You need tools. You’ve got to set the bedroom or nursery right.

If you are adamant about sharing your full-sized bed, then a co-sleeper is what you need right now.


How To Choose The Best Co-Sleeper for Your Baby

​When it comes to babies, adult linens or toddler beddings won’t do. These are must haves:

​Wondering why your child is sweating buckets when it’s cool? Set your room temperature right by checking out these tools:

​Lastly, if you want some naps at daytime, a nursery glider is just what you need right now. The best nursery glider doesn’t come cheap, but it’ll make breastfeeding easy-peasy.

Best nursery glider chairs for you and your baby

​There you have it! You need simple, mom-tested and doable baby sleep advice. Just leave me a message or hit it in the comments if you have questions or rants or additional tips that you want to share.