Mom’s Review: Must-have Best Reusable Diapers

Have you taken a thought about what you are putting on your precious baby’s bottom 24/7? Do you sometimes wish that you were given a piece of advice earlier? In this case, would you mind a recommendation from another parent about something as trivial but as necessary as diapers?

Right now, you are likely receiving lots of child-care advice and bombarded with heaps of information. You might already have a stash of child-care necessities such as baby clothes, co-sleeper, car seat, pacifiers, some cute booties and a big pack of disposable diapers.

I know cloth diapers appear to be overwhelming at first. When I began, I couldn't get a handle on what I should do. Yet, once I experimented with a couple of various kinds and brands, I immediately figured out how to love them, and I can't envision myself regularly returning to disposables now.

Choosing one brand over the other is difficult. Your purchasing decisions must not be a hit and miss. This is especially true when buying high-value items that can make your waking (and sleeping!) time a bit easier such as nursery gliders.

Let me share with you some insights with regards to the how’s and whys of diapering and the perils of using disposable diapers for newborns.


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Disposable Diapers: It’s not Just About the Rash!


Newborns are prone to diaper rash due to their sensitive skin. To prevent it, their skin must always be kept dry. Harmful chemicals must likewise be kept away from baby’s skin to prevent irritation.

We don’t want the inconvenience of repeated diaper changes and the hassle of washing cloth diapers so we opt to use disposables.

These diapers are convenient because of how they keep baby’s bottom dry longer, but do we even wonder what are they made of?

Not many parents have given a thought about what’s inside a disposable diaper since manufacturers are likewise not required to disclose them. Aside from the fact that piles and heaps of disposable diapers take centuries to decompose at the landfills, the diaper that we put on our baby might contain a host of harmful chemicals.

Babies wear nappies 24 hours a day so what’s inside the diaper is in contact with baby’s skin round the clock. All these chemicals that sit at your baby’s diaper will wind up in your baby’s system and can accumulate after some time.

Here’s a quick list of what’s inside your baby’s diaper and their potential health effects:

1/ Sodium polyacrylate.

A super absorbent polymer that makes a diaper hold up to 30 times its weight in water or urine.

Way back 1985, these chemicals are removed from tampons since they are linked to toxic shock syndrome. This is the transparent gel-like crystals that sometimes escape your baby’s full diaper, coming in full contact with your baby’s skin.

They might be removed from women’s products but they are still present at your little one’s diapers and will likely stay there until manufacturers can find a safer alternative

2/ Perfumes and dyes.

Your baby’s diaper might have a pleasant baby powder scent in it and some cute designs as well. Once wet with urine, these dyes and perfumes can dissolve and come into contact with baby’s skin.

They might be in small quantities and will not likely cause harm but some babies have shown allergic reactions to these perfumes and dyes

3/ Dioxin.

What makes a diaper soft and fluffy are components of wood pulp bleached in chlorine. Dioxin, a carcinogen, is formed in trace amounts once wood pulp is treated with chlorine.

Small amounts generated per diaper is negligible and may be safe enough but they can accumulate on our landfills and potentially contaminate our water supply.

4/ VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene are released by diapers in small amounts and may likely cause nose, eye, and throat irritations. They may even contribute to the formation of certain cancers and damage kidney and liver systems.

Why Cloth and Reusable Diapers?

Cloth diaper made of natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo is a healthier alternative to disposable diapers. It is safe for your baby and also won’t contribute to environment pollution.

Don’t worry, reusable cloth diapers nowadays have easy closure (snap or Velcro) so gone are those painful pin-prick days. The type of cloth diapers to look for:

Use natural

An unbleached and dye-free all organic cotton will be ideal. The cotton must be grown naturally, free of harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

The inserts or the surface in contact with the skin must be hypo-allergenic, soft to touch and free from dyes and fragrances. It must be able to draw moisture away from baby’s skin but allow air to prevent skin irritation from wetness.

Try bamboo.

Look for cloth inserts made with organically grown bamboo. They are typically grayish or black in color so you can easily distinguish if the cloth is made of bamboo or not.

Bamboo cloths are more absorbent and less leaky as compared with ordinary cloths made of cotton or polyurethane. They are reliable leak-free and washable diaper system with antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties.

Bamboo cloth can even hold up to three times its own weight of urine, even better than the usual cotton.

Know the specifications.

Reusable diapers nowadays typically come in two: the inner cloth insert and the outer diaper that holds the inner cloth in place.

The inner insert must be smooth and must not scratch or cause friction with baby’s delicate skin.

Meanwhile, the outer part comes in various designs and colors with an easy closure which is either Velcro or button snap.

These types of diapers have a recommended weight range. Read the label and compare it size range with your baby’s weight. Take into account if it will fit your baby well, especially if your little one is on the heavy side.

Washing and preparation.


Before embarking on the journey of diapering, try to buy a diaper sprayer to help you with cleaning. At first wash, they will not hold much, the water will just slip down the cloth.

Wash these cloth inserts and reusable diapers at least thrice to break in and improve absorbency. Use them only after the second wash or you may experience leaks.

Some diaper inserts are more efficient in terms of holding water as compared to others. There are new cloth inserts available in the market that may even be suitable for overnight use.

Skin and Money Savers: Must-Buy Reusable Diaper Brands

Are you one of those parents who will settle for nothing but the best and healthiest? Then it’s about time that you try some safe and healthy reusable cloth diapers.

Because they are washable, you will save some money in the process. There will also be less chemical exposure and fewer rashes with cloth diapering. With the multitude of choices in the market, some valuable advice may sometimes help.

Be acquainted with some tried and tested brands and don’t settle for anything less.I have tried certain models and checked parents’ recommendations to come up with this list of the best cloth and reusable diapers.


Bumworks Charcoal Bamboo Pocket Cloth Diapers is made of 70% Bamboo and 30% Cotton. This is a tried and tested brand as well as the most decently priced among this batch.

Additionally having TPU fabric that is waterproof. Moreover our diapers are washable, reusable after washing, antibacterial, rash and moisture free. Hence ensures full comfort and safety of your baby.

I appreciate how this diaper looks fitted and not too stuffy as compared with others of the same category. The prints look nice and presentable despite its cheap price.

This model is also completely waterproof and absorbent with its bamboo microfiber.

Thus keeping the bottom of your babies dry and don’t find irritating by the babies.
BAMBOO CHARCOAL CLOTH DIAPERS SET OF 2 - Each Diaper Includes a Bamboo Insert.

TPU Waterproof texture. Our Diapers are Washable, reusable, antibacterial, delicate, retentive, and dim which will diminish the permeability of Stains. 


  • They are the most affordable reusable cloth diapers that actually delivers the complete leak proof feature. This is a feat in itself considering that this known brand has a fair price.
  • Its overlap snaps are snug enough for a newborn but is secured enough for a rowdy toddler.
  • The inner polyester lining withdraws moisture away from baby’s skin.
  • The inserts are antibacterial, soft and are dark-colored so stains won’t easily show.
  • It hugs my baby’s legs well but there is no rash or redness. I have yet to see an allergic reaction or a skin irritation while using this reusable diaper, so it is a big plus.


  • The reusable diaper cloth can get stained and it is sometimes difficult to wash it off.
  • The black and white print design takes a little getting used to.


With regards to adjustment and custom shape, BumGenius is the best among the batch. What sets this reusable diaper apart from the rest is its excellent fit and compact design.

I like how they are made to be stretchable enough and can snugly and gently hold both a newborn and a growing baby.

BumGenius One‐Size Cloth Diapers highlight our licensed butterfly conclusion framework to give an agreeable, trim fit. This straightforward plan makes material diapering as simple as utilizing disposables.

The natural outline makes bum Genius one‐size material diapers ideal for mind suppliers who may be impervious to fabric diapering (counting childcares).


  • This model is customizable for a 7 pound newborn as well as for a big baby as big as up to 35 pounds. It is elastic is flexible for comfort but is also secured enough to hold up any leaks. There will be lewer leg marks and more movement with the BumGenius 4.0. Fitting this is as easy as wearing a disposable diaper.
  • The inserts is also of two sizes, one for a newborn and another bigger insert for a toddler.There is also an option to put two inserts for extra protection overnight.
  • The fabric is soft, light and waterproof. It won’t cause friction on a newborn’s sensitive skin.
  • They rarely leak, so I can recommend them for daily use. They may even hold up pretty well for travels by land.
  • The pad inserts fits well, the diaper doesn’t look too stuffy and is quite presentable.
  • The BumGenius 4.0 looks stylish and is gender neutral.


  • They aren’t cheap. 


The Rumparooz Cover Snap Newborn cloth diaper is the only model in this batch that can even fit preemies or those babies born underweight. This water resistant diaper is made of comfortable polyester.


  • The reusable cloth diaper covers can fit most standard diaper inserts, whether disposable or reusable.
  • This model fits preemies perfectly. Small babies as light as 4 pounds of weight and as heavy as 15 pounds will fit just right.
  • The cloth and the whole set is soft and gentle enough to accommodate with care a sensitive newborn’s skin.
  • There are lots of eye-catching designs and prints for both genders.
  • Highly recommended for a leak-free overnight experience.
  • The fabric looks thicker than most reusable diapers but is comfortable because it allows the skin to breathe.


  • The Rumparooz Newborn Diaper is ideal for newborns especially preemies. Your baby can immediately grow out of this and you will have to buy a bigger disposable diaper after a few months of use.


What sets Lil Joey 2 Pack All-in-One Cloth Diaper apart from the reusable diapers above is its all in one feature. This one piece does not need an inner insert or an outer reusable diaper cover, it can stand well on its own.

This material diaper is basically the just a single out there that will fit preemies and littler babies. It fits from roughly 4-12 pounds and is intended to fit well around those modest legs. It likewise includes a snap down choice to shield the diaper from rubbing against and chafing the umbilical rope.


  • One piece convenience like no other. This reusable diaper doesn’t come cheap but it takes out the hassle of layering an inner insert into the outer reusable diaper core. Diapering can be done in one quick step. Dads will appreciate this feature because it is a no-brainer.
  • It has double the protection with its dual inner gussets feature. This is recommended for traveling as there would be fewer leaks to worry about.
  • The gussets hug baby’s legs gently and are comfortable enough to be worn all day.
  • The hypoallergenic lining is soft and waterproof.
  • It will fit a newborn right away; it looks classy and not stuffy. Your baby will look good on this, great outfit of choice for baby’s first pictures.


  • This is perfect for a newborn but might start to get too small once the baby reached a certain weight. This diaper may be too short for babies aged six months and above.
  • The price is not economical for something that your baby can grow out of in a few months.

Wrapping it all up.

As my mission here at is to share insights into everything that is whole, natural and healthy, I highly recommend cloth diapering.

Gone are the days when the diaper is just a piece of cloth and baby’s urine can quickly spread and stain the sheets. It might be messy but parents will be surprised because diapering technology has caught up with the times.

Living wise and well is never easy but in the end, getting healthier thru less chemical exposure is worth the hassle. Be a wise and discerning parent, explore and see what fits you and your baby best.

Sarah Morgan

Chief editor of and striving mom-extraordinaire.Let me share and inspire you with my daily struggles to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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