How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need?

Would you believe there is no exact answer to this very important question? If you are panicky like me (and this is according to my husband, BTW), you were probably anxious whenever your baby would sleep for a looooong time.

When my daughter was an infant, I remember I would check on her very often because I would be done with several chores and she would still be asleep. I would also repeatedly ask my husband if the baby was still breathing. (He would roll his eyes at me, but he would still check, though).


A quick check on Google and there are only guidelines available from medical experts because, according to them, each baby is different and has different needs. 

Below is a sample table of a typical “sleep time chart.”




Total Sleep



(varied naps)


1 month


(varied naps)


3 months


(3 naps)


6 months


(2 or 3 naps)


My Experience


Did I follow this sleep time chart? Heck, no.

I was too busy staring at her while she was asleep and taking care of her when she was awake. As long as my baby wasn’t cranky when she woke up, then for me, she had enough sleep.

I knew that, when they were babies, these children could have slept the entire day if their tummies and bladders would have let them. 

So, Again, How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need?

wrapped baby

My take on this question is that it depends on your baby, really. Like what doctors say, each child is different. When she was a few weeks old, my daughter slept almost the entire morning and part of the afternoon.

At night time, she would be asleep by 7 p.m. and be fully awake by 9 a.m. to drink milk, then off to sleep again. When she was 12-18 months old, she would wake up around 8 a.m., take a nap at 11ish for an hour or two (three if I’m lucky) then stay awake until 7 p.m.

YES, she would deal with a fussy baby., but she would not sleep. Why? Because her dad is home and she is excited to see him. Because my daughter is like the Energizer bunny from the 80’s who does not stop moving around, especially when she is tired and sleepy. Because I will not waste both our time and energy and try to put her to sleep when her eyes are bright and awake.


baby sleep on tummy

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that you would know how much sleep your baby needs. You would only stress yourself out – and your baby – getting an actual number and trying to meet it.

 As long as your baby sleeps in the daytime and at night, is healthy, and has no developmental delays, then your baby is getting the right amount of sleep that he needs.

Be ready to deal with a fussy baby. Based on my experience, the amount of sleep a baby gets most certainly affects how the day will go for his parents so do make very good decisions.

Good luck!

Sarah Morgan

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