How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need? A Detail Answer

It’s no wonder why more and more parents are switching to cloth diapering nowadays. Affordable, practical and environment-friendly; cloth diapering is for parents who are not too lazy to extend the extra mile.

Yet before you became at peace with cloth diapering decision, let me first tackle the number one question: How many cloth diapers do I need?


The Practical Numbers

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If you are now planning to buy your first stash of cloth diapers, at least 24 pieces is the minimum number to start. It is because you will have to make diaper changes once every 1-3 hours, any number less than that and you'll have to wash diapers every day just to keep up!

A child can normally soil around 8-10 diapers per day.

There are those diapers that can hold in more pee and those that are functioning more as a bum cover than as a pee container. Typical cloth diapers are made of natural fibers such as cotton, wool or bamboo. Of these, the latter type can hold more pee than the usual cloth.

Make no mistakes, though the bamboo can hold a good deal of liquid but it is not yet as quick-dry as the conventional disposable diapers. So this means that no matter what type of cloth diaper you use, on some types you can prevent side spills but baby’s bum will still be wet.

And as you know the case with diaper rash, it will easily form whenever there is prolonged wetness. So do not be too assured with overnight cloth diapers, if you don’t want diaper rash, you’ll still have to change baby midway.

As said two dozen diapers is a good number, but it is still the minimum. If you don’t have a clothes dryer or if you are in the middle of winter, chances are your laundry will not dry enough. With regards to washing, to avoid the stink and stain, may I recommend that you wash your cloth diapers every other day?

This is regardless if you still have a few cloth diapers on hand because you’ll never know. To cover various contingencies, or when you cannot wash the diapers every other day, buy at least 30 pieces. This way, you’ll not likely worry about running out of diapers.

Valuable Tips For Cloth Diapering

1. The diaper size

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Buy no more than a dozen newborn-sized cloth diapers. Better still; choose a diaper size that can fit a baby from 0 to 6 months. If that’s the case, you can buy more, but if your little one can outgrow it faster than two months, be practical and buy less. Most popular cloth diaper brands for newborns can fit lean babies even after they had doubled their birth weight. It is still the best that you read the label before you buy your diaper stash.

2. Consider diaper wear and tear

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You’ll also have to consider the potential wear and tear of your cloth diapers. To maintain your diapers’ flexibility and absorbent power, do not abuse it at the dryer.

Presoak them to loosen up the stains and then spin them on a gentle cycle. It is wise to wash and hang your cloth diapers no more than two occasions every week. Anything more than that and you’ll break them before their time.

3. Check for reusable baby wipes

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Aside from diapers, it is the baby wipes that you will have buy lots and lots. To save on baby wipes, try to make them on your own using ordinary materials.

Aloe vera is the best remedy against skin dryness and irritation and it can also serve as your lubricant for your home made baby wipes. You can also save some bucks on baby wipes by using less. You may spray your baby’s bum with water before you wipe.

Be practical and check your alternatives. A penny saved today can accumulate to hundreds in a year. Ask other moms, you’ll be surprised to know that ideas abound everywhere!

4. Do not choose only based on the price


Do not be overly cheap but rather, be practical. Cheap cloth diapers typically do not last long. You might think you got a bargain when you bought them but they will break down long before your little one is done potty training.

Therefore, invest on a cloth diaper that has good reviews from parents and has shown to be durable enough to last you at least one year of washing abuse. I have tackled my recommended cloth and reusable diapers here at my previous article. This is worth taking a look before you go shopping.



Gone are the days when our grandmoms will get injured by safety pins just to fix that cloth diapers. Cloth diapers nowadays have been redesigned to serve modern parents.

With our convenience in mind, cloth diaper manufacturers have come up with practical diapering solutions which as the even better alternative to disposable. If you want to follow cost-conscious parents out there, then why not try cloth diapering.

Read up and check with other moms. One thing that you must consider is the ideal cloth diaper number. For it to work for you and not entice you to go back to disposables, buy a decent number.

Do not skimp on quality over cost, this stash must be good enough for the long term. Cloth diapers really cost more than the usual disposable diaper. But consider your entire year’s diaper budget. In the end, your wallet and the environment will thank you for your extra effort.

How’s your cloth diapering experience so far? Please share your thoughts and tips on the comments section below!

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