How to Clean Arms Reach Co-Sleeper? – A Detailed Guide

Not sure how to clean Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you are cleaning it for the first time after buying it brand new from a store or you got it second-hand and wanna make sure it’s germ-free, I have a method for you.

Heck, I’ll even share with you how I cleaned it when it’s freezing outside.

I know first-time users may have a hard time doing it because it was also challenging for me the first time. I wasn’t able to keep the cleaning instructions (accidentally threw it away with the box). So, basically, I know how you feel.

And since I am committed to helping other struggling parents out there, I decided to share my methods.

Note that these may not be what’s written on the manual, but it has kept my baby’s Arm’s Reach co-sleeper spic and span until the time came when I have to keep it again.

Here are how it’s done.

Different methods for cleaning the Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper

1. The average method

What is this for:

This method is applicable for light dust and dirt. Say, for example, it’s fresh out the box, and you just want to ensure it’s clean before your baby sleeps in it.

Or this procedure may also be done in between the intense cleanups and there’s no stain to get rid of–a sort of maintenance, so to speak.

What you need:

For the liner:

  • Washing machine
  • Baby-safe detergent

For the rest of the co-sleeper:

  • Alcohol or vinegar mixed with water
  • Cloth


Cleaning the liner is like cleaning your baby’s clothes. You may choose either a washing machine or handwashing. Either way, ensure that you use only the safest detergent to avoid any allergic reactions from your little one.

Note also that you have to use cold water and let it air dry or drip dry.

For the mattress and the rest of the co-sleeper, you have to use a damp cloth sprayed with alcohol or a vinegar-water solution.

Gently rub the mattress and the other parts that need cleaning.

The downside of using vinegar, though, is that its smell may take some time to disappear.

2. The intense cleaning method (Summer version)

What is this for:

This method is perfect for hand me downs or pre-loved co-sleeper. Although the previous owners may have kept it clean, we still don’t want to risk our baby’s safety.

You may also intensely clean it once a month because of milk spills, urine, and whatnot.

What you need:

  • Large basin or bathtub
  • Warm water
  • Baby-safe detergent
  • Handheld vacuum


Wash the removable liner as outlined above–via machine or hand.

For the co-sleeper, here are the steps:

  • Fold it
  • Place it in a basin or bathtub filled with water/detergent mixture.
  • Let it sit for a few hours (mine was three). Flip it halfway through.
  • Hose it down. Make sure there’s no detergent residue. You’ll know it when there are no more soap bubbles that appear when you press the mattress.
  • Sun dry it.

3. The intense cleaning method (Winter version)

What is this for:

This method is practically the same as the one above only Mr. Sun is not available.

So the materials needed and procedures are the same, except that sunning to dry the co-sleeper is not an option.

So what do you do instead?

Place it in a room with a space heater. If the place is not your toilet or bathroom, you have to let it drip first before moving it to the other room. This may take hours.

Otherwise, just leave it there and set the heater to the hottest temperature possible.


  • The room may have other materials that may melt with heat, so you have to keep this in mind.
  • This method may take several days. So this place should be a spare one.

4. An alternative method:

If you don’t have several days to spare, another way you can clean the Arm’s Rest Co-Sleeper in winter is via a handheld steam cleaner (if you already have one).

Other cleaning tips:

  • Clean the co-sleeper using the first method every two to three days.
  • Use a handheld vacuum before wetting it to ensure dust, hair, and other dry dirt are removed.
  • For really dirty spots, you may use Oxyclean spray. Spray some on a clean rag then wipe the entire co-sleeper down, focusing on the hard-to-remove stains. Let it sit for at least 24 hours then hose it down until the water runs clear. Let it dry in the sun (or space heater) afterward.

Final words

Our babies spend a considerable amount of time sleeping so, needless to say, keeping all her sleeping areas clean is a must.

Too often, though, we forget cleaning the co-sleeper because we’re busy like that.


Between dust mites and diapers that will inevitably leak, the mattress in your baby’s co-sleeper can get very dirty over time.

Young immune systems are susceptible to germs, so learning how to clean Arm’s Reach co-sleeper is vital.

Plus, the best co-sleeper deserve only the best care, doesn’t it?

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