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How To Get Poop Out Of Carpet

Poop can be downright messy. Good thing cleaning it off a carpet could be easy! Well, I just happen to realize this during my little one’s diarrhea bout. I was changing her diapers like usual and lo! All that poop squirt out straight to me and to the bedroom carpet.

Causes And Remedy For Swollen Feet After Giving Birth

Swollen feet after giving birth is common, yet it is a condition that can easily be remedied. More commonly referred by doctors as edema, this is due to trapped body fluids. This condition gradually subsides after giving birth. How can you know if you have edema and what can you do if you have it? How does this condition happen and can you do something to ease it?


How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need? A Detail Answer

It’s no wonder why more and more parents are switching to cloth diapering nowadays. Affordable, practical and environment-friendly; cloth diapering is for parents who are not too lazy to extend the extra mile.

Yet before you became at peace with cloth diapering decision, let me first tackle the number one question: How many cloth diapers do I need?

How To Remove Wax From Apples?

Shiny apples don’t just fool princesses. The evil queen in Snow White may not have actually meant to poison the princess. It could have just been the sneaky toxins hiding on the fruit, and the queen was simply worried Snow White hadn’t been eating enough. Whether or not that’s the case, the princess fell ill, and the apple was the cause.

Poisoned fruit doesn’t make much of an appearance in modern literature anymore, but it makes an appearance every day in the modern life. In the sack lunches, your kids set off to school with, in the pies you make for parties, in the healthy snack you pick up instead of a bag of potato chips. Nestled cozily between the wax coating put on many fruits and vegetables and the natural skin of the produce, pesticides and chemicals lurk, safely encased by wax.