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What Causing Your Baby’s Dry Skin On Face?

I was visiting a friend of mine who just gave birth the other week, and I noticed her newborn baby has dry skin on her face.

Naturally, I asked her if she’s aware of this, to which she replied, “Yes. I’m applying moisturizer on it, though.”

I asked if she also makes sure the baby’s clothes are kept from harsh ingredients and that bathing time is not more than five minutes.

To my surprise, she’s not aware of these and told me none of the mothers around her know about them either, so I decided to write about what I know about what causes baby’s dry skin on the face.

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How To Treat Baby Eczema on Face for Good

If you’re tired of hearing and reading different pieces of advice on how to treat baby eczema on face, you’ve come to the right place.

My nephew was born with very sensitive skin, so as his aunt--not to mention a mom myself--I helped my sister look for cures. We went from doctor to doctor, read every page of how to’s on the internet, and tried almost every treatment (and trick) there is--from pharmaceutical drugs to herbal medicines.

It was a scary journey because there are treatments that would work well at the beginning then all of a sudden stop being effective. There are those that cause flare-ups right off the bat.

So I am sharing with you everything that I learned from this journey: what worked and what didn’t.

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When Does Baby Acne Go Away? Experts Answer

It’s been almost an hour now since my daughter went to bed, and I am still on a high that I can’t go to sleep myself.

So I thought, “Why not write something for my readers tonight?”

Then I went through all the topics I’ve written about to give me an idea of what else I can share with you.

As I was going through my posts, I noticed a large zit on my nose, which is really distracting as I try to concentrate on what I’m doing.

Then it dawned on me:

“That’s it! I’m writing about acne in baby and when it goes away.”

But before going straight to the question “When does baby acne go away?” I will define first what is baby acne. I will also share with you how you can differentiate it from other skin problems so make sure to read this till the end.

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The Science Behind Hair Loss In Babies

I’m making assumptions here:

You’re reading this because your little one has bald spots and would like to know if hair loss in babies is perfectly normal. Also, you could also be curious about what is really happening when hair loss occurs.

I’ve been there.

The people around me were telling me that it is normal for babies to lose hair, but curiosity got the best of me.

So I did what any inquisitive mom would do--research! And what I found out is what I am sharing with you.

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When Is The Right Time To Lower Crib According To Experts?

“My baby can sit unassisted, but she can’t pull herself up yet from a sleeping to sitting position. Should I lower the crib now or wait until she can sit from lying down?”

One of my readers asked me this, and I presumed this is a topic so interesting it needs one whole article. I researched about it--asked experts and other experienced moms of their opinion.

So in today’s post, I will be discussing the time when to lower the crib but before that, let me tell you why dropping it at the right time is crucial for every household. I will also sprinkle a bit more of sleeping safety tips for everyone’s peace of mind.

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8 Safe Co-Sleeping Positions for Your Baby

Within the first months after birth, you’re going to co-sleep with your baby at least a few times.

It’s natural to have your regular sleep schedule disrupted with an infant. With co-sleeping, it’s easier to reach your baby and feed or comfort them without having to get up out of bed.

Experts also say that the safest place for your infant to sleep in the first six months is in a Moses basket or cot in your room.

If you’re seriously considering co-sleeping, what are some things that you should know? Most importantly, how do you ensure the utmost safety when bed sharing with your little one?

Your sleeping position can mean the difference between life and death.

Keep reading to learn more about safe co-sleeping positions.

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Co-Sleeping vs. Bed Sharing: Which is Safer for Your Baby?

While breastfeeding your baby at night, you may tend to feel sleepy and doze off.

This may have lead you to wonder whether co-sleeping is an option for you and your baby. Co-sleeping is a bit of a hot topic in parenting communities and many pediatricians warn of safety risks

However, there are many benefits to co-sleeping, too. It’s a great bonding experience for parents and their baby. It aids in restful sleep and makes it easier to comfort and feed baby during bedtime.

So, should you consider co-sleeping or bed sharing? What are the differences between the two?

We’ll discuss co-sleeping vs. bed sharing, the pros and cons, plus safety tips and myths to help you make the right decision for your family. Continue reading