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How To Deal With Your Fussy Baby At Night

A lot of moms are complaining about getting too exhausted at night because this is the time their babies go nuts!  How do you deal with your fussy baby at night?

Have you ever heard about the “Witching Hour”? It usually happens between 6 P.M. up to 10 in the evening.

Some kids who are calm all day long turn cranky and want to nurse nonstop. But the worst part? Witching hour usually happens when you and your partner want to just sit down, watch the tv, or have your dinner.

During the witching hour, infants do not seem to calm down. Feedings become useless; pacifiers turn worthless, and lullabies are hopeless.  You will hear your baby’s loud cry, and it does not end until you figure out what has gone wrong.

How Old Do Babies Start To Crawl?

Your baby start to crawl? Congrats!

Babies are complex creatures so developmental milestone can never be set in stone. What is regarded as normal today might not be an acknowledged fact at another place and time.

There is also a big gap in terms of the how they develop during this crucial age. Being an early starter or a late bloomer doesn’t automatically translate to being more physically adept later in life. Babies will develop at their own pace and time.

As a parent, what must be understood and considered? Let me help you to decode this particular stage of your baby’s development. Let us navigate this one by one.

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