5 Best Wipe Warmer – A Complete Review

Why is a regular wipe dispenser not enough?

That’s the first question that popped in my head the first time I heard about getting a wipe warmer.

I mean, wipes’ temperature don’t fall near the freezing point, right? It pretty much adopts the temperature of the environment it’s in.

Yes, that’s correct but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. And not just any warmer but the best wipe warmer at that.


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You see, our little angels, especially in their infancy, are sensitive to the cold temperature.

Remember the times when you wash your hands during the cold season and a water heater is not available? You get that little shiver, don’t you?

Imagine our babies’ little tushies touching the cold wipes in the middle of a cold December night. And it’s not just the bottom that needs cleansing. The face and other parts of their body have to be cleaned too.

Are wipe warmers safe?

Think about the shock they’d get if a cold, wet wipe suddenly comes in contact with their skin while they’re sleeping.

But it’s not only that

Getting a wipe warmer doesn’t stop at choosing just any warmer. As previously mentioned, it should be the best one for you and your baby’s needs.

More specifically, here’s what you have to look for to get the best wipe warmer:

Bacteria-free. Some of you may assume that a wipe warmer is mold and bacteria magnet. Well, it may be true for the regular warmer, but that’s not the case with the best wipe warmer.

It should stay warm and cozy all throughout without giving space for mold buildup. Also, the best wipe warmer should include some safe antibacterial additives to keep your wipes hygienic.

Works as expected. This is a given, I know. But did you know there are wipe warmers out there that are haphazardly created and designed? 

Yes, I’ve seen some with lids that won’t close properly, uneven base, and even ones with uneven temperature--warm at the bottom but cold at the top.

Dispenses properly. Cleaning your baby’s bottom calls for quick movements for obvious reasons. You also need all your tools to cooperate.

So the best wipe warmer should dispense only enough wipes at a time so you won’t be wasting any. Ideally, it should be one at a time. 

Best Wipe Warmers

dexbaby wipe warmer

Via Amazon

The best feature of this wipe warmer is the warming plate at the top. This makes sure that most, if not all, wipes inside the container are evenly warmed.

Not only that…

Another feature we really like about it is the night button that you can switch off. Other wipe warmers don’t have this option; hence, it is somehow distracting when sleeping.

Other features that you may like about dexbaby wipe warmer are the viewing window, which lets you see how many wipes are left before refilling it, the big space that holds up to 2 packs of wipes, and the consistent temperature that doesn’t dry the wipes nor brown them.

2. Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer

prince lionheart wipes warmer

Via Amazon.com

If you have cloth wipes and washcloths, Prince Lionheart is the perfect device for that simply because it has an anti-bacterial additive and a replaceable sponge or pillow. This pillow holds the water that keeps the wipes moist and warm at the same time. And since it is replaceable, it means molds and bacteria won’t find a way to accumulate.

Also, this warmer is specifically designed for cloth warmies.

What’s missing in this wipe warmer, though, is the window where you can estimate how much wipes are left. It’s pretty inconvenient to wake up one night to wash your little one only to find out that there’s only one sheet left.

3. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer

munchkin wipes warmer

Via Amazon

Just like the dexbaby wipes warmer, the Munchkin warmer has night light and a small window that gives you preview of the number of wipes available. However, unlike the light on the former, this one turns off automatically after 10 minutes instead.


It has a soft glow so it won’t distract you or your baby when sleeping.

The drawback we found in this warmer, though, is its tendency to dry the wipes on the upper part because the warming plate is there. So you have to use the wipes within 24 hours or less.

But, of course, we won’t remember how long the wipes have been there.

So another solution is to unplug it when not in use. You may also try not filling it to the top so the topmost layer is not too close to the heating plate.

4. Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

hiccapop wipes warmer

Via Amazon.com

If I were to be biased, we would rank this hands down the best wipe warmer there is. And thousands of moms will agree.


Because it can do all of what the other warmers can do plus a lot more. This means it also has a window so you can check the content with ease. It has the light for night usage. And it has the no-brown, always moist technology thanks to the silicone seal locks.

What’s more:

This top-heated warmer can hold up to a week’s worth of wipes which means you don’t have to refill it often.

But the best part?

It comes with free lifetime warranty.

5. Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer

Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer

Via Amazon.com

Traveling with the baby is hard if you will be taking the hulking wipe warmers mentioned above. So for on-the-go butt transactions, get this compact wipes warmer also from Prince Lionheart.

Obviously, it’s main advantage is it size because it is particularly designed to go with your other baby stuff.


This warmer should not be undermined. Just like its bigger version, this compact one has an additive that prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. Plus, it has an anti-brown technology that keeps your baby wipes clean looking and moist.

In summary

If you’re still having second thoughts about getting a wipes warmer, I’m telling you now that you should by all means.

It’s not nice to shock your baby with cold wipes, especially when he’s dozing off soundly at night.

Just make sure that you’re getting the best wipe warmer to make sure your wipes stay moist, wet, warm, and, most of all, clean.

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