Top 5 Best Teething Necklace – A Complete Review

What’s the solution for babies who just love to chew?

You may say a teether or some ice chips will do. But what if you don’t have any? That’s when the teething necklace will come handy. 

Now before I start:

I know that some moms would rather suffer than wear a slimy saliva-covered teething necklace. But if you want to keep your wits intact, you’ll need one.

So here I am sharing with you five of the best teething necklaces for your babies. But first, let me tell you why you need one.


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​Why Do You Need A Teething Necklace?

For the uninitiated, here’s how a teething necklace works.

Picture this:

You are at the church with your teething baby on your lap. Your little pumpkin is so bored with his teether; he just drops it off the ground.

While you are busy picking up that teether, he’ll pull your pearl necklace into his mouth. You can predict what will happen next. If you are fast enough, you’ll pry his little fingers out of your jewelry.

Worst case scenario, your baby has unclasped the whole necklace, pearls dropping off the floor and one piece on his throat.

If  you want to know more about why you need a teething necklace then here we have shared an amazing guide on why you need a teething necklace?

​Mom’s Review: In Search Of The Best Teething Necklace

You can just tie a string around your child’s favorite teething toy and then drape it into your neck. Or you can just tie the teether into your child’s crib and let him chew that thing for all its worth.


If you are going out and you don’t want to risk looking like drab with a strange sense of fashion, you need a stylish and safe teething necklace around your neck.

If you don’t have one and your baby is teething, chances are he’ll chew on your hair, your jewelry or your clothes. You’ll go dripping in saliva in no time.

Not a good picture, is it?

Good thing there are now lots of stylish and safe baby teething necklace for moms to wear. These cute little things can help keep your child occupied and happily seated on your lap. 

Just put the chain on, strap baby into your tummy with a baby carrier, and go about your business while wearing your baby around the house.

Here are some reasons why teething necklace is important for your baby?

4 of the Best Teething Necklaces


If you want a teething necklace that you can wear day and night and still look in style, better check out Marotaro “Harper” All-in-1 Teething Necklace. This is one of the best teething necklaces on this list.

Unlike another teething necklace which has just one type of beads, this one has three types. This necklace is my favorite, primarily because of these hard, soft and gritty beads.

"Is it safe to have my baby chew on silicone?" you might ask.

Yes, as long as it has food-grade quality. 

The good thing with this teething necklace is that it's also free from harmful chemicals.

Plus, the two cords are both upgraded from its previous teething necklace model, which means this model extra durable.

In terms of cleaning, this best teething necklace is dishwasher and machine-washable. You can also freeze it overnight for an additional pain relief.

Pretty cool isn’t it?



  • Three chew-levels for every stage of teething
  • Goes with any casual outfit
  • Neutral colors look like a high-end necklace
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to wash
  • Clasp lock not as secure
  • Strands can get tangled with each other and with hair


Amber teething necklace is the rave of moms nowadays. I can’t blame them; the necklace looks stylish. 

And if you are at your wit's end, trying to console a wailing teething baby with round-the-clock oral pain remedy, better try this out.

But this is a teething necklace for baby. It's not something moms wear. 


Because it is a choking hazard. 

That is the reason  the manufacturer itself recommends that you just wrap this amber teething necklace around baby’s ankles.

Now I have seen lots of mom’s who swear by this amber thing. They say it emits some succinic acid which functions as a natural analgesic.

Chemists might say otherwise.

I too, had my doubts.

But after letting my baby wear this at the start of his teething stage, he can surprisingly sleep better.

Previously, she would wake up at the wee hours of the morning, crying for no reason at all. After wearing this amber teething necklace around her ankles at daytime, she slept longer at night.

It might be due to a placebo effect, but for just a few bucks, it is worth giving a try.

But let me just caution you to only buy from trusted sellers, since there are lots of knock-off amber necklaces nowadays.



  • Amber is a precious type of jewelry
  •  Lasts for years
  • Teething relief as trusted by lots of moms
  • Can be used by mom too
  • Looks stylish and lightweight too
  • Must be worn by baby
  • Choking and strangulation hazard
  • Might not work


Some babies like to chew on mom’s shirt buttons. But of course, we don't want our shirt to get drenched in saliva. So better try out this teething necklace by Itybity. 

It has beads of various textures and hardness, so baby will never get bored chewing this necklace all day long.


This comes with a lifetime warranty. That sets this brand apart from the rest. 

Its lifetime warranty is assuring enough for me; at least I know that I can give the necklace back if it is not on a par with my expectations.

But honestly, after a few months of using this, I am still satisfied. My baby likes this teething necklace; she’ll chew on this nonstop! I even tie this necklace on his crib. 

Most days, I find her sitting on a side, contently chewing this thing in peace. It’s chemical-free, looks good and works well; what’s not to love?



  • The flexible bands are slim making it easy for babies to hold them.
  • It may be a bit hard to clean. But it’s definitely not heat proof.


Looking for the best teething necklace for dads? Or you got a child with special needs that can’t seem to stop chewing on his nails?

Getting this wearable bling is a great idea. 

This teething necklace looks like the usual edgy black pendant. Let your child (not the dad of course!) bite into this day in and day out; it can hold up to lots of use and abuse.

Toogli is the best teething necklace if you want to keep looking cool and hip.

It is good for teething babies due to its non-toxic food grade silicone material. And because it's certified BPA, PVC, latex, lead and phthalate-free, you can rest assured that your kid is gnawing on something safe.

Dads will find this teething necklace pendant attractive enough. He can wear it even if the baby is not around. 

Personally, I like how I can just wear this teething necklace during errand days. It goes well with my cargo shorts and combat boots.



  • Gender-neutral design
  • Perfect for ADHD adults who love to chew
  • Soft and natural food-grade silicone
  • Non-toxic, phthalate, latex and BPA-free
  • Soothing for the gums
  • The string can easily get dislodged


Teething necklace is best worn by parents not by the baby for safety reasons. But just because your child is teething and irritable doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. With lots of best teething necklace in the market, you can surely find one to match every type of outfit.

Research and ask around before you buy a new teething necklace.

But beware:

Knock-offs and toxic counterfeits abound online, so buy only from trusted sellers. 

As with other baby products:

Don’t just listen to raves and rants. Read, review and trust your gut.

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