5 Best Nursing Cover: Breastfeeding Just About Anywhere

Breastfeeding in public are for brave moms. We all know what happens when you lower your shirt in public to feed a hungry baby. So to avoid the mixed reactions you may get and to feed your baby in peace, find best nursing covers.

When you're breastfeeding, it isn't constantly reasonable to search for the closest void room at whatever point your infant gets the inclination to eat.

In some cases you need to breastfeed in broad daylight or at family social affairs, and there's no disgrace in that. Feeding a human life should come in front of individuals' feeling of tolerability anytime.

Nursing covers are the pieces of cloth that can give you a little privacy should you wish to breastfeed in public. It’s amazing that with just the right design, these fabrics can help you to be less self-conscious.

Are Nursing Cover Necessary?

In the event that you intend to breastfeed, you may figure you couldn't care less if individuals get a look at your twin towers simultaneously. In any case, feeling that path in your psyche is a ton unique in relation to really doing it (source).

The threatening gazes from other individuals as you begin while sitting in an eatery can sting, despite the fact that you aren't doing anything incorrectly.

Now and then there are no alternatives when you're breastfeeding, other than uncovering yourself or giving your child a chance to cry. Furthermore, neither of those work for a few mothers.

If it’s all the same to you blazing your boobs in broad daylight, good luck with that. Be that as it may, I couldn't force myself to do it. It didn't make a difference on the off chance that I was with companions or outsiders. There was no chance I was OK with it.

How Many Cover do I need?

In case you're the kind of individual who doesn't lose anything and just medical caretakers out in the open once in a while, you might have the capacity to get by with one nursing spread.

Be that as it may, in case you're similar to many occupied mothers where you're always attempting to remain sorted out, you would profit by having two nursing covers. 

From a mold viewpoint, it doesn't hurt to have two distinctive nursing covers one that is lighter in shading and one that is darker so you generally have one to run with your outfits.


But you cannot pick just any cloth to cover you.

The best nursing cover can allow you to be discreet while giving you a lot of time to breastfeed your baby. Not every nursing cover is created equal so here are my top five picks.

Top 5 Best Nursing Cover

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The Bebe Au Lait Classic is a traditional nursing cover canopy that is designed like a loose apron. There is no complicated stuff here, just prop it up before latching baby, and you are ready to go.

What’s good about this nursing cover is that it allows you to watch your little one while he is breastfeeding.

How is that possible?

Its patented Rigidflex neckline does the trick. You can maintain eye contact with baby while ensuring adequate air circulation around your little buddy.


It's made of 100% Cotton, so Bebe Au Lait Classic is perfect for summer.

Everything is also machine washable., and there’s no need to iron this as it looks good enough even straight from the dryer.

I like the black color because it doesn’t attract much attention compared to colorful patterned covers. Which means this is one of the best nursing covers if you'd like some privacy while feeding baby.



  • Cool cloth, allows air to circulate 100% cotton
  • Rigid neckline design, you can see baby while nursing
  • All-black color looks inconspicuous
  • Won’t cover your back while breastfeeding
  • A bit pricey

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Creatively named as Udder Covers (seriously??), this is one of the bestselling nursing covers in the market. The charm and popularity lie in its low price and stylish patterned designs.

When choosing the best nursing cover, you must check its material. It must not suffocate baby and allow adequate air circulation.

If your child is falling asleep fast while under the nursing cover, he might not be getting enough oxygen!

With the Udder Cover, that's a thing of the past. It is made of breathable 100% cotton fabric with a fully adjustable neckline to allow air to flow around.

Some mothers complain that the color of this nursing cover is a bit drab. What they don’t realize is that this is designed to be unnoticeable. The colors and design are subtle; it won’t draw attention while you are breastfeeding outdoors.

This nursing cover might just look like a glorified apron but trust me; it does the job.

Even better:

It has a price that’s hard to beat!



  • Low price
  • Adjustable neckline
  • Breathable cotton fabric
  • Neckline is a little V-shaped in the middle
  • Provides not much coverage at the sides

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360 degrees Full Coverage Nursing Cover is your best bet if you want to keep your style while being a busy breastfeeding mom.

Made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex, this poncho-style cloth is durable and flexible.

This nursing cover falls in the wearable category; something that you can mix and match with your regular clothing.

I super like this design, it doesn’t look like a nursing cover at all! You can even use it as a car seat cover or as your regular shirt.

That's not all.

If you have leaking breasts, just put on this nursing poncho, and nobody will notice. You can also wear this also before you burp or prop baby into the car seat to protect your clothes from spits, drool, and milk.

Most apron-style nursing canopies can only cover the front, but with this, true to its name, you’ll have 360-degree coverage. There is no worry that you might put on a peep show inadvertently.



  • Covers your front, sides and back equally
  • Super soft, stretchable no wrinkle fabric
  • Poncho-shaped stylish cut
  • Too large in diameter
  • Nonadjustable, neck can get stretched

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Tykes and Tails Infinity Nursing Cover looks stylish enough for the runway. Being an infinity scarf, you can wear it in various ways. There is no need to carry a thick nursing canopy in your bag, just wear this scarf, and you are ready to feed and cover baby anytime.

You can drape it around your neck and just unroll come breastfeeding time.

Being on the thick side, this nursing cover is best for cool weather. Just use this sparingly during summer as baby can sweat buckets while draped in this.

Once baby has already outgrown this cover, you can use it as a scarf to go with your outfit. With its style, flexibility and price, this is something that I recommend as an excellent gift for baby showers.



  • Looks good, accentuates casual clothes
  • Infinity scarf provides lots of flexible styles
  • Incredibly soft like a winter scarf
  • Large and bulky
  • Not for warm weather

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Family First Nursing Cover is a simple infinity scarf for moms who doesn’t want to get encumbered with all that patterns, buckles and apron-like stuff while breastfeeding in public. It is functional enough to double as a clothing accessory, baby carrier, sun shade and car seat cover.

The material is lightweight and machine washable, with just the right thickness so it isn't too warm. It can also double as a baby blanket when you need one.

You can take this cover just about anywhere; it can also complement your daily clothing with its muted coloring.

The only downside is that its sides aren’t reversible. You can see the seams on the other side as well as the tag.

This scarf might not be perfect, but it has likewise earned a spot on this best nursing cover list due to its versatility and its simple, discreet style.

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  • Made of solid colors to draw less attention
  • Looks simple and elegant
  • Doubles as a sunshade and stroller cover
  • Neck hole is large
  • The seams and stitches show on the other side


Nursing in public feels awkward, especially if you are not used to it. You can pump milk at home and just give baby a bottle but if you prefer breastfeeding, you can use a nursing cover. 

It is good to know that there are nursing covers that look unobtrusive and stylish. There is no need to run and hide just to breastfeed in public. The best nursing canopies and scarfs got you fully covered.

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