5 Best Nursery Glider: A Complete Review

For those who are still wondering what a glider is all about, it rocks and it is a lifesaver! OK, I might be exaggerating, but a glider is one piece of furniture that will make your feeding time easier. This seemingly innocuous piece of furniture can be mistaken for the usual couch or recliner. So how to pick the best nursery gliders?


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Why Do You Need A Nursery Glider?

For those who are not yet familiar with what a glider is all about, it is a chair that will save you hours and hours of time and effort.

Those times spent on your feet rocking a baby, you can do it in the glider instead. Its rocking motion akin to rocking chairs will be enough to make the baby fell asleep in your arms.

Purchasing a glider might sound like an option at first. But later on, same as with switching to cloth diapers, you’ll come to realize that buying a glider is one heck of a good decision. With the way it helps you every feeding time, a glider is not a luxury but rather, a necessity.

Let me enumerate the ways a glider can be your time and strength saver:

1. It is handy for sleepless nights. A glider is inclined and is supportive enough to give a mom the much-needed sleep or naps while holding the baby.

2. You can say goodbye to sore back and stiff neck. You need a chair that fits the purpose of hours long feeding. Let me tell you that a glider is what you need for feeding with a baby in your arms. You just have to experience it yourself.

What Do I Need To Look For In A Nursery Glider?

The best nursery glider that is worth your money will help you to put a baby to sleep faster. It must be ergonomically comfy to support mom during breastfeeding or overnight soothing, so that when needed, mom can also sleep while holding the baby.

There are lots of gliders in the market. They might look the same but they have varying features and advantages beyond what you can see on the surface. If you are yet planning to buy a glider for your nursery, it helps to consider the following:

1. Buy a glider with a paired ottoman; you need to put those feet up.

An ottoman is something that you will really need. For a full body relaxation during long stretches of time feeding baby, you’ve got to put your feet up.

Find a glider with a paired ottoman, as one piece typically complements another. A paired glider and ottoman will have ideal sizes, something that can be a hit and miss if you will buy these two pieces of furniture separately.

2. Ergonomic seat cushion, a recliner in transition.

A glider glider must be something that is comfortable enough to give you and baby some sleep during times when you cannot put a baby in the crib.

Ergonomic means that it fits the user well, there will be less strain and muscle aches afterward. Your glider must be durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear, yet must endure this abuse so that it can transition later on as a recliner for mom and even for dad.

So better choose something that looks sturdy and with cushions that will stand the test of warm bums and constant milk spills.

And remember:

It must be something that cannot look out of place in the living or study room.

3. Choose function over form, it’s not just about the price.

A better price can command you a better quality of a product, but not at all times. In the market of nursery gliders, the prices go from meager to extravagant. Do not be tempted to buy the cheapest, since it might wear out long before your child starts to stand.


Be practical and choose function over grandeur. A posh glider can set you back for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, yet you might find some of them lacking in terms of baby and mom-friendly features.

Sometimes, the most useful and comfortable glider are determined not by its price tag, but by the number of parents that has purchased it time and time again. Better choose a glider that has already established a good name, and got enough positive thumbs up from parents.

In the comfort arena, better go for those brands that are tried and approved, rather than those that are yet to be road-tested.

My Recommended Best Nursery Glider Candidates

Via Amazon.com

What I can say about the Coaster line of gliders and ottoman are: they are beyond comfortable.

They are plush and are thick enough for late night feedings. Perfect when mom just has to forego the bed to hold for hours a baby in distress.

The Coaster Deluxe Glider is still set on the mid-ranged price but it looks and feels more expensive than its price tag. Some moms said that this chair is so accommodating, they find a hard time getting up once seated!

Even a big parent can fit just right, and sink in it with a baby for hours at a time. It leans back enough and glides smoothly without noise.

All in all, despite that it costs more than the previous gliders on this list, this model is worth every penny. It looks like a piece of furniture that can grow with your little one, and may even transition later as a recliner of choice for mom.



  • Design: The most posh and beautiful glider among this list.
  • Comfort: Generous cushions and dimensions perfect for all-nighters.
  • Price: You’ll have to shell out a few more dollars for this glider as compared to the other cheaper brands on this list.

Via Amazon.com

This one is also modestly priced and practical for parents on a budget. What I like about it is its charm. It doesn’t look cheap; in fact, it looks classy. The arms are sufficiently padded and the whole seat is ergonomically designed.

I totally appreciate also how they consider the small yet crucial details, such as the adequately sized side pockets. This additional pocket makes putting the nursing bottle and mom’s books easier.

This glider has also a paired ottoman, featuring an attached slide-out nursing stool.

As with other gliders on this list, do not expect this one to come in the box fully assembled. You will have to be a handyman and connect it piece by piece. The assembly will usually take around half an hour, just be sure to read first the insert.



  • Generous size: The angled ottoman has a good height so that you may put up your feet for extended hours without feeling sore
  • Handy pockets: Has pockets strategically placed on the right places, perfect for mom as it can get challenging to lean forward when you have a sleeping baby on your arms.
  • Movement: The squeaky noise is something that you will have to endure after a few months of wear and tear.

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This Shermag Glider Rocker Combo is a bit priced on the mid-scale compared to the first two gliders on this list. What sets it from the cheap ones though is its durable thick hardwood structure.

This is definitely something that can go about well in the living room with its classic luxurious design. The seating width and cushion is generous, something that you can sleep on for hours without feeling a discomfort.

Its steel encased ball bearing mechanism moves the glider without a noticeable noise.

Even better:

This glider can be locked safely in place for multiple positions.I would recommend this glider over other brands that are more expensive for the very reason that this brand already got all the basics and necessities covered.



  • Design: Classic luxurious style that can add flair to any room.
  • Movement: Quiet and smooth movement with almost zero noise.
  • Cleaning: Spot-washable but not removable for machine wash.

Via Amazon.com

In this list, Stork Craft Hoop Glider is top notch. This low-priced glider has been around for years already and has been patronized and recommended by thousands and thousands of satisfied parents.

There are other lower priced models but Stork Craft distinguishes itself due to its usefulness and functionality.

In terms of safety, this particular glider is JPMA certified. This is the same certification that guarantees the safety of baby cribs and seats. We can never be too cautious as parents.

This glider and the ottoman pair don’t look too intimidating, either. Rather, they look homey and inviting with their generous seat width and adequately padded cushion. Its metal ball bearings give it a sturdy gliding motion.



  • Price: Low-priced yet it looks prim and presentable enough.
  • Safety: JPMA-certified as safe for baby. A few brands of the same price doesn’t have this safety feature.
  • Cleaning: Covers can be easily stained. Spot cleaning only, not removable. This is still manageable, as long as baby’s poop is contained.
  • Movement: The glider is durable enough but will tend to squeak during movements, especially if you are overweight or more than 200 lbs.


Buying a glider must not be done on a whim. It is a piece of furniture that can help a parent significantly. Comfort and function are the key looks alone won’t suffice. Before you buy one, sit on it. Try it for yourself, before you make the decision.

This is like choosing a babysitter, buy something that can make you and your baby’s first year of life so much easier.

What about you? Do you have a recommended glider or have some tips? Let me hear your suggestions on the comments section!

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