5 Best Nasal Aspirators – A Complete Review

A snotty-nosed baby is a grumpy baby. It is miserable to see your little mini-me with dripping snot and teary eyes. He finds it difficult to breathe and is slowly turning blue (or green).

You can wipe all you want the snot but you need something better to take that blockage out. You don’t want to feel helpless in the middle of the night with your snotty wimpy youngster wailing on top of his lungs.

On the off chance that there is one thing that can wreck any infant's day it's a blocked nose. The simple beginning can transform your impeccably wonderful infant into a miserable snot monster.

Tragically, your child does not yet know how to clean out their nose to clear it. In the event that you need to clear your child's blockage you will need to loan some assistance. That is the place a nasal aspirator comes in. 

A nasal aspirator is basically a little gadget that utilizations suction to draw snot from your infant's nose. They are unbelievably simple to utilize, shoddy and can have your child breathing typically in as meager as thirty seconds.

That’s when the best nasal aspirator comes in handy!

But as a mom, I totally know how painful it is to get the best nasal aspirator that you can rely on.


I have done the legwork for you and reviewed the best and most effective nasal aspirator to clear your baby’s nose in no time.

But first...

Let me discuss briefly what a nasal aspirator is.


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​What Is A Nasal Aspirator?

What is a nasal aspirator

Nasal aspirators are that small rubberish thingy that is shaped like a light bulb or a water drop.

They are cheap, and chances are, you already have one at home.

Hospitals are usually giving these rubber bulb aspirators away as an addition to your baby admission kit.

But take note:

Nasal aspirators are not expensive, but there are also a lot of crappy ones.

​How To Find The Best Nasal Aspirator

How to Find the Best Nasal Aspirator

There are various types of nasal aspirators in the market. The most common are those one-piece rubber bulbs that are impossible to clean. They only have one tiny opening at the tip.

Who knows what germs and little creepers are already living inside that rubber thing?

There is also that upgraded version of the good old aspirators. They are a combination of plastic and silicon.

At the higher end, you have electric or battery-operated nasal aspirators.

Whatever type you prefer to buy, what’s essential is to choose the best nasal aspirator according to your baby’s unique needs.

​Tips for Choosing the Best Nasal Aspirator

Tips for Choosing the Best Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirators all function similarly albeit some are more efficient and hygienic than the rest.


Buying this tiny item is a big deal because it enters your baby’s little sensitive nostrils.

What shall you look for the best nasal aspirator?

• Durable – You don’t want something that looks as if it will break with just a twist. This item must withstand all that snots, boogers and dishwashing action. Also, its tiny parts must be easy to assemble and replace in case you lose them.

• Hygienic – It’s gross to have those greenish caked boogers creeping for months inside your aspirator’s hidden crevices. Find something that is easy to clean with just a regular brush. It will also be a plus factor if this aspirator is dishwasher safe.

• Good suction – Look for an aspirator that can do the job in just a minute. The suction power must be efficient and gentle at the same time.

• Safe – Just a little suction is what you need to take out that blockage. If you have to probe too deep just to get a good suck, chances are you bought the wrong product.

Check also the surface of the sucker/probe. It must be smooth so that it won’t give your baby nosebleeds. Your aspirator must not have small parts that can pose as choking hazards.

How Do I Use a Nasal Aspirator?

Appropriate aspirator utilize will rely upon the sort of aspirator you utilize. You can build the adequacy of any technique by utilizing saline drops or a saline shower in your infant's nose before suctioning it. The saline will thin and slacken the bodily fluid, making it less demanding to evacuate.

​My Top 5 Picks For Best Nasal Aspirator

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If you can’t get over how gross sucking your baby’s snot sound like, then  settle for a battery-powered best nasal aspirator like this one.

Occobaby is one of the most-trusted electronic nasal aspirators in the market. Its tips come in three sizes so this aspirator can fit your newborn as well as your big baby. The whole item is compact and water-proof too.

I like how this electronic nasal aspirator has three tips of varying sizes. This will ensure that you get a good seal and an efficient suck. I must say that this item is a must-have, especially if you have a sensitive baby and if you are a sensitive mommy.



  • Battery-operated
  • FDA-approved
  • One touch: easiest to use
  • Safe and efficient nose cleaner
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • You have to stock up on batteries

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This Snotsucker from NoseFrida may have a funny product name, but it does the job. I must say that this “snot sucker” is one of the most favored brands by parents.

Mine has so far survived my baby’s eighth month flu and colds-induced midnight snot-sucking marathon. The item is all transparent, so you can see all that gooey stuff as you pull them out.

The NoseFrida is the first oral suction fueled aspirator. It enables you to delicately control the level of suction with your mouth while keeping the "yuck" factor negligible with a dispensable channel, guaranteeing you cannot incidentally breathe in the child's bodily fluid amid treatment.

Some nasal aspirators have a round tube shape but not the Snotsucker. Its cone-shaped tip tapers well so that you can always find the right fit. I appreciate how I can just put it at the entrance of my baby’s nose; there is no need to probe too deep.

But just a reminder:

In case this is your first time, let me tell you that you have to suck the end tube to make this thing work. It might sound gross at first, but this system is hygienic. There is a disposable filter a.k.a. booger catcher in between the tubes.

The downside to this item is the need to buy some disposable filters. There are also some small parts that can pose a chocking hazard.



  • None-invasive smooth cone shape
  • Disposable booger catcher
  • BPA and phthalate-free mouthpiece
  • Manual suction
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Lots of small parts – choking hazard
  • Must buy disposable filers

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If you have a good old one-piece aspirator from the hospital, you’ll be surprised to find how efficient the Bubzi nasal aspirator is as compared to this rubber.

It is gentle and sucks a big volume of snot in less than a minute. The suction tube is smaller than average, so this nasal aspirator is the best for preemies and newborn babies.

Cleaning this thing is easy too. Just wash it in hot soapy water, and you are ready to go.

Bubzi is the best nasal aspirator for germ-phobic parents. It has a case and a cover to keep this thing sealed and clean.

What I like best about the Bubzi is the fact that I don’t have to buy replacement filters every time. Just buy one piece, and it will last you a year, no need to worry about stocking up on extra filter supplies.


No product is perfect, so I must warn you that there is a possibility that you can suck in snot with this aspirator.

All in all, if you want an efficient and low-maintenance nasal aspirator, this one is for you.



  • Soft silicone tip is gentlest to baby’s nose
  • Hospital grade – hygienic and safe
  • Easy to use manual sucker
  • No need to buy disposable filters
  • Ideal for preemies and newborn
  • Cord is too short; parent must lean near baby
  • Chamber tube is too tiny for toddlers

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The Baby ComfyNose nasal aspirator is another manual aspirator that is worth your hard-earned dollars. Its practical design keeps everything simple. There is even no need to buy separate filter each time; just the usual paper tissue will do just fine.

This manual nasal aspirator is “parent-powered” so there is no need to worry about batteries and stuff.

You can control the sucking power, so it is safe and gentle even for small babies. There is also a lesser possibility that you can suck in some snot as the tissue filter keeps them at bay.

The Baby ComfyNose is the cheapest on this list, but it can hold up its own when compared side-by-side with the rest of nasal aspirators. It is gentle and convenient.

The best part:

This is also dishwasher-safe and easy to assemble and take apart.



  • Uses ordinary paper tissue as filter
  • Two tip tubes (2 sizes)
  • BPA and phthalates-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Long tubing
  • Long tubing can get difficult to clean

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If you want the old-school convenience of one-piece rubber, then the BoogieBulb nasal aspirator is a good choice. I mentioned earlier that you must not use a rubber nasal syringe/bulb but let me make an exception with the BoogieBulb.

What sets this nasal aspirator apart is:

You can divide it in half for easier cleaning. Just twist you can then clean each piece thoroughly. It is even said to be dishwasher compatible.

BoogieBulb nasal aspirator is the simplest product on this list. It is also the easiest to use. Since this product is made of soft rubber, it is gentle enough for baby’s nose. It won’t scratch your baby’s nasal lining.

The best way to use this is to first press the bulb before you stuck it inside your little one’s nose. It can suck those snots well enough, although not as powerful as the others.

Have I also mentioned how cheap this product is?



  • Rubber aspirator with modified design
  • Easy to clean, simply take it apart
  • Easy to use
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Hospital grade suction
  • Made of rubber


Remember that aside from getting the best nasal aspirator, there are other ways to help your little one whenever he is suffering from clogged nose. 

These are:

  • Making sure that your nursery is at the ideal temperature. Invest in a good room thermometer and humidifier.
  • Closing the windows if it is pollen season.
  • Keeping your pets away from your kid.
  • Dusting off your rooms every other day at least.

If baby tends to have frequent bouts of blocked nose, perhaps this is allergy-related. You can never be so sure, so it is best to go and have your baby checked by his doctor.

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