5 Best Forehead Thermometers – A Complete Review

OK, I think you'll agree with me when I say:

We sometimes do not know if our baby is hot or our hands are just cold.

The nightmare for every caring parent is to have a baby ill with a simple diseases and doesn’t know what to do or should not be able to determine whether he is ill or not.

It is a well-known fact that whenever a disease is faced by a baby or any human being, the first thing our body does to alarm us about the diseases is that it raises its temperature so that we can perform certain precautionary measures.

But of you don’t even interpret that the baby’s body temperature is more than the normal temperature then it becomes a problem. 

Well, good for the people that science has really been evolving faster than we expected and there are amazing tools know as thermometers are available in the market with a lot of features which can check the temperature accurately and help you in taking care of your child and provide him the best comfort he needs.

Each mother has supported a feverish baby in her arms amidst the night, faltering between surrendering to the inclination to race to the crisis room and confiding in her mom's impulse to look after her Child at home. Be that as it may, she can't make the correct call on the off chance that she doesn't have all the data.

This is why we need a trusty thermometer nearby so we can accurately tell if our baby's running a fever or not.

The problem is:

Not all thermometers are created equal. In fact, there are different types of thermometers than can give you different readings.

So how do you know which one to get?

Here are my 5 picks for the best forehead thermometer for babies (and hundreds, if not thousands, of moms love them too!).


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​What To Look For When Buying Your Baby’s First Forehead Thermometer?

forehead thermometer

# Ease of use.

You’ll want something that takes just a button or two to operate. Find a thermometer that has a simple interface, something that a 10-year old can easily figure out without manuals.

# Accuracy and consistency.

You are buying a thermometer because you don’t want to second-guess your child’s state of health, right? So don’t buy something just because it is on sale or cheaper.

You need a trusted brand that has a well-rated product. Even the best brands can sometimes make flopped product so do your research before you buy.

# Easy to clean.

I would suggest that you refrain from buying thermometers that have a particular probe cover that you can rarely find off the counter. On the other hand you can also go for the thermometers which are equipped with the waterproof technology.

These type of thermometers are especially designed for the parents who have a little naughty children and the safety of the things are compromised when these children are around them.

Find something that you can use day in and day out without worrying whether your probe cover will run out. It must have a smooth surface to make it easy to clean because we all evidently know that where there is a child there is a mess of things around for taking care of them.

# Customizable features and large display.

The best forehead thermometer must ideally have a function that allows you to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit in a pinch. The screen must be large enough so that you may read it without taking it off your child’s forehead.

We should also keep the precaution in mind that the display screen should also have a glow in dark feature which will also provide you a considerable assistance while checking the temperature of you baby.

It is really beneficial for the people who have weak eyesight as they can see the reading displayed on the screen more vividly and perform certain precautionary measures in time.

All that bending just to reach your sleeping child on his crib can put a lot of stress on your back; it will be better if your thermometer can be read in an instant.

It will also be a plus if your thermometer has a built-in memory so you can track your baby’s temperature for the whole day.

​Why Are Forehead Thermometers The Best For Babies?

doctor with thermometer

You can always get the cheapest digital thermometer to measure your baby’s body temperature from his armpits, ears, mouth or rectum.


Taking your child’s temperature from these areas may be too time-consuming and invasive. You’ll have to wait for a few minutes, you need to probe in deep, and most likely get some poopers as a bonus if you insert it down there. It is not gross actually, but it takes time. Most babies and toddlers can hardly stay put as well.

The best forehead thermometer is made to measure in an instant, can be as accurate and less of a hassle. The only downside with buying this item is that they don't come cheap.

Nonetheless, they're worth it.

​My Top 5 Picks For Best Forehead Thermometer

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Why settle just for one when you can buy 2-in-1? iProven is your dual thermometer, ideal for use both for newborn babies and toddlers. Its forehead function is the best for babies while the ear probe is for bigger kids and even for adults.

It will take you about three seconds to get a forehead reading while just a fraction of a second for ear probe. This nifty thermometer is one trusted brand, recommended by both moms and doctors alike.

This thermometer can be utilized as either an ear thermometer or a brow thermometer. In any case, it takes a perusing rapidly (1 second or 3 seconds). Working the gadget is a breeze since you should simply press a solitary catch marked "ear" or "head"; it practically rules out disarray.

It signals after the perusing is taken, so you realize that it's done, and sounds a caution when a fever is distinguished.

 It's illuminated so you can find oblivious, and the show is huge and unified, so you most likely won't experience any difficulty perusing the numbers.

There is no need to wait for this thermometer to warm up too. You can use this straight--no calibration needed.

Another thing that I love about the iProven is its colored screens. It turns red if the temperature reading is on the feverish side. If everything’s normal, it’s just green.

Pretty convenient!



  • Dual mode: ear and forehead
  • Hospital-grade equipment
  • Easy to use, just two buttons
  • Fever alarm
  • Memory function: stores 20 readings
  • May get varying temp readings

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Generation Guard Clinical Forehead and Ear is another dual-function thermometer that I highly recommend. Whether or not you have a baby, better buy this for your family. This thermometer is ideal for use by both kids and adults alike.

Do you need super-quick outcomes? The Generation Guard gloats of taking a perusing for just a single second!

Furnished with sensors to distinguish warm, it will examine your youngster's body temperature in a break of a second. That's right, that quick. 

Additionally, in case you're mistaken for the method of warmth measure, you can switch forward and backward its Celsius or Fahrenheit readings.

It is more versatile than the average baby thermometer because it even allows you to measure the ambient room temperature and feeding bottles' temperature with its ear button.

Bottle feeding moms will find this thermometer useful, no more messy testing of baby’s milk at the back of the hand.

It has a backlit LCD for easy temperature checking without disturbing your little sleepy head. The unit has a one-touch button that is easy to use. It also has a fever alert screen, turning red if the temperature is higher than normal.



  • Medical-grade 1-second reading
  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • FDA-approved equipment
  • Dual function: forehead and ear
  • The display is a bit small but stillmanageable

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Metene Digital is a non-contact infrared thermometer, so you won’t worry much about cleaning up this item every other reading.

Since you can take a reading even without skin contact, this will be useful especially if you are monitoring the temperature of at least two people around the house.

This no-contact feature makes this thermometer safe and hygienic for your baby, for feverish adults as well as for taking your pet dog’s temperature.

You may also use this to take your pumped breastmilk’s temperature in an instant. If you don’t have a room thermometer, this may also double as such.

A note of caution:

As with other forehead thermometers, be warned that temperature reading with the Metene Digital Infrared can vary. If your little one has a sweaty or moist forehead, expect this to take a lower reading. To improve accuracy, wipe off your child’s sweat off his brow before you do some temperature checking.



  • Fastest non-contact temperature reading
  • Ergonomic easy-to-handle design
  • Quiet feature, no beeping noise
  • Backlit easy-to-read screen
  • May also measure room and feeding bottle temperature
  • Temperature reading can vary widely

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Innovo Medical Forehead and Ear thermometer are another highly sought after dual-function medical-grade thermometer.

Being one of the best forehead thermometers in the market, I was surprised with its affordable price and nifty design.

This thermometer uses infrared to make reading instant and accurate both for ear and forehead. There is no waiting time in between measurements, so instead of tinkering over buttons, you can instead focus on caring for your sick child.

Innovo comes in both Celcius and Fahrenheit reading. It runs on two pieces of AAA batteries that are said to last for a thousand readings. It also helps that this thermometer’s display is large.

What's more, its one button feature is intuitive; just push the F1 button once for forehead and the F2 button if you want an ear temperature reading.

To get a more accurate reading:

Ensure that you read the instructions insert before using this thermometer. You will never get an accurate reading unless you do so.



  • Dual mode: forehead and ear
  • Infrared makes for some quick reading
  • Easy to understand interface
  • Alarm function for high temperature
  • 20 readings memory recall
  • Forehead thermometer is instant, but the ear thermometer takes a little getting used to

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Preve Non-Contact Infrared is another all-around thermometer that is a must-have at home. You can find lots of uses for this thing, at just about every room around the house.

Apart from taking your child’s temperature, you can also use Preve to test your child’s milk, bath water, and room temperature.

You can also easily switch in either normal or silent mode. Preve is the best forehead thermometer if you don’t want to disturb your baby’s sleep, just make sure to put it in silent mode. It also has 32 slots for its memory, perfect for a whole day’s reading.

Other infrared thermometers are bulky, so I was surprised to find that Preve is so small and convenient. The screen is large enough, but the item itself is just as big as a remote control.

Just read the manual carefully before you use this thing. You’ve got to find the right spot on your child’s forehead to get an accurate reading.



  • 1-second infrared temperature reading
  • Non-contact hygienic design
  • Instant color coded fever detection on screen (green, orange, and red display)
  • Large easy-to-read screen
  • Ideal for infants, children, and adults
  • Can make loud noises


Having a fever will not likely harm your baby. It’s just nature’s way of telling that something is off your little one’s body. Fever is good because it means that your child has a system in place to fight off infections. ​


As we always say, better be safe than sorry.

There are instances of fever that may be shrugged off, but there are some that needs immediate medical attention. Hence, getting the best forehead thermometer for instant reading is necessary.

But remember:

A thermometer is just a tool to alert you; you must use your keen observation and common sense to discern what is normal and what is not. 

If you are still unsure, the best advice is to take your child to his doctor.

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