5 Best Crib Sheets – A Complete Review

For our babies and for us moms, getting quality sleep is everything. If there is one thing that can give your child the best sleep aside from proper feeding, good health, and a quality mattress, it’s the crib sheets.

Most of the people or we can also refer to the grownups, who are really deep sleepers and often fell asleep not knowing where they are lying due to stress and over-working, often rest anywhere they find a little comfy and cozy feeling but having a good night sleep for a baby is not as easy as you think. 

Babies are like the Royalties who need everything perfect if they want to have a good night sleep. So making a bed for a baby to provide him a proper good night sleep is a lot different from the procedure through which we make our own beds at night. 

As awkward it may seem but every baby knows his choice of the place where he or she wants to sleep the whole night dreaming about rather intriguing things what they think in their cute little baby head. A baby’s crib doesn’t need to be crowded with a lot of stuff, it should be made simple but the components in it must be significant and of high quality. Safety is the first priority so the frame of the crib should be subtle to ensure the safety of the baby. The mattress in the crib should be comfortable and most importantly the sheets should be comfier and cozier so that the baby could have a proper and peaceful sleep the whole night. 

Shopping for the best crib sheets is more tedious than say, buying your regular beddings. You’ve got to consider your child’s comfort and safety before hitting checkout.

It's everybody's euphoria to welcome their little ones home. Planning to convey your baby requires a progression of plans to guarantee you are prepared before baby arrives. One of these fundamental things is bunk sheets which are pivotal sheet material things.


The wrong crib sheet can also give you lots of back-breaking sheet-changing routines; you can even injure your back if you are not careful.

To avoid a series of unfortunate events, I'm sharing with five of the best crib sheets I've tried.


I have tips on how you can pick the right one for your baby.


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​Best Crib Sheet Cloths

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Most crib sheets are either made of cotton or microfiber/polyester. Flannel sheets are also another option if you need extra warmth during winter time.

• Cotton

Organic cotton is the best crib sheet because they aren’t treated with toxic chemicals. It is the most common material which most of the mothers all around the world prefer for their babies as the babies feel more relaxed and comfy while sleeping in the crib sheets made up of Cotton. It's hypoallergenic and safe for baby’s skin; it’s also fresh and breathable during warmer months.

It is easy to wash and can hold up its texture even after dozens of wash. The downside with cotton is its tendency to shrink and wrinkle.

• Polyester

Polyester or microfiber is a form of synthetic fiber that has a variety of uses. No two polyester cloths are the same; some are satin-like while some look and feels more like cotton.

Polyester is an ideal crib sheet because it is cheaper than cotton, won’t wrinkle, and tends to shrink less.

But take note:

If your baby is a bit sensitive to chemicals, you have to check the label before you buy polyester. You can wash off most chemical residues after a handful of soaks and washes.

• Flannel

Flannel is a full type of material which is ideal for use during winter.


This cloth tends to get hot during summer, so your baby may sweat buckets. But for the cold season, they're definitely one of the best choices.

Buyer’s Guide:

The Fit:

More often than not, you will locate an institutionalized size of den sheets in the market. Be that as it may, it is basic to have an unmistakable photo of the extent of lodging you expect to utilize.

Consummately fitting sheets should leave a recompense to tuck the sheets. On this note, before you buy, affirm the sizes accessible and pick the most proper ones.

  • Colors:

Crib sheets come in different hues and prints. The decision completely relies upon your inclinations.

Whichever shading you like, it's fundamental to guarantee it coordinates well with your nursery stylistic layout and whatever is left of lodging sheets. Additionally, the print ought to reverberate with existing things to make an adjusted tone.

To help you choose the best colors which helps the baby to have a comfortable sleep, A study recommends to choose the blue, yellow, green, silver or orange color as the color of the crib sheets of the baby to provide him the best sleeping experience.

  • Period of Use:

To what extent do you plan to utilize the Crib? On the off chance that your baby's bunk is to serve for a more broadened period than the standard thing, at that point you can put resources into dependable, extravagance sheets for the lodging.

 In the event that utilizing the support is a brief fix when the baby is youthful, you can go for spending sheets. In any case, you should check the nature of the sheets to last you the proposed period.

  • Texture:

One of the components of value sheets is that they ought to be cozy and feel delicate your baby's skin. In spite of the fact that it's difficult to see this while the sheets are new, it's basic to guarantee you get the correct one. Check client audits before you can put resources into a few.

Top 5 Best Crib Sheets

Via Amazon.com

American Baby Company is one of the most trusted brands in the market for baby beddings. This sheet is soft and comfy. It is made of polyester, so it doesn’t wrinkle, easier to wash, and tends to dry faster than cotton.

This fits a standard-sized crib snugly, so your active baby will have a hard time pulling this out.

American Baby Company is known for the durability of their products, and this sheet lived up to its name. The elastics are sturdy.

Ours had already taken a lot of beating after a few months of machine wash and spin dry. Even after months of use and abuse, it still looks pristine.



  • One of the most trusted brands for baby beddings and sheets
  • Feels soft and velvety
  • Snug fit with a standard-sized mattress
  • Machine washable
  • Made of polyester
  • A bit fuzzy

Via Amazon.com

QuickZip is the safest crib sheet on this batch. It is safe in the sense that it won’t untangle and get loose anywhere owing to its unique design and zipper enclosure.

For moms that find crib sheet changes a real back-breaking chore, QuipZip is a back and life-saver. There is no need to bend down and do an all-around dance just to put on the crib sheet. With the QuickZip, you’ll just drop down the mattress and zip at once.

What's more:

The zipper pull is hidden; even a two-year-old will have a hard time figuring out how to unzip this thing.

Simple and neat, isn’t it?


This one fits standard-size mattresses; it is not ideal for play yards or mini cribs. 

Since this sheet is made of cotton, it feels a bit rough out of the box. You’ve got to wash this thing at least twice to get that softness.

Nevertheless, this sheet is comfortable and safe, definitely worth its price.



  • QuickZip feature is unique and safest
  • Easy to remove and put on the crib mattress
  • Good quality
  • Made of organic, hypoallergenic cotton
  • Pricey
  • Rough texture, you’ve got to wash it to make it soft

Via Amazon.com

This is the softest sheet on this batch. I was amazed by how it is made of 100% jersey cotton and yet it feels like a mixture of microfiber and cloud. Its quality is superb, I can hardly find any faults on this brand.

Since this is made of cotton, you can prevent shrinkage by washing this in cold water. It can wrinkle a bit especially after machine-drying, but it can straighten out after a few days of use.

I like its classy gender-neutral colors. Plus, its built and sturdy stitching can take a lot of beating. This one is an ideal baby shower gift.

Since it’s durable, this best crib sheet can even outgrow your kid, and will still hold up its own with baby number two.



  • Extra-soft 100% cotton
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Thicker and better quality than most crib sheets
  • Fitted and durable
  • Machine washable
  • Price is just a few dollars higher than an average sheet

Via Amazon.com

Cuddly Baby is among crib sheets loved by moms, owing to its soft texture. It is made of pure cotton, so this one is also ideal for kids who have sensitive skin or have a low immunity.

This crib sheet is just of the right softness although it tends to border on the thin side, so it is perfect for summer.

The pockets and stitching are a bit loose but you can try to wash it a couple of times in warm water; perhaps it can fit better after a few washes.

To be on the safe side, do not put pillows or any loose cloth inside your baby’s crib.

Since this crib sheet is one of the cheapest and softest in the market, you’ll get an excellent bargain while assuring your baby some comfy sleep.



  • Made of pure cotton
  • Feels soft and comfortable on skin
  • Lots of colors and designs to choose from
  • Fits the standard crib mattress
  • Thinner than the usual sheet
  • Can get a bit loose on the mattress

Via Amazon.com

Fox and Owl Luxury Fitted microfiber sheet is one of the prettiest crib sheets on this list. Since it is made of microfiber, it is more durable and can last years of machine wash. The cloth is wrinkle-resistant and easy to clean.

On the softness scale, this one gets 9 out of 10 on my cards. The cloth feels smooth to touch; your baby will find this super comfortable and will nod off to sleep faster than with a regular crib sheet.

Your little one will also love its chic, gender-neutral animal prints. For a decent price, the quality of this sheet is hard to beat.

What’s not to love?



  • Cute and stylish designs
  • Made of warm microfiber
  • Super soft to touch
  • Wrinkle resistant fabric
  • Using strong bleach can make its colors fade


There you have it, the best crib sheets to promote your baby’s sleep. Since it is your child’s comfort that matters, buy a crib sheet of the right material and texture.

You can get a feel of the cloth if you are buying at a physical store, but you may also opt to buy online using my recommended brands. These sheets are already tried and tested to give your little kid that peaceful slumber.



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