10 Best Breast Pump Bags – A Complete Review

Here we have shared an complete review of the best breast pump bags.

For all working professional mothers, these breast pump bags have been designed and made for them. This is the product which is mother inspired, all these breast pump bags are available in the classy looking and sophisticated design options.

You can let these bags to work in any of the social environment zones in a seamless way. Check out the reviews on the top ten breast pump handbags and share your reviews with us.

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Breast Pump Bag

These bags will save a lot of time working mothers, these bags minimize pouring and easily build-up a firm reserve for breast milk. These bags are quite easy to use, you can call them specialized bags where you can store and save your breast milk and feed your baby in the case of emergency.

1- Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag (Gray)


We have Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag on the tenth spot and it is currently available in the gray color. So to all pumping moms out there, this is a great product for them, it is designed as well as prototyped by Sarah. It is primarily built for these pumping mamas, it carries a purposeful design.

These bags are not at all generic bags, they are actually and basically specialized bags comprising of innovative looking compartments. This bag can fit most of the portable pumps which are present and available in the market. This Lizzy bag is present in multiple numbers of fun and classic looking prints.

It is extremely easy to clean and made of high-quality materials, it is a durable breast pump bag which is quite lightweight as well. This bag offers you a lifetime warranty, its workmanship aspect is exceptional.


  • Purposeful Design.
  • This bag comes in the multiple and classic prints.
  • It is durable, lightweight.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Lifetime Warranty.


  • None.

2- Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag with Real Leather Straps (Black)


On the ninth spot, we have Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag with Real Leather straps for you and this bag is present and made in the black color. This bag can easily fit and adjust a large number of portable-sized kind of electric breast pumps.

This is a great and extremely suggested product for all the pumping mothers out there, this specific and reviewed breast pump bag is designed and it is also prototyped by Sarah. Its shoulder straps are made of 100% real leather.

The drawback of this breast pump bag is that it is available in the fewer number of prints and patterns. This bag is currently available in the three timeless looking and chic in form prints. Try this Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag and share your feedback with us on this page.


  • It easily and conveniently fits in most of the electric breast pumps which are portable-sized.
  • Built for the pumping mamas.
  • Its shoulder straps are made of 100% real leather.


  • It is available in fewer prints.

3- Flybold breast pump bag


You can try this Flybold breast pump bag, this breast pump bag is quite safe to use, it is made on the solid terms and comprises a superior quality. It contains a sophisticated design and this is the bag which is extremely suitable and appropriate to be used for your workplace. It is thermally lined as well as foam padded. You can easily carry your breast milk and the rest of the pumping accessories in this bag.

It is accompanied with a padded shoulder strap so that you can carry all sorts of heavy loads in a comfortable manner. It has a main compartment and the baby photo pouches are present on either side of it. Its metal zippers are quite smooth in their texture, this is the bag which can conveniently fit most of the portable breast pump brands.

Its side compartments are thermally lined and because of the foam padding which is present inside this bag, you can safely carry the bottles and ice pack and too pumping accessories. It is due to the thermal lining that your milk will remain to stay cold for 6 hours when you will use it with the ice packs.


  • Padded shoulder strap.
  • It comprises two compartments.
  • Its thermal lining can keep the milk cold for around and about 6 hours if you are going to use the ice packs.
  • It has zippers, pouches.


  • Limited in stock.

4- Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Carryall Tote, Gray


Right on the seventh spot, we have Dr. Brown’s Breast Pump Carryall Tote for you and you can have it in the gray color. This is a functional looking bag, it looks quite classic as well. It can fit and adjust a bottle cooler bag in it, you can easily place your whole pumping accessories and items in this bag. As this is a functional bag, that is why you can use it as a diaper bag, baby bag or you can use it as a gym bag.

If you want to fit the electric breast pumps in this bag, you can do that too. This bag comprises small in size pockets in it, this is the drawback of this bag because the pocket size of such kind of bags should be big. This bag is included with zipper pockets so that you can well organize everything which you want in a single day if you are away from home.

This bag just needs a simple wipe cleaning process from your side, you should not immerse it in water, otherwise, it will lose its shape and texture. Talking about the construction material, the outer shell and also the lining of this bag are made of 100% polyester.


  • It is discreet and classic.
  • Wipe clean only.
  • Made in China


  • Its pockets are of small size.

5- Nurse Purse Breast Pump Bag – Fern


How about trying Nurse Purse Breast Pump Bag! This bag is compatible with most of the brands, models if we talk about breast pump brands. Its construction material is 100% cotton canvas and this bag is packed with a water-resistant sort of nontoxic finishing.

Its insert is all removable and adjustable, you can convert this breast pump bag right into a diaper bag or you can transform it into a tote bag or you can avail it as a gym bag. This is a spacious bag and you can easily place your laptop and the other personal items, milk bottles, cooler bags in this big sized bag.

This recommended Nurse Purse Breast Pump Bag comes on the sixth spot, let us know your reviews if you have used this specific and mentioned breast pump bag.


  • It is compatible with most of the brands as well as models of the breast pump.
  • 100% cotton canvas.
  • It comes with a water-resistant kind of nontoxic finish.
  • Its insert is adjustable and removable insert.
  • You can place your laptop, bottles, cooler bags in it.


  • None.

6- Zohzo Lauren Breast Pump Bag


We suggest you buy this Zohzo Lauren Breast Pump Bag, it has a cross body strap which is detachable, there is a spacious in size zip-down workstation present in this bag. It has also a picture holder and two storage pockets so that you can place and put more of the breast pads and the other needed items in these pockets.

Its double side compartments are XL in their size, the purpose of these double side compartments is to fit and adjust milk cooler products and too portable breast pumps. Its back pocket is quite wide and expandable in its size, this back pocket comes with a magnetic button closure and it can fit all sorts of file folders and diaper changing pads in it.

Its zip-down side compartments are compatible with the extensive number of portable electric and manual breast pumps. Do rate this breast pump bag as soon as you try it!


  • It has 2 storage pockets.
  • It has double side compartments.
  • It comprises a wide back pocket.
  • This breast pump bag is compatible with electric and manual breast pumps.


  • Its cleaning process is not easy.

7- Luxx Baby Large Designer Breast Pump and Diaper Carryall Tote Bag


On this fourth-ranking spot, we have Luxx Baby Large Designer Breast Pump and Diaper Carryall Tote Bag for the pumping mamas! If you are tired of carrying multiple numbers of bags at one single time then this is the desirable bag for you. The dimensions of this bag are 17.5 x 8 x 14 inches and it is attached with the multiple compartments. You will get a plenty amount of room so that you can place your larger pumps, electronics, water bottles and the other necessities in this bag.

This pumping bag is lightweight, it is manufactured by using high-quality materials. It remains to stay organized all the time, you can well use and avail its interior sides and exterior compartments.

Note that this pumping bag comprises two special panels so that you can leave your monitor right in the bag while you do the job of pumping. This is a professional looking bag and this is a must-buy for all working mothers.


  • It has multiple compartments.
  • It is a lightweight pumping bag.
  • It is made of high-quality materials.
  • This bag is packed with the interior as well as exterior compartments.


  • None.

8- Idaho Jones Breast Pump Bag


Moving to the third spot of this list, we have Idaho Jones Breast Pump Bag, no doubt that Idaho Jones and their experts have always strived to make the lives of working mothers quite easy. This is a chic bag or you can say an “all-in-one” breast pump bag. It possesses a versatile looking design, this bag can offer you complete functionality which you expect from any breast pump bag!

It can carry and hold your breast pump, accessories, the rest of your personal items easily. If you will look at its concealed side pocket, then you will see that it is large enough to adjust all of the portable breast pumps. Its pump compartment is insulated and you really do not have to carry and hold a separate breastmilk cooler bag.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed in terms of quality from this breast pump bag, so try this Idaho Jones Breast Pump Bag and share your complete experience with us.


  • It has a backpack design.
  • It is compatible with almost all pumps.
  • Its pump compartment is present in an insulated form.
  • Its workmanship and construction materials are guaranteed.


  • Limited in stock.

9- Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag


On the second spot, we call out the name of Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag, this is the latest version which comes with the significant number of improvements. This is the stylish looking breast pump bag and it fits seamlessly most of the portable breast pumps and milk bottles.

It is ruggedly manufactured and you can carry this breast pump bag with extreme confidence all day long. The makers of this bag offer a risk-free guarantee.

If you are looking for the fast and efficient and too easy ways to save and store your breast milk, then this is the handy bag which you should get.


  • It gets fit in most of the portable breast pumps.
  • Ruggedly built.
  • Help and assist you pump with quite an ease.
  • It offers a risk-free guarantee.


  • None,

10- The New Yorker Breast Pump Bag by Charlie G, Black/Gold


On the top ranking, we have The New Yorker Breast Pump Bag by Charlie G for you, it is available in black and gold color shades. This  New Yorker Tote is designed just for the working mothers, this bag can be called an ultimate solution when it comes to pumping job.

This bag is much easy to clean, it works on the universal pump compatibility features. You can carry this bag even over on your shoulder or you can use it as a cross-body bag by utilizing its 2” oversized strap.

It has dedicated looking compartments, its upper compartment, as well as slide pockets, can be used to hold the personal accessories and baby items of yours.


  • It is professionally designed.
  • Universal pump compatibility.
  • It has insulated inform individual lower compartments.
  • It contains a large upper compartment.


  • None.

Which breast pump bag you are going to try first!

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