5 Best Baby Memory Books: A Complete Review

Don’t we sometimes wish we can hold on to all those precious moments with our kids? Too bad, time ticks fast. Before you know it, all those baby milestones have already passed.

I cannot blame you; our memories can only hold so much.

Good thing we can keep a memento of all those memories to make them last.

Some parents resort to simple journal, some collect pictures and videos, while others make scrapbooks.

But to make safekeeping of baby’s milestones easy, choose a memory book. Here are my five picks for the best baby memory books.


​Best Baby Memory Book: It’s All About the Details

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  • Looks high-quality and stylish
  • Has keepsake envelope and free stickers
  • Spiral-bound pages
  • Suitable for non-conventional families (adopted kids, single parents, LGBT parents)
  • Pricey
  • Not much prompts and space

Ronica is the best baby memory book for all sorts of family structures. It is made of durable materials to last you for years. I appreciate how this company has taken the extra mile to understand that not every family is created equal.

How so?

Most baby memory books in the market cater to the married parents with biological kids. Ronica took it a step further and instead made a memory book that can fit both the conventional as well as non-traditional families.

This baby memory book might be pricey, but it looks high quality. There is the usual portion of mommy and daddy’s letter to baby, birth announcement, baby shower, historical events, footprints and family tree.

There are also lots of pages for baby’s firsts (smile, laugh, waved, roll over, first words, steps); even favorite things, habits, drawings, events and the first day of school.

Just like with other premium baby memory books, you can store baby’s precious keepsakes in the attached envelopes.

This adorable baby memory book comes in a sturdy box for storage.

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  • Includes clean touchpad ink for baby’s prints
  • Certified lead-free
  • Looks cute and neat
  • Blank pages for your kid’s artwork
  • Doesn’t cover all that “firsts” milestones
  • No space to list information about siblings

Pearhead Chevron Baby Memory Book is another superb tool to help you make sense (and art) about all those baby memorabilia simply because this is a hardbound book that feels heavy and solid.

What I like about this baby memory book is the customizable cover. You can put in here your baby’s footprints and picture. The book even comes with a clean touchpad for baby’s feet and hands.

Flipping the pages, the book is comprehensive.

It starts with everything about mommy and daddy, their story, marriage, and memories before pregnancy. It got the pregnancy basics covered including a family tree, mom’s pregnant experience, baby shower and preparation for the baby’s arrival.

There are adequate portions to write and post pictures about the labor and birth, first prints, birth announcement and some space to detail how the nursery and home was like.


You’ll have lots of spaces for all that firsts including first bath, first birthday and the first day of preschool. What I like best is its blank pages; you can put here your little buddy’s first works of art.

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  • Divided into four life chapters
  • Colorful with hand-drawn animal characters
  • Looks crafty and creative
  • Fun and creative prompts
  • Enough freedom and space to write stories
  • The pages are too thin
  • Cover is made of cardboard, won’t last years

You might not be the best writer, but this memory book will help you lay out well all those precious memories like a pro. The prompt of this baby memory book looks personalized and sounds fun. Likewise, you may not be an artist, but the cute hand-drawn animal caricatures give this book that crafty feel.

Be a storyteller and document your child’s life story in this memory book’s four chapters. The chapters are aptly named as (1) Before you Were Born, (2) Life Begins, (3) The First Year and (4) Growing up So Fast.

The book has all those firsts such as the parent’s story, mom’s pregnancy, letters from mom and dad, current events during pregnancy and baby’s first foot and hand prints.

But the best part?

This book makes safekeeping of memories personal. With its low price, you can already create a memory book that will be cherished by your child in the years to come.

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  • Captures lots of milestones
  • Covers moments from pregnancy to age 5
  • Culture-sensitive (occasions, parent’s traditions)
  • Hardbound and built to last
  • Not much room to write about stories
  • Not as gender neutral, you’ve got to be sure of the baby’s gender before you buy

The First Year Baby Memory Journal are for parents who are too busy to think about scrapbooking. This memory book is concise and simple. There won’t be much guesswork, there is also no need to flex all those artsy muscles.

This baby journal has solid colors and nice graphics, all that you need is to put in baby’s pictures and a few words per page.

What I appreciate about this book is how culturally-sensitive it is for parents’ religions and traditions. Christmas and Easter is back-to-back. Likewise is Hanukkah and Passover.

It's not only that.

This is hardbound spiral, you can easily tear off pages of traditions that won’t apply.

But what I love most about this is:

This baby memory journal has touched base with non-traditional families. Other baby memory books focuses too much on mom and dad, wedding, and stuffs. It is good that this journal is geared more on baby’s firsts and memories.

I think this is what really matters in a baby book. If you want a baby memory book to guide you on what is essential without being too cheesy, then this one is for you.

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  • A lot of detail and prompts to record everything
  • The material is durable; pages are thick
  • Theme and designs are cute and gender neutral
  • Starts with events before arrival of baby
  • Spaces for photo sizes are uneven
  • No keepsakes pouch to put on mementos
  • Not many slots for photos

C.R. Gibson First Five Years is considered as one of the best selling baby memory books out there. I tried to check out the contents of this baby memory journal myself and was pleasantly surprised.

First off...

Every conceivable detail and memory before and after the arrival of the baby was considered. It has room for a lot of things, even for little moments that I can barely remember writing.

This memory book starts with events and information before the baby’s arrival. There’s a portion about mommy and daddy, as well as a space for the child’s grandparents and his family tree.


“Having a baby” page prompts you to give information about when you had discovered your pregnancy, family reactions, due date, spreading the news, baby ultrasound picture, heartbeat, baby movements, cravings and other pregnancy stuff.


This baby memory book then proceeds to events that happened during baby’s birth, first milestones, baby habits, growth chart and small accomplishments. It also has lots of room for all that “firsts” such as first tooth, first vacation, first steps and all that stuff.


You’ll be prompted to write about lots of memories, even to the smallest details. Its nice to have a book that reminds me about what I must document, especially since moms like use can get scatterbrained after pregnancy.


You might want to hold on to all those memories, but sadly, you will remember less and less through time. Those moments are fleeting, but they can withstand time if you can save them on paper.

The best way to document all those precious moments is right while it happens through the help of memory books.

With the best baby memory book, you’ll not miss recording baby’s milestones. Write about all that “firsts” before they are forgotten. Take a shot of all that stolen moments and precious occasions.

Lots of things happen during baby’s first years, and they won’t occur again in your little one’s lifetime. The next best thing is to record those memories for your child to cherish when he grows older.

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