5 Best Baby Bottle Brush: A Complete Review

Baby bottle brushes are automatically purchased upon buying baby bottles, whether we are pumping or using formula milk. These two come hand in hand, and we can’t argue with that.

What comes into question is which is the best baby bottle brush.

On my long list of baby bottle cleaning brushes I have tried, I can say that there are a lot not worth buying but also plenty of options that stand out.


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What Makes The Best Baby Bottle Brush?

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1/ Durability

I don’t think I can stress this enough. Cleaning baby bottles is almost as often as feeding our babies, so we need a bottle cleaner that can last a really long time.

I’ve had several baby bottle brushes that can clean alright, but annoyingly, the cleaning head would always break off from the handle. When I was using the 4 oz. bottles, I could live with that, but it was frustrating.

I noticed this would happen with a bottle brush that is attached to a twisted wire with no other reinforcement whatsoever. The wire, due to constant twirling and swirling, seems unable to handle the pressure.

That's not all...

Another issue I had with a baby bottle brush is the sponge or the bristles that get damaged over time. The sponge gets torn while the bristles get flattened. Both of which expose the hard part of the handle which scratches the baby bottles.

Hence, the best baby bottle brush should have a handle that’s sturdy and a cleaning head that doesn’t break too early in the cleaning game.

2/ Efficiency

I understand that milk leaves an oily or fatty residue every time. So a baby bottle brush should be able to clean that out with the help of a baby bottle soap.

And when I say “clean that out,” the bottle brush should be able to do so in one go. OK, fine. Max is 2.

But my point is:

If the baby bottle brush leaves a lot of residue despite the repetitive cleaning, kiss it goodbye for the first and last time.

In short, the best baby bottle brush can leave baby bottles spick and span in a matter of minutes.

3/ Safety

Aside from it being made from baby safe materials such as BPA free components, it should also be without susceptibility to other unsafe elements such as rust, mildew, or mold.

Rust takes place in the wire that holds the bristles or sponge together. Although it’s pretty normal for metal to accumulate that, it should not start to gather the first few days of baby bottle cleaning.

The other two gather when the brush is kept without being completely dry. So the best baby bottle brush should include a feature that avoids the racking up of any of these three as each is harmful to our baby.

Finding The Best Baby Bottle Brush

As mentioned earlier, among the plethora of baby bottle brushes in the market there are those that are pure meh while there are ones that I consider a total bang for the buck. Here are five of them.

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  • Durable
  • Base (nipple nib) fits nipple perfectly
  • Has firm bristles and soft foam that can clean milk residue well
  • Can clean all parts of the bottle completely
  • Has suction cup for drying
  • Handle has grooves to avoid slipping
  • The wire that holds the sponge and bristles is not for frequent twisting
  • Having two cleaners on both ends is prone to accidental wetting of your clothes

This entry from Dr. Brown is approx. 12 inches long and has a combination of sponge and bristles, which is nice if you want a sudsy cleaning. It also has grooves on the handles to avoid the unwanted falling and slipping off your hand when cleaning. It’s a very nice addition.

The other end of the bottle brush is the nipple cleaner which fits all of my baby’s nipples. For me, it is a nice placement because you won’t need two pieces of cleaner. The drawback, however, of this design is that you can get wet from the bottle brush while cleaning the nipples if you are not careful.

Another feature I like about this one is the suction cup, which I can place anywhere convenient, usually near the sink.

It’s very helpful during bottle cleaning because I can let the brush stand in between brushing and rinsing, and after cleaning because it allows drying of the bottle brush.


This means that you have to make sure the nipple is cleaner is dry before placing the bottle brush in the cup.

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  • The entire handle is made of plastic, so there’s no rusting
  • Durable. The brush head doesn’t fall off
  • Has both soft and firm bristles
  • Has a stand for drying
  • Cleans bottles easily
  • The nipple brush cannot clean well
  • The tip is a bit large to clean irregularly shaped bottles
  • The handle is a bit slippery

OXO’s baby bottle brush also comes with nipple cleaner on the other end and a stand, only wider and with holes for ventilation and draining.

It's 12.5 inches long, and the entire handle is made of plastic, so the breaking of wire is not an area of concern for this one.

The brush is made of pure bristles with the firm ones on top while the rest are soft.

In other words...

This design is good because usually the tough gunk is located at the bottom of the baby bottles which make that area harder to clean with just soft bristles.

One thing that it lacks though is the bristles or other material to clean nipples. Although it has a nipple cleaner on the other end, it seems like a mere toothpick to me that removes hard to reach dirt.

While that is a good feature, we still need the brush to clean the entirety of the nipple. Also, the handle is plain which gets slippery when you have soap all over your hands.

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  • Durable
  • Cleans bottles completely
  • Has soft and firm bristles
  • Has a silicon handle that has a fine grip
  • Handle bends a little bit to clean the harder to reach areas
  • The metal that holds the bristles is prone to rust
  • Does not have a nipple cleaner

Another baby bottle brush I like from OXO is the one that fills in the slipperiness of the other one: the Good Grip Bottle Brush. It's 13’’ long and has a handle with grooves so you can hold it firmer even with all the soap and suds.

Its handle is also flexible, which means it can bend so you can reach the bottom of irregularly shaped bottles.

The bristles are a combination of firm and soft ones, just like the other OXO bottle brush. The firm ones are for scrubbing the areas that have hard to remove milk residue while the soft ones are for getting rid of soft, easy to remove milk films.

One of the two things that this lacks, though, which is not much of a problem for me, is the stand.


It has a hole in the handle so you can hang it on your drying rack.

The other one is the nipple cleaner, which obviously means you have to buy a separate one.

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  • The nipple brush cleans nipples really well
  • Made of all plastic so no rusting
  • Durable
  • Has soft but firm bristles that avoid unwanted scratching
  • The handle is short, which may be hard for 8 oz. bottles or longer.
  • The bottle brush seems to be so wide that water sprays when pulled out.

This 12’’ baby bottle brush from Playtex also features a non-slip handle; however, instead of incorporating grooves into the handle, the handle itself has an irregular shape.

But do you know what makes this bottle cleaner stand out?

It's the nipple cleaner.

It looks like the smaller version of the bottle brush as it also has bristles, only way shorter. And in my experience, it can clean the nipples really well no matter where the milk residue is.

The nipple cleaner is also used separately from the bottle brush which means you won't have to worry about getting wet unwantedly.

The thing is:

If you forget to reattach this nipple cleaner to the brush, you are left with a short baby bottle brush that won’t reach the bottom of 8 to 11 oz. bottles.

Nonetheless, another likeable feature about it is the soft bristles which can still clean, surprisingly, hard to remove residues.

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  • Cleaning head is made of sponge; hence, it doesn’t scratch the bottles
  • The rotating handle makes the 360 degrees cleaning easier
  • The sponge cleaner cleans nipples well
  • The sponge is replaceable once damaged
  • The sponge uses nanotechnology for faster drying
  • The bottle brush may be a bit too wide for narrow-necked bottles which results in water spray when pulled out
  • The sponge is easily damaged especially when used with traditional bottles because of the narrow opening that needs more force.

If cleaning a large batch of baby bottles, Simba’s baby bottle brush with rotary handle may be a good help. Instead of you doing all the swirling and twirling, the handle does that.

Also, this 11.5’’ bottle brush only has sponge which is good if you are worried about bristles scratching your baby bottles. It also has a nipple cleaner, also made of sponge, which in my opinion does a good job of cleaning nipples.

The sponges are also replaceable, which means you can save money from buying a new baby bottle brush altogether.


One drawback I noticed is that bottle cleaner may have been designed with wide-necked bottles in mind because rotating it in the traditional ones seem to be a challenge. Also, pulling it out the narrow bottles may mean instant mini shower.

Another one is that because it is made of sponge, it may take a longer time to dry and may be prone to mold and mildew. But since the sponges are replaceable, then the latter concern is all covered. Just make sure you replace them when needed.


Because cleaning our baby bottles are needed as long as our little ones are bottle feeding, the best baby bottle brush should last almost as long as we need them, should clean the bottles and nipples virtually as instantly as we need them to, and should stay clean and safe for future use.

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