5 Best Baby Bath Tub – A Complete Review

We all want the best for our babies—from the care that we give to the things that our baby needs. Among these things include baby's bath essentials, which primary include the best baby bath tub.

For a small individual, a baby can make some genuine big wreckage heaps, from victories to spit-up emissions.

What's more, as most guardians will bear witness to, tidying up a little, floppy, the elusive infant isn't without its difficulties. A baby bath can make the activity less demanding. 

While you'll most likely just depend on a newborn child tub until the point that baby is around a half year old or until she's formative ready to sit up, it is convenient and sets the phase for influencing shower to time fun once baby gets more seasoned and graduates to the big tub.

Since bathing a baby could be a real struggle, it is important that we put our precious little one in a tub where we and our kids will feel extra comfort. This will make bath time something to look forward to.

And, oh, don’t forget safety too. Not all babies are born swimmers.


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Different Types of Baby Bath Tub

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There are different types of baby bath tubs to choose from. These variations let us select depending on our needs, budget, and preferences. Among the available baby bath tubs in the market today are the following:

  • Standard - This tub is the usual baby bath tub that is made of plastic and is just being placed in the sink or a flat surface. Its contour allows babies to sit or position in a reclined mode. Some of the standard tubs come with an extra sling that is removable to provide options for mothers if they want their baby to bath in a lying position. This tub is generally for younger babies.
  • Convertible - Tubs that are convertible can be used from newborn up to toddler stage since the tub comes in an adjustable position that will adjust to baby's body size. This tub is budget friendly since we don't have to buy a new one up to our baby's toddler years.
  • Hammock-type - Hammock-type baby tubs will allow you to have a free hand in bathing your baby. It holds baby in place while bathing. The hammock tub comes with inserts which will hold the hammock in place.
  • Foldable - Foldable tubs are best when you want a space-saver tub since they are collapsible or could be reduced to a smaller size for easy storage. This could be ideal also for traveling parents and babies.
  • Inflatable - Inflatable tub require a great deal of hard work since you need to fill it with air before using. There are other issues with inflatables like the less durability especially if it is pierced with sharp objects. Also, inflatables are not great for newborns as it cannot hold the baby in place. There is also a tendency for baby to slip into the tub as it becomes slippery particularly with soap.
  • Standing Bathtubs - This kind of tub is quite expensive. It usually lets baby elevate according to your height and allows you to comfortably bath your tot without the need to bend over.
  • Luxury - Luxury tubs are for those with extra budgets. It comes with extra features such as being battery operated that lets some baby objects such as jets and other eye-catching toys move in the water while the baby is taking a bath. Some luxury tubs even have bubble machines, shower nozzle, and other features. This, however, is quite heavy and large compared to regular bath tubs.
  • Bucket - Bucket tubs are generally popular in maternity hospitals in Europe and not in the United States. This tub keeps baby in an upright position and just hold enough water for baby's bathing.

What To Look For In A Best Baby Bath Tub?

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While there are various best baby tubs available in the market, you need to be careful in buying the best one. There are different considerations that you need to take a look before heading to your favorite store and make a purchase. Here are my rules of thumb when choosing the best baby bath tub:

  • Age-appropriate - Make sure that the tub that you will buy will be appropriate to the age of your baby. If yours is an infant, make sure that the tub will be able to accommodate her/his frail and small body. Using a tub intended for older kids will just give you and your baby troubles especially if it does not hold your little one in the proper place.
  • The amount of water it can hold - There are tubs that are too shallow and could not hold the desired amount of water needed to make your baby bathing more fun and comfortable. Again, depending on the age of your baby, choose something that can hold enough water.
  • Safety Issues - Always choose a baby tub that is safe for your baby. Opt for non-skidding tubs to avoid any injury. Babies, when soaked in soap, tend to be slippery so make sure that the tub does not allow baby to skid to ensure his/her safety. Avoid also tubs with sharp edges.
  • Drain Plug - A drain plug will allow you to easily drain the water on the tub without the need to lift it and throw the water by yourself. Get one with an excellent draining system.
  • With temperature reader - Of course, you don't want to put your baby in water which she/he could not handle. To ensure that they are bathing in a proper temperature, there are baby bath tub models which have temperature indicators.
  • Hassle-free - There are tubs that require a heavy work in terms of lifting, storing and others. Make sure to select something that will not give you so much burden especially if you are saving spaces or doesn't want heavy lifting.

Best Baby Bath Tubs In The Market

Via Amazon.com

Primo EuroBath is uniquely contoured that it could support your baby's back, arms, and legs. You can bathe baby in a reclined position, which is ideal for infants, or in a sitting position for toddlers.

Try not to give the name a chance to trick, you this baby bath is made in the USA! This is another inflexible body plastic bath, which is comparative in some approaches to the First Years choice.

 Be that as it may, it is considerably bigger and can work with kids the distance from infant up to around 3 years of age! So exactly how big is this thing? We quantified it at around 36" long, 20" wide, and 10" high.

That is almost 10" longer than the First Years tub, and around 6" more extensive. The way they've outlined the tub is truly flawless.

They have an infant territory with a formed seat and wings that pleasantly anchors the baby set up, amid the squirms. A knock between the legs enables keep to baby from sliding down too far.

It also has different compartments for baby's bath essentials such as soap, shampoo, baby sponge, and toys. There is also an optional bath stand that comes with the purchase.

What's more:

This baby bath tub claims to be BPA, Phthalate and lead-free.



  • Convenient to use since compartments allow you to hold in place other baby bath needs.
  • Safe for babies since it is non-slippery
  • Can be easily cleaned with soap and water
  • Can be used from infant to toddler stages
  • With ample space for comfortable bathing
  • Holds enough water without the fear of water spills
  • Quite expensive compared to other regular brands

Via Amazon.com

This is considered as one of the popular bath tubs due to its simplicity and price. It is designed to accommodate your baby from newborn to toddler years. It comes with a plush padding at the backrest to prevent slips.

It also has a drain at the lower part of the tub letting you easily remove the water in the tub. This tub also has curves and rims that are friendly to baby's sensitive skin.

One of its interesting features is the drain that serves as a temperature indicator since it turns to white once the water is too hot for your baby.



  • Cheaper compared to other types of tub
  • Could be used from infancy to toddler stage
  • The back plush padding is mold and mildew resistant
  • With drain
  • Has a removable mesh sling
  • With ergonomic design
  • The padded headrest prevents any head bumps
  • Takes time and effort to inflate/deflate
  • Not for babies who can’t sit on their own

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This Disney Princess-designed inflatable bath tub is created with 6-24-month-old babies in mind. Its inside is textured to avoid unwanted slipping for our tots. It also has a backrest that younger babies may find comfortable especially if they can’t sit well for a long time.

This baby bath tub also has pockets for shampoo and soap and whatever you need to place in them. It also has hooks in case you want to hang it for drying. And since it can be deflated, it can be brought almost anywhere.



  • Has attractive design for babies that let them enjoy bathing more
  • Has pockets for shampoo, soap, and toys
  • Can be brought anywhere
  • Has hooks for fast drying
  • All sides are soft, which ensures no baby bumps
  • Takes time and effort to inflate/deflate
  • Not for babies who can’t sit on their own
  • No drain plug

Via Amazon.com

This whale-designed baby bath tub has a cushion for your little one’s head so as not to hurt her. It also has a baby stopper for the tiny babies who can’t sit up on their own just yet, avoiding sliding and slipping.

When the baby is big enough to sit on her own, you may remove this stopper to give more space for your little tot.



  • Comes with extra feet to avoid tipping over
  • May be used for both infants and toddler
  • Soft cushion and the stopper avoids slipping
  • The recline of the tub is just enough for infants
  • Has a drain plug
  • The water in the tub might be shallow for some babies
  • The water does not drain completely
  • May not fit in some sinks


Bath time with our tiny tots may be a pleasing or scary experience, depending on our babies. Good thing a baby bath tub has been designed for the bathing to be more of a delight.

Choosing the best baby bath tub for your little bundle of joy does not have to be a needle in a haystack. Just get one that ensures not just safety, comfort, and fun for your babies’ current development but also convenience for you hard working mommies and daddies.

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