5 Best Baby Activity Center – A Complete Review

Moms and healthcare experts are divided when it comes to the safety of child activity centers.

One side says even the best baby activity center hinders gross motor development. The other says that we need a baby activity center to keep baby occupied on the floor while we get other stuff done.

Great movement focuses can be drawing in for your kids. The best child movement focuses to consolidate a few exercises like hopping, skipping, strolling/turning.

The best ones influence an infant to utilize the two hands and the two feet to play with toys. It truly creates dexterity and tangible aptitudes. 

Play material like the infant action focuses can assist your infant with improvement and can keep them drew in and engaged. Your child will require diverse performers to play with as she develops.

On the off chance that your infant is 0-6 months old, you will require a play exercise center for her. You'll require a movement place for your child when she is 6-year and a half old.

I cannot take sides because I am likewise guilty of using an exersaucer as a “substitute nanny,” so I am still sharing with you a list of the best.


Before we go about and take our pick at the best baby activity center, let me first give you some words of caution for your child’s safety.


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​Safety Tips When Using A Baby Activity Center

  • Check out your child’s built and weight – If your child is a bit big or tall, he might outgrow the item in just a few weeks. So you have to ask yourself some of these questions: Is the seat adjustable? Won’t it tip over when your child leans on a side? It is not wise to purchase an item that is only good for a month or two.
  • Check out the material and attached toys before you buy – Are there small parts that are potential choking hazards? Is the paint certified lead-free? Won’t it peel off easily? Do the toys and batteries detach? Babies love to eat coin-sized batteries, so better be careful.
  • Keep track of your baby’s play time – Even the best exersaucer is not designed for extended playtime. Babies need a lot of time on the floor to practice their crawling and walking skills. Keep your child’s time seated inside an activity center to no more than 20 minutes. A few minutes might not be much, but just enough for you take a bath, wash the dishes or just lie and rest.
  • Not for kids with disabilities – An activity center is not ideal for small children with cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia or down syndrome. A baby activity center does nothing much to improve gross motor or muscle development.
  • Interact with the baby at all times – Some parents become too absorbed with their tasks that fail to keep track of time while the baby is seated at an activity center. Decreased interaction time will adversely affect the baby in the long run. Talk and interact with your child while he is sitting. You might be doing other things, but you’ve got to maintain some eye contact with your baby. Just explain to your little one what you are doing or encourage him as he makes some attempts to explore the buttons and toys.
  • Keep a watchful eye – You might be tempted to go out of the room since baby looks safe while seated at the activity center. But, don’t ever leave baby unattended. Even if your child’s seat is certified safe, you’ll never know when it can tip over.

Best Baby Activity Center: Top 5 Picks

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  • Transitions from a play mat into an activity seat
  • 3-position height and seat adjustment
  • Various age-appropriate toys included
  • Folds flat for travel and easy storage
  • Battery operated sounds and lights
  • You need to put in batteries for each toy
  • Too many toys and colors over-stimulates baby

It was Evenflo that had started all that hype about ExerSaucer and Activity centers. As more and more parents decide that being too mobile on a walker is unsafe for their little tots, they switched to something stationary like this one.

Being at the forefront, it looks like Evenflo has set the standards and has likewise delivered well for its “Life in Amazon” Triple Fun Active Learning Center.

This activity center has a 3-in-1 function, starting with a play mat for small babies, transitioning into an exersaucer for baby’s sitting stage, and finally to a “play center table” for toddlers. Every toy is battery operated, so you’ve got to prepare lots of spare.

It’s amazing how Evenflo paid attention to customizing each toy with its squeaks and sound; the baby will hardly get bored once seated. With its myriad of features and variety, it will take a few weeks for baby to figure out how to play with every toy.

Feature-wise, Evenflo got everything covered. All those sounds and colors make for a stimulating experience.


The only downside to this is overstimulation. It is recommended that children must not seat for more than 20 minutes on this and in any other exersaucer.

Just like with other activity centers, everything must be done in moderation, even if the baby appears to enjoy the experience.

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  • 3-Stages activity – useful as your child grows
  • Booster seat has 3-point harness
  • 360 degrees rotating tray
  • Lots of colorful removable toy choices
  • Pinching parts can hurt during assembly
  • The tray is always stuck and not easily removable

The Summer Infant 3-Stage SuperSeat Deluxe is a 3-in-1 activity center that grows with your baby; it will be useful for various ages and stages. It may be the cheapest among this list, but nonetheless, it has earned its keep as one of the best baby activity centers.

It will be of good use even up to the time that your child turns one, which makes it a value for money. This activity center is best for small children who can already sit unassisted. There are lots of cute toys that are all detachable and washable. It will keep your little one busy and entertained while you go about to do other stuff.

It takes some time to figure out how to assemble this little seat, though. For first timers, it will take you around 30 minutes to put this all together.

Removing and repositioning the tray can get a little tricky too. If you are not too careful, your fingers will get pinched.

What I appreciate about this activity center is how it can transform later into a booster seat. No need for us to buy another item, just detach the tray and attach it to the chair and you are ready to go. The booster seat can be fixed into a standard dining room chair.

Your little one will love how he can sit with everyone at the table, like a real big kid. Add to that the fact that you got a nice play center to keep baby interested, and you got a real steal for such a small price!

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  • Affordable price
  • 12 activities to keep your little one occupied
  • Seat rotates 360 degrees
  • Bounce pad underneath to keep your baby active
  • Not as durable as premium ExerSaucers
  • Not fit for heavy and tall babies

The Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round Activity Center is an all-around entertainer. It can save you a few dollars while giving you more value with its 12 activities and toys. Just like any best baby activity center, your child can rotate around the seat.

Your little busy-body will appreciate the multitude of toys and activities while giving you some precious minutes to do some errands.

But note:

Toe walking must not be encouraged as it can delay your child’s gross motor development. This is the reason why you’ve got to be careful when choosing an activity center.

If your baby is still learning how to crawl, his feet or toes must not directly touch the floor while propped in a walker or activity center.

With the Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round, baby’s toes are not directly on the floor but on the bouncing pad. This is a safer alternative as compared to walkers as the pad supports baby’s feet and encourages movement.

Assembly of this activity seat is a breeze although it is not as sturdily built as other activity centers. There is a possibility that your baby can tip over if he is on the tall side, especially if he is already turning one year old. You have to adjust the seats well and be sure to keep an eye on your little one at all times.

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  • 12 toy activities with sounds and lights
  • Language learning feature
  • 5-height position
  • Easy to store with its flat lay function
  • Plastic quality is not as sturdy
  • Paint around the toys can easily chip

True to its name, Baby Einstein Rhythm Activity Saucer is designed for baby’s learning and enjoyment. It is the only activity center in this list with the built-in language learning feature (English, French and Spanish).

Your baby will not get bored with its 12 activities, toys and a little piano. Your child will like the soothing melodies and will likely play it again and again.

The manufacturer recommends this activity center for babies four months and older. As per my evaluation, you must wait until such time that your little one can sit on his own before you prop him on this chair.

If he is not yet sitting up, do not force him into this. Better let your little one have some tummy time first, every child develops at his/her own phase. Wait until your baby is ready, do not get too eager.

It will take you 30-45 minutes to assemble this set. Read the instructions carefully as each toy parts must be fixed in the proper place, they are not interchangeable.

A bit of warning, though:

The seat is made of washable polyester. This activity center’s material is mostly plastic. Inspect every toy daily, as the paint can easily chip. You don’t want your baby to consume it.

Regarding Baby Einstein’s features, I can hardly find a better option. The only drawback is that it’s not as sturdy, but perhaps that justifies its small price.

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  • Most compact and lightweight activity center
  • Everything is washable
  • Ideal for travel and outdoor activities with baby
  • Has five nylon toy loops for baby’s toys
  • No toys and sounds included on the package
  • Functions more as a baby set and playard

KidCo GoPod is the portable activity center that you can take just about anywhere. It doesn’t have all the toys and bells and whistles, but this item is one of the best baby activity centers because it can fit spaces where a regular exersaucer can’t.

At just 7 lbs. of weight, it comes with its bag. It folds to 29 inches in height and 6.5 inches in width; hence it can pass as a hand carry for air travel.

Other large activity center is cumbersome especially if you have to take it up or down the stairs. With KidCo GoPod, you can take the baby with you to the garden or to just about any room in the house. Its floor pad keeps your baby’s little toes from touching the floor. The locking button function keeps it in place no matter how much baby moves.

The KidCo GoPod might not have any accessories, but it has a provision for nylon loops. You can tie baby’s favorite toys here and remove them again at your leisure. This activity center has a tray with two cup holders. The seat is adjustable; even the leg holes are of substantial width for chubby legs.

If you are traveling a lot with the baby in tow, you will have more use of this portable activity center as compared to the usual exersaucer.

Conclusion - Wrapping It Up

Having an activity center is like getting a nanny, albeit just for a few minutes. It frees up your hands to do other things while the baby is comfortably seated with all that toys and stuff.

But remember:

The best baby activity center will give you some precious time for yourself. Just take note not to compromise your child’s development. For your sanity and your child’s safety, moderation is the key.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide


Flexibility is an imperative angle you have to consider while purchasing a baby activity focus. This is on the grounds that your baby will exceed the activity focus sooner than you would have arranged. The seat ought to be movable so your baby's feet are scarcely contacting the ground.

The baby activity focuses which are not movable will have an altogether shorter life. While purchasing a customizable activity saucer, you have to ensure it is durable and won't separate as the baby develops.


It is sheltered to state babies aren't the most sterile creatures. Your baby will invest a considerable measure of her energy in the activity focus so you have to ensure it is in every case clean particularly if you’re feed her while she is in the exersaucer.

Pick an activity focus which can be cleaned with a wet fabric and doesn't have corners which can't be come to. The seat cushion ought to be removable and machine-launder able. The toys and teether ought to be cleaned every day.


In case you're somebody who moves around a great deal, you ought to get an activity focus which can be collapsed and conveyed along. A compact activity focus can be simple and advantageous to move around in the house.

Versatile activity focuses can likewise spare you a great deal of room in your home as they are less fatty when contrasted with the non-compact saucers.

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