Baby Won’t Sleep in Bassinet: 5 Simple Solutions

So your baby won’t sleep in the bassinet but only in your arms? You are too tired, and your eyes can’t hold up any longer? Do you wish you could put your baby to sleep through the night in his bassinet or co-sleeper?

In this article, I will give you very simple tips on how to successfully transition into the bassinet, so you’ll finally get some quality sleep that you deserve.


Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep in Bassinet. Why?

a good bassinet

Babies are sensitive little creatures. Their eyes are closed but they’ll know whenever something’s amiss.

My eldest will wake up, fight sleep and cry on top of her lungs, the moment that I put her back in her bassinet. Frustrated and dog-tired, I have no choice but to scoop her back into my arms.

Why is that so?

1.  Flat is out

Babies don’t like it flat. Anti-SIDS advocates will advise you against putting anything in your bassinet or crib.

But a flat crib won’t work. Your little one likes it a bit inclined.

2. Sheets that are too rough

When it comes to sleep, you need soft baby-friendly sheets. Find customized sheets for bassinets or co-sleepers.

Your baby has ultra-sensitive skin, so sheets that are too rough just won’t do.

3. Cold sleeping surface won’t do

Babies love it warm, that’s why they like mom’s arm. You must put her down a warm bassinet surface while keeping the room temperature cool.

Try to find sheet fabrics that are warm to touch.

For example:

Natural fabrics such as cotton or those that are a combination of polyester or other synthetic fabrics are super soft and warm.

Take note also to monitor your room temperature and to keep it cozy day and night.

How to Get Baby to Sleep in Crib

Newborn Baby on a bouncer

1. Incline it

Check out your bassinet.

If it’s too flat, put any of these underneath:

  • pad 
  • foam wedges
  • cushion.

In my experience, my bassinet’s cushion is too firm, so I put a soft towel on top of it, underneath the sheets. 

It improved the softness of the mattress while giving it a natural incline. My baby just loved it! If your child is prone to colic or has an acid reflux, an inclined bed is your best bet.

2. Make it snug

What do rockers and bouncers have that a bassinet hasn’t?

They are snug!

Rockers and bouncers do not function as a bassinet, but you can at least create a cushion that is as cozy. Small kids don’t like wide open spaces.

More than elevation,  rockers and bouncers embrace half of baby’s body. Babies love it when they are being held.

Your baby will instinctively try to find something soft to bury her face under, and that’s where a soft cushion comes in handy.

You may try to look around for large pillows or positioners that can fit inside your bassinet.

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3. Swaddle

Try to have a swaddling blanket handy. If your room is cool enough, you can wrap your baby.

Some kids like to be wrapped on a swaddle, and some hate it. Some babies like the feeling of “hugs” while for some children, they would rather sleep while tossing their arms around.

I don't know which of these your baby prefers, but as her parent, you can observe and presume.

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4. Bassinet is also for playtime

Before my kid learned how to turn on her tummy, I would always put her in her bassinet during daytime.

I would lie her there after feeding and during diaper change time.

I don’t let her get used to being  in my arms because it would be harder for the both of us as she grows up.

What I'm trying to say is:

Let your baby stay in the bassinet. Let her get used to the feeling of being cradled by it.

In time she will learn how to fall asleep on her own. Don’t scoop her out at every opportunity; just be visible every now and then so she’ll not worry.

5. Co-sleep

There are bassinets that are also useful as co-sleeper. These types are either bedside co-sleepers or bassinets that you can put on top of your bed. 

Bassinets that have removable stands are the best because you can place it as close to you as possible.

Your baby will likely sleep longer if he can sense that you are nearby. He is also safe even if you toss or turn because he is inside the bassinet.

Best of all, you can reach out and feed him in a second or two since you are just sleeping at arm’s reach.

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cute baby in the crib

Putting your baby to sleep doesn't always mean you carrying him in your arms the entire night.

Although some your baby won't sleep in a bassinet the first try, you can always train him until he's used to it.


Try to find the best conditions that put your baby to sleep. Some babies like to be swaddled, while other little tots like to sleep on a sleep sack. Whether she likes it inclined or soft or with some white noise playing; then, by all means, give her that!

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