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Baby Teething 101: Everything You Need To Know

For me, teething is one of the most unforgettable and exciting times as a mother. I remember clearly how I would check my baby’s gums almost every day as soon as she turned three months old. I would always look for that small white spot.

Then the day came.

It was not something I expected. My poor baby would keep on crying, especially at night.

I didn’t know what to do then, and I was getting irate because I was restless myself. Good thing, my mom and my baby’s doctor told me exactly what to do. I shared all these tips here:

help teething baby to sleep

But be careful. Not all white spots on your little one’s gums are a sign of erupting teeth. Some may be a medical condition that needs immediate doctor’s attention like an oral thrush.

However, not all are alarming. It can also be Bohn’s nodules that disappear on its own after a few days or weeks.

You can read more about these signs here:

white spot on my baby’s gums

Aside from the sleepless nights, there were also other signs that my baby is teething. One is that she kept on rubbing her face.

Plus, she kept on drooling. There were days when I had to change her clothes in literally every 30 minutes because that’s how fast she would drench them.

A little note of caution though:

I also found out that rubbing face often is not only a sign of teething. It could be due to all other things as well.

The most common would be allergies be it skin or nasal. It can also be because she’s uncomfortable with the temperature. It’s her way of telling you “make the room cooler, mommy!”

I discussed these reasons in more detail in the following article. You can also find the tips for alleviating the discomfort your little one feels.

baby rubbing face

The poor symptoms did not stop at drooling though. There was another one that made my precious little girl more uncomfortable: teething rash.

The rashes started appearing on the face--around her mouth--then it spread to her neck and tummy.

Oh, you can imagine the discomfort it gave her as she started teething just as Mr. Sun began letting the world feel his warmth in summer.

There were days when she couldn’t sleep well at daytime because she was all itchy and irate. What soothed her then was two to three cool baths per day.

But I knew that wasn’t enough because as the days went on, some of the rashes got bigger and she cried more.

So I took her to the doctor, and she gave me several tips. One was to keep everything dry, the other was to give her something cool to munch on, and was also advised to buy some moisturizer especially made for rashes.

Here is an in-depth discussion of teeth rashes:

teething rash on face, body

Speaking of something cool to munch on, did you know not all teethers are created equal?

Some teethers do more harm than good. There are teethers which parts can be broken off. These is risky for babies because they can swallow them.

There are also those with textures that are not right for babies, which damages our little ones’ gums and eventually tooth formation.

Others are made of materials that are susceptible to dirt and pet fur. If you have furry friends at home, these are not recommended at all.

Don’t worry, I listed my tried and tested teethers that worked well for my baby (and for plenty of other moms’ babies too!).

Best Teething Toys for Babies

If you have a bigger baby, you can also try amber necklaces. They are a great alternative to teethers plus they make a pretty accessory too!If you’re sold on the idea of getting the necklace, here are my go-to choices:

Best Teething Necklace

But wait.

Is you baby really teething or is it something else?

Here are the exact signs your little one is erupting her first choppers. This article also includes tips for lessening the discomfort your baby feels at this stage.

How Do You Know Your If Your Baby is Teething?

Note that babies have different symptoms or may experience them at different stages. But it’s good that you are well-educated about this stuff. There is no manual to becoming a parent, but at least we have these guides to lessen the trial and error.

What teething tips did we miss?

Tell us through the comments section below.

Happy parenting!