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Sarah Morgan

Me and my baby

Welcome to WellBeingKid.com!

I’m Sarah Morgan, chief editor and striving mom-extraordinaire. (Contact me)

In the world that we’re living in, it is an honor and a challenge to be a parent. If being an adult is not stressful enough, caring for another life is the most difficult job there is on earth. Unless you are living at the heart of Amazon, all of us are likely being bombarded 24/7 by toxins, stress, diseases, and pollution. Here at WellBeingKid.com, I shall detail how parents all over the world are adapting holistic parenting principles while taking charge of their health and lives.

Your Tribe

We parents need not a way out but a way in. We are plugged to the big web but are already losing our sense of community and connectedness. Here at WellBeingKid.com, my mission is to inform and connect groups of like-minded parents.

A Better Way, a Healthier Path

Let me share and inspire you with my daily struggles to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Along my rocky path to being a better parent, I had stumbled upon some gems of wisdom that I want to share with you. We can make a better world for our children by making conscious daily choices, and I’ll share with you how.

Before I became a parent, I am a caffeine-guzzling- always-tired rat-race worker.Now that I am already a parent, I came to understand that there is a healthier and better way to live. Thru the pages of this blog let me inspire you to:

1. Make informed decision about non-toxic living.

2. Embrace natural health and alternative wellness for your family.

3. Choose economical and all-natural alternative to toxic products that you consume or feed to your child.

4. Strive to create balance amidst life’s daily chaos.

5. Ask the right questions and find the right answers to issues such as education, discipline, vaccination, breastfeeding, circumcision, non-violent communication and nutrition.

6. Maintain a nurturing relationship with your child and your family.

7. See beyond consumer-driven mass marketing and start to connect with what is pure, whole and natural

8. Consuming less, living simply and being wise.