Mom’s Question: When Can I Take My Newborn Out?

The sun is bright, and the weather is good. Can I take my newborn out to bask in the sunshine, you might ask? Perhaps you have a well-meaning but fear-mongering family member that advised you against taking your baby out. Is this concern warranted? When can a newborn travel and be exposed in public?


​Tips To Keep Your Baby Safe And Healthy When Going Out

Can I take my newborn out? My answer is a big resounding yes! It is better if baby can stay at home while you are still feeling weak. Give yourself some time to recover from your painful delivery experience.

You can take your baby out in his first week. But considerations are depending on your newborn’s current health status as well as the weather condition. The warm weather and sunshine are invigorating and can certainly help you to recover.

1.​ Check the weather

father and child

If it is snowing heavily, chances are you would rather get holed up at home yourself. If there is an impending rain or the winds are too high then better stay indoors. 

If there is noticeable smog hanging in the air, then better keep your little one confined at home. If the weather permits, then it’s alright to take a breath of fresh air.

​2. Consider your child’s health

Take your little one with you if he/she is discharged by the pediatrician as a well-baby, meaning not a preemie and without a diagnosed health condition.

If you had recently given birth, talk to your doctor about your plans to take your baby outside on occasions. You will need a reassurance straight from your child’s doctor so do not hesitate to ask.

Some doctors might even advise parents to take their babies outside from time to time. Some physician advice parents to complete first the baby’s first vaccine doses before exposure anywhere. Indoor air can get stuffy so a little breather can help the child. You will also find that some newborns sleep better when they are outside.

​3. Transport and carry baby safely


You will need a reliable travel system stroller to hold baby safely in the car and outside. For a newborn, choose a car seat and stroller with the full recline feature. Your child must be able to lie completely flat should he decide to take a quick nap, which is guaranteed to happen since newborn babies sleep all the time.

Bring a reliable stroller cover with you as well as some extra diapers and baby’s feeding supplies. Even if you are just planning a quick stroll, take some snacks and water with you. This is important especially if you are breastfeeding.

Schedule doctor’s visits during the time where there are fewer crowds and less traffic. Avoid taking your baby to the hospital or to places where there are sick people.

​4. Keep your child covered

cover your baby

Clothe your baby according to the weather. Consider the temperature so that your newborn won’t get too chilly or sweaty. Babies at this age have cool extremities, so don’t be mistaken and keep him covered just enough to make him comfortable.

Keep by-passers and on-lookers from startling your baby by putting on a cloth or nursing cover over the stroller. This will also help to minimize your child’s exposure to sunlight. His delicate skin can burn quickly even with just a few minutes of direct exposure.

Beginning in one month, you can take your baby with you during your walks or jogs. You will need a sturdy all-terrain stroller if you will decide to tag along baby with you on your outdoor activities.

5. Avoid crowds


Are you planning to take your baby to the park? If it is swarming with people, then better plan your visit on the least crowded time. The loud noises coming from public areas can startle your child.

Where there is a great crowd, there is an increased possibility that at least a handful of them have contagious illnesses. You don’t want this risk so avoid letting strangers touch your child.

Stay away from smoking areas. Best advice of all is not to allow anybody, even well-meaning friends to kiss your baby.

​6. Sanitize

Sanitize your hands before you breastfeed or touch the baby. Clean your hands with a sanitizing wipe or hand gel before you prepare baby’s feeding bottle.

Usual activities such as touching bills or door knobs can immediately expose your hands to all that pesky germs. You might say that you feel just fine in the midst of the crowd, but it is your baby’s immature immune system that can quickly get affected.

Let your baby stay covered in the stroller during the duration of your escapade. Do not allow baby to get passed around! People can admire your baby all they want, but please have them take a safe distance.



Your baby’s immune system is still weak during this time. You might think that staying at home is the best for your baby but a little sunshine and fresh air will do more good. Just keep your child covered and away from the arms of over-eager baby admirers. So yes, you can take your baby outside; it will benefit both you and your child.

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