How to Wash Halo Bassinest Mesh? – A Step By Step Guide

Halo bassinest are common and traditional, providing a durable and sturdy surface for your baby. To keep the halo bassinest clean you want to use a safe cleaning process for both the surface of the halo bassinest and your child. For stains of urine, sweat or vomit, cleaning is the best option for baby health.

Citrus solution is best which is mixed with warm water to rub in depth with the help of a cloth in the spot in question until it is diluted and disappears. The reason for the citrus component is that in this way the unpleasant odors will disappear not only superficially, but also permanently so that the mattress does not smell of these fluids.

Another very effective home remedy against stairs on the mattress is baking soda, which together with warm water can form a paste that dries and eliminates stains. Above all, it is highly recommended to use it for children’s urine stains on the mattress. In this way, not only will they disappear when they are absorbed but the odor will be neutralized. Before you read further also check our article on How Long Can Baby Sleep In Halo?

A Complete Guide On How to Wash Halo Bassinest Mesh

To clean the handlebar of the halo bassinest use a disinfectant cleaner and rub with a scouring pad to remove dirt and stains that occur with your hands. Then rinse the cleaning product with clean water and dry with a cloth. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until the spots are removed.

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Oxygenated water is the best remedy to remove blood stains from the bassinest. If the child bleeds for some reason, and the mattress becomes stained, the elimination process must be started. The first thing is to rub with cold water with the help of a cloth, so that the blood does not penetrate the mattress. If it is already dry or a few minutes have passed and it does not return, then it is time to use oxygenated water soaked in cotton.

We can see how the stain is diluted little by little until it is invisible. White vinegar is another great ally for cleaning stains and also those of sweat that may appear on the halo bassinest. It is advisable to use it with a handkerchief on the affected area in question, rubbing until it is completely diluted. It is highly recommended for spots that are light in color, as it would not be as effective with the blood or the remains of vomit.

Although home remedies are very important and valid when removing stains from different fluids of halo bassinest, a liquid detergent that is not aggressive with the fabric can be a great ally. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare a mixture with warm water and rub on the spot in question until its total disappearance.

For when you have halo bassinest stain appear, so it is advisable to know the tricks and which will help you in eliminating the most difficult spots. In addition to other stains like mud caused by games in the park can contribute to the halo bassinest being damaged. Also check our article on How Long Can You Use the Halo Bassinest?

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