What Are Some Ways to Warm Up Baby Wipes? – A Step By Step Guide

The reality is about 3.5 million tons of diapers end up in landfills every year. It is true that wipes options do not end their days in the trash but the truth is that you need to use a lot of water to wash them.

Some say that the carbon footprint left by this type of wipes and other ecological models is quite large. To reduce it, you can wash them in cold water and hang them to dry and can use the dryer for warming the wipe.

This option is much less toxic and you will be contributing to the protection of our environment. But what about disposable wipes? It is recommended to buy those that come without fragrance since the toxic chemicals can be grouped through the aromas, thus avoiding being revealed in the list of ingredients.

Those who come free of chlorine are also recommended if your pocket can afford it. Also check our article on warming wipe warmers at home.

A Complete Guide On Warming up Baby Wipes

Warm wipes can be used to relieve baby. Baby can enjoy the benefits of warm wipes at home without any unnecessary expense by using common household appliances to heat the wipe, such as a dryer or a microwave. It is also possible to buy and install an appliance with a dedicated warming wipes. Place the wipe you want to heat in the dryer.

You can use any of the clean wipe or wait until the end of a wash cycle and warm the freshly washed and still wet wipes. Also make sure to check our guide on best wipe warmers. I am sure you would love to read it.

This method works best for baby wipes. After that, set the dryer’s heat setting to high temperature for a full cycle to warm and freshly dry-cleaned wipes. If the wipes are already dry, place the dryer only for a few minutes. The chosen period of time will depend on how warm you like the wipes and dryer your specifications.

Also turn on the dryer to dry the wipe. The wipes will be available for use as soon as the appliance has completed, but you can keep them warmer for a little more time by folding together.

Moreover, baby wipes can be easily warm by using the microwave. First of all wet a wipe. Squeeze the wipe to remove excess water, so the wipe is moist, but not dripping water. After that, fold the wipe and place it inside a plastic bag, such as a bag of frozen foods. Leave the bag open.

Place the flat bag inside the microwave oven. Heat at maximum power of two to four minutes, depending on the power of the appliance. Carefully check the temperature of the wipe every minute and stop once the wipe feels warm enough to the touch. Then finally wrap the warm wipe for use.

You can also use iron for warming wipes. Heat the iron to 200 degrees, if you are going to warm wipes, or the suitable temperature suggested according to the material of the wipe and warmness you want. Place the wipe on a flat surface that is resistant to heat. The use of an ironing board is recommended.  Be careful to move the iron over the entire surface of the wipe and distribute the heat evenly.

Hope above mentioned different ways help you in warming wipes.

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