How To Use Munchkin Wipe Warmer? – A Step By Step Guide

Changing diapers is often a stressful time for mother and baby.

A cold towel is something traumatic for a baby’s skin. Using munchkin wipes warmer to keep your baby more comfortable will help make diaper changes less stressful for both of you.

A Complete Guide On Using Munchkin Wipe Warmer

A munchkin wipe warmer will allow you to heat cloths at any time. With a new baby, easy access to this resource and at any time is exactly what a new mother needs. Mother baby with a nice warm washcloth, when you need to change the diaper. It adapts to munchkin baby wipes warmer.

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A low voltage, integrated in the changing light of the product which makes it easier to change diapers, even at night. In addition, a viewing window ensures you that you will never run out of wipes. It is heated on the top to keep the wipes nice.

You do not want to wake your sleepy baby with night lights or cool wipes, luckily, this is a thing of best wipe heater. This superior heating system helps you maintain your comfortable baby with a damp and warm cloth for each use.

Moreover, this product is easy to use. In addition, this wipes heater comes with a hinged lid that can activate a soft light for a few minutes, during which time you can quickly take the wipes service without disturbing your baby.

While using munchkin wipe warmer remember to insert the Ever-Fresh pads that come with the heater on the bottom of the tube. Wet the pad with distilled or mineral water. The model helps to remove the cloths from their original packaging.

Lift the main lid of the heater and put the cloths. Leave enough space for the device to close easily. Depending on the type and brand of wipes, the munchkin wipe heater can easily store 80 to 100 cloths. Close the lid of the appliance.

The folded cloths are individually folded in wipes, while the ones that come in roll are accommodated in a roll where each one weakly joins the next, similar to a roll of paper towels. In this model plug the heater into a standard outlet. Leave it connected for two or three hours before the first use to allow the wipes to get warm enough.

For the use of heater in this model open the main lid of the heater and remove the top lid while using the standard folded cloths. Open the smaller lid on top of the appliance and pull a wipe through the hole if you use roll wipes.

The hole allows one wipe to be removed at a time. It offers a slight resistance, so you can easily tear off the amount of cloth you need from the rest of the roll. Close both the main lid and the smaller one when you finish to prevent the wipes from drying out and to keep them warm. Keep the heater connected between uses, unless you are not going to use it for several days. Moreover, refill the heater with new cloths when you have removed the last one.

Check the Ever-Fresh pad by pressing it with your fingers. It should feel soft and moist. Pour more water if you feel it too dry and do not allow it to dry completely. Check the moisture in the pad each time you fill the wipe heater.

Hope the upper guide help you for using the munchkin wipe warmer easily.

Ammar Pervez

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