How Long Can You Use the Halo Bassinest? – A Step By Step Guide

The essentials things for our baby, is the halo bassinest for the newborn baby. The halo bassinest is a wicker carrycot with handles, placed on legs or support that can be made of iron or wood, with or without wheels and with approximate dimensions of 80 × 40 cm, the approximate height of the carrycot is 25 cm.

The halo bassinest or carrycot is usually more manageable and lighter, an ideal element to transport the baby quickly during the first weeks thanks to the fact that only the halo bassinest can be moved, but when the baby starts to weigh more, it becomes difficult to transport it like this.

It has a shorter lifespan due to its small size and does not provide the stability of a halo bassinest, which equates to a crib. The halo bassinest does not have much larger size which allows them to be used for a longer time, they also have much mobility, since they cannot separate the halo bassinest from the legs. Before you read further also check our article on How to Wash Halo Bassinest Mesh?

A Complete Guide On How Long Can You Use the Halo Bassinest

They have the appropriate dimensions to fit inside the parents’ room without limiting them too much space, as well as to move it to other rooms of the house during the day. This is their main advantage and the one that motivates parents to consider it an essential.

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The folding halo bassinest are very easy to assemble and disassemble, occupying very little space when storing. The halo bassinest will occupy less space when storing it, but in some it takes larger spaces since some halo bassinest are not dismantled.

Although there is no set time that tells us when you have to replace the baby halo bassinest with a larger crib, most babies make the change sometime between 4-6 months. The age of moving the baby to the crib depends on each child, both in size and how he can incorporate himself.

The halo bassinest can only be used when babies cannot sit on their own, turn around or push themselves with their hands and knees, the maximum recommended weight being 9 kg. The disadvantage of the crib in front of the halo bassinest is mainly non-mobility. Having a larger size, does not fit through the doors being impossible to move it to other rooms in the house.

During first months of life, your baby will spend a lot of time sleeping and the halo bassinest thanks to its small size will allow us to place it anywhere in the house and will facilitate its closeness and mobility especially in the months when breastfeeding is more intense .

The dads prefer to have their baby always close and under his watchful eye. In addition during these first months the ideal thing is that the baby sleeps next to his parents, since he will wake up several times at night and a halo bassinest will facilitate the attention when he needs something or when he cries, without the need to get up in the darkness and walk to your room.

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