What Age Should A Baby Stop Sleeping In A Bassinet? – A Step By Step Guide

It is very common, after the baby starts taking his first steps, that his agility is redoubled. In this stage, the baby will try a much greater freedom of movement, which will give him more curiosity about other things and other places in the house, until he reaches the point of being able to leave his bassinet alone.

Its development is what will drive the change from the bassinet to the bed. A change that, as a rule, usually takes place at two or two and a half years , or when the child feels that the bassinet no longer has so much space for him to fall asleep and stretch.

Many children, especially those who have older siblings, usually take this big step even before two years, for the simple desire to imitate, want to do and behave in the same way as their older brother. They feel more stimulated to climb this great step towards independence. Before you read further also check our article on how to transition sleeping baby to the crib.

A Complete Guide On What Age Should A Baby Stop Sleeping In A Bassinet?

Other children, on the contrary, although they like to be in large beds like their parents’, and even accept the idea of going to sleep in a bed just for him, they are reluctant to leave the bassinet. That is a very normal reaction, since it was in the bassinet where he learned to fall asleep, where he feels protected, clothed, and more secure.

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The bassinet has been his first burrow. To encourage and stimulate a child to accept a change nothing better than letting him participate in making some decisions. In the case of the bed, the ideal thing is to let him collaborate in everything that refers to the new bed.

Depending on the child, there are cases in which a period of adaptation is needed, that is, the child gradually becomes accustomed to the new situation. While still sleeping at night in bassinet, let him play or nap on the bed, until he feels more secure in it and make the final change.

At the same time, it is necessary to explain the reasons for the change, always assessing its growth and size. And as if that were not enough, do not forget to take the doll, the blanket or the toy with which he slept in the bassinet to his bed.

On the other hand, from two or two and a half years age, it is when the child begins to control so you need to be able to leave your bed comfortably to start going to the bathroom alone and also from two to three years is when it can arise in. They worry about sleeping in a bed like their older brothers.

The bassinet for many children is a place associated with comfort and safety, the bassinet is the den where it is warm, tight as in mom’s belly, for these little ones who find it harder to take the step, it is convenient that we explain them causes of the change and we stimulate them, making them participants in the choice of the new bed, to disassemble the bassinet or to transfer their favorite doll or blanket to their new bed of elders.

The new bed should be cozy for the child, and meet some requirements for safety such as a side rail, simple and safe design, mattress and height appropriate for their age and not present edges or sharp edges. Also check our article How Long Can Baby Sleep In Halo?

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