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Gone are the days when you can just put the baby on your lap during travel. Nowadays, if your child is riding the car with you, you need a car seat. Although state laws vary, the gist is that kids must be on a safe child seat regardless of the distance.

Parents even have to restrain older children in a booster seat or face penalties and child passenger safety citations.


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​Baby Travel System Stroller 101

What is a travel system stroller? This vital equipment is composed of the usual single stroller/buggy, together with an infant car seat. You can detach and reattach the car seat into the stroller.

This is ideal for babies who love to sleep while traveling.

No need to scoop a sleeping baby out, just lift the whole seat and your little one is good to go in the stroller. The infant car seat complements the stroller, making your trip with the baby in tow so much easier.

If you are buying a travel system stroller, you got two options:

1. Create your mix and match travel system.

You might already have an old stroller, and you would like to know the type of car seat that would fit with your buggy. Most types of branded strollers can fit with the standard car seat. Even different brands can complement each other.

This is an expensive option since you have to buy the stroller and the car seat separately. You cannot guarantee that your car seat can fit into your buggy. Your best bet is to take your stroller with you if you are planning to buy a car seat; do a fit and connect test before you buy.

2. Your second option is purchase a travel system in once package.

There won’t be any guesswork since you are buying a “system.” One item is designed to fit the other, like a glove. The best travel system stroller package is like purchasing a 2-in-1; it is cheaper in the long run.

​Best Travel System Stroller

The best travel system stroller makes for a hassle-free trip. To give you some peace of mind and to save you from costly trial and errors, here are my top picks:




  • Stroller has 3-wheel design, easier to maneuver as compared to 4-wheel buggies
  • Designed to absorb impacts and shocks
  • 5-point easy to install secure harness
  • Stroller has an adjustable recline
  • Stroller accommodates children up to 55 lbs.
  • Lightweight with 1-hand fold feature
  • Not for warm/hot weather, baby can sweat buckets
  • Small wheels, costly

The Britax 2016 Elite Travel System is one of the safest travel system strollers on this list. Its impact protection extends to the side, absorbing most shocks with its car seat base and steel frame.

The car seat is for babies less than two years old. Baby must weigh no more than 35 pounds and with a height no taller than 32”.

The price tag of the Britax 2016 Elite Travel System is a bit costly, but it’s still a good value for money.

The infant car seat weight is at 16.5 lbs., just the average in its class. The stroller, on the other hand, is one of the lightest in the market, at 26.5 lbs. It can hold a toddler up to 55 pounds. of weight.

Its 3-wheel design makes it easy to maneuver this stroller on tight aisles and corners. Also, the stroller has a large canopy to shield baby from the sun, as well as wheel suspension to ensure a smooth ride.

There's a disadvantage, though.

The downside to this travel system is the type of material that is used for the car seat. It’s perfect for winter but too hot for summer. The all-black color looks sophisticated, but it doesn’t help to circulate air during warm weather.

Your baby can sweat a lot so be sure to check on him from time to time. As for me, this is not a deal-breaker, considering that this is one of the best travel system strollers and is a favorite by parents all over.




  • Stroller accommodates child up to 50 lbs.
  • The car seat can carry child up to 35 lbs.
  • Stroller has 1 second 1 hand fold feature
  • The stroller is light at just 21 lbs.
  • Lie flat and reclining feature on the stroller
  • Not enough basket space underneath
  • The wheels are made of flimsy plastic

Some mothers are too paranoid when it comes to safety. With other brands, you’re hardly sure if you got everything locked when it comes to the installation of the car seat and stroller.

With the Graco Aire3 Click Connect, I like how the clicking sound can remind me that all is set; all is soundly connected. It is also one of the lightest car seats and strollers on this list, so even small-framed moms like me can safely lift that big seat even with a baby in it.

The car seat is within the usual 4 lbs. - 35 lbs. weight restriction. What I appreciate is its stroller’s one-second one fold feature, something useful to me whenever I don’t have an extra hand with all them grocery bags. Once folded, it can fit into thin spaces.

There is also an auto-lock feature to keep the stroller secured.

You might not allow baby to sleep on the car seat for an extended time but with its partner stroller’s lie flat function, you got a portable and comfortable sleeping nook for your child.

There is also a removable armrest as well as a fabric cup holder. Add to that the large canopy and you get a complete travel system package that can take you anywhere.




  • Good quality product from a reputable brand
  • The stroller can carry toddler up to 50 lbs.
  • Stroller weight is lightweight at 23 lbs.
  • Handlebar for the stroller is adjustable
  • Front swivel and suspension on wheels
  • Expensive
  • The car seat can only accommodate up to 30 pounds.

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Stroller comes with its car seat, stroller, and its car seat base. The car seat connects easily with the base, for a seamless transfer from the stroller to the car passenger seat.

The 5-point harness completes the package, keeping your baby safe and sound en route to your destination. Your child is likewise protected from bumps along the road with car seat’s energy-absorbing foam.

The rear facing car seat has a single pull function for easy latch and removal.

Wondering about its durability?

I have an old Chicco stroller that had held up its form for years, and the buggy that comes with the Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System looks and feels just as durable.

In terms of comfort, this Bravo Trio stroller is well-padded and spacious all around.

Have I also mentioned how easy it is to fold and even easier to maneuver?

It may look expensive at first; but on second look, it is on a par with the best travel system strollers that are twice its price.




  • Looks cute and stylish, ideal for baby girls
  • Low priced but good quality material
  • Car seat makes a clicking sound to ensure full connection
  • Car seat has side impact protection
  •  Big and removable parent trays and holders
  • The car seat can only support up to 22 lbs.
  • Stroller weight is at 35 lbs., car seat at 22 pounds.

The Disney Amble Quad Travel System is ideal for the budget-conscious parent. It might be cheap, but it does likewise deliver safety-wise.

Its side impact protection and infant head support keeps your little one safe and cushioned from most shocks and bumps along the road. The stroller has a 5-point harness that you can also convert into a 3-point restraint.

This buggy is nice to look at, perfect for a girl. Assembly of the Disney Amble Quad Travel System stroller is a breeze, everything fits in together, and there’s less guesswork involved. Even the car seat comes as ready-to-go, no assembly needed whatsoever.

But then again...

The downside of this travel system is its weight and size. It is on the heavy side, with its stroller at 35 lbs. and its car seat at around 22 lbs., definitely not for small-framed mommies.

The stroller is also huge, not something that I recommend if you want to bring the baby with you at crowded places. But all in all, you got a reliable travel system that fits the budget. So what’s not to love?




  • Large wheels for easier maneuverability
  • Good value for money
  • Stroller supports baby up to 50 lbs.
  • Front wheel of the stroller is lockable and swivel-type for off road travels
  • Stroller has ergonomically designed soft handle
  • It may be a bit hard to clean. But it’s definitely not heat proof.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel is the safest stroller if you want to take your baby with you during your morning jogs or weekend strolls. This stroller won’t fail you, even with all the rocks, sand and snow.

The 5-point harness keeps baby snug and safe, while the large canopy protects your little one, rain or shine.

What sets the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System stroller apart are its huge wheels. Those wheels can take you anywhere, even on off-road location.


The car seat and similar car seat base put the Baby Trend Expedition at both the all-terrain and travel system category.

Both the car seat and the stroller are comfortable and spacious enough, even for a heavy baby. This Baby Trend is all rugged; the best travel system stroller to take on those off-beaten tracks.

Safety Tips When Using A Travel System

safety tips

1. Make sure that everything fits

You don’t want your baby to fall off due to improper fit. Check the item’s specifications and installation directions. Manufacturers of baby travel systems specify the maximum weight and child age that can fit into the seat. Even strollers have weight restrictions. Read everything and do your homework.

2. The 2-hour rule

No matter how fancy your car seat is, limit your baby’s stay in this position for no more than 2 hours at a time. If you have a baby in tow for a long road trip, make a quick stop and scoop baby out of the car seat every 2 hours. It is unsafe for your baby to sleep while inclined and restrained for extended hours.

3. How much can you carry?

Since there is no need to scoop and wake baby while asleep in a car seat, you have to figure out if you can carry them together.

Can you pick the seat with the baby in tow, and connect it to the stroller?

Some car seats can weigh at least 15-25 lbs., add to that your child’s current weight, and you’re in for a heavy lift. You can sustain an injury by carrying too much weight, so consider this tip before you ring the cash register.


Invest in a good travel system, do it for your baby and for your own peace of mind.

If you're always on the go, better buy a travel system package, it is wiser than buying that stroller and car seat on separate occasions. The best travel system stroller might not be on the cheap side, but trust me: your child’s safety is worth all that money.

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