Mom’s Review: Best Swim Diaper for Summer

Can you imagine a perfect summer day at the pool, everything’s just right until here comes the loose poop! Suddenly everybody is looking at you and your baby. Whether you like it or not, to your dismay, they have to shut down now the big pool. That was all because of one little poop that escaped from baby’s diaper. Isn't it embarrassing?


​Top 5 Best Baby Swim Diaper

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​Your child has yet to control his urge to pee or do number two. You can’t likewise withhold the fun just because your baby might accidentally drop a poop bomb. What to do?

Buy the best swim diaper! They are usually cheap and will save you from lots of embarrassment. For just a few dollars, you and your baby can swim and enjoy summer.

​You’ve got two choices when it comes to baby swim diapers. You can either buy a pack of disposable swim diapers, or you can choose a reusable cloth swim diaper.

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Just like with other disposable swim diapers, Huggies Little Swimmer won’t hold up water. Its thinness is also just right; it won’t sag and won’t absorb the pool water. It does what it says, keeping the poop in.

If you want to be sure that your baby won’t mess up the pool, you can put in him a regular disposable diaper underneath this baby swim diaper. Public pools have different rules when it comes to baby swim attire. It will be helpful if you can ask this information before you head out for that summer trip.

Huggies Little Swimmer is useful at the beach; just make sure that you bring in at least one big pack for contingencies. The convenience of using this diaper is unbeatable, although this is not cost-effective.

If your little one is a regular at the pool or beach, it is unwise to use and throw a disposable diaper every time. You are better off environment and money-wise if you’ll instead settle with a washable/reusable baby swim diapers.



  • Super absorbent material
  • Won’t sag, won’t soak up the pool either
  • Leak guards and stretchy leg cuffs
  • Can tolerate hours of water immersion
  • You’ve got to do trial fitting to find the right size for baby
  • Not ideal for big and chubby legs


Disposable baby swim diapers are the most convenient option for that one-time trip to the beach or pool.

Pampers Splashers is designed just for swimming and not as a regular diaper. I like how this diaper is just thin, akin to the texture of natural fabric. Its designs are cute and presentable. It also provides just the right protection.

The key is finding the right size; it must fit well and be snug all around. If you find the right fit, the stretchable leg cuffs will not create unsightly red lines on baby’s legs.

Pampers Splashers makes for a fuss-free swim, it can hold up all that solids from your baby’s poop. Speaking of poop, if your little swimmer has a runny or watery diarrhea, no swim diaper can ever prevent that brownish liquid from flowing into the pool water. Solid poop can also escape from your diaper if the fit is too loose or if the size is too large.

Baby swim diapers are not designed to keep your baby dry. Don’t expect your Pampers Splasher to hold up pee, it will surely leak just like you haven’t put any diaper on. The best way to use this is to change into this disposable swim diaper right before you dip your baby into the water.



  • Convenient one-time use
  • No need to wash and dry diapers
  • Won’t swell like regular diapers
  • Tear-away sides for easier removal
  • Snug stretchy fit
  • Costly if you are swimming regularly
  • Not easy to find your child’s ideal size


Finis Swim Diaper is one of the most trusted baby swimwear online. Moms love how cool and cute it looks. Since this swim diaper is also reusable, it will be cheaper for you in the long run. I also love how soft the cloth is, it won’t irritate your baby’s skin and won’t cause garter line marks.

Finis Swim Diaper looks good; it can also do what it says. You baby can poop while soaking in the pool and people around won’t notice a thing. It can hold up solids poo, although it can’t contain pee and liquid poop/diarrhea. Just like with other fitted swimwear, finding the right size for Finis Swim Diaper can be a hit and miss.

If this is your first time to buy swimming attire off the internet, you’ve got to be sure first of the item size. As with other swimming trunks for adults, sizing is a balancing act. Make the diaper too snug, and it can cut off blood supply. Make it loose and it won’t serve its purpose.

The other downside to using Finis Swim Diaper is its stitching which makes it a little difficult to hand wash. Removing traces of poop is not a one-time event, you’ve got to wash it at least twice. There might be remants of poo if you are not careful about how you wash your cloth diaper.



  • Looks cute and nice like a swimsuit
  • Comfortable wear
  • Fits snuggly
  • Looks compact, on the small side
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Inner stitching makes it difficult to wash
  • Can get tight around the legs if your baby is on the heavy side


iPlay is a baby swim diaper with an added absorbent layer. This product is durable and sturdy; must-have for your next trip to the beach with your little swimmer. It will not leak solid poo, although it is likewise not designed to hold up pee. Your baby can wear this on its own, without an additional diaper.

Another good point about this baby swim diaper is its snaps lock. It is a pain to remove wet gartered swimwear from a fussy child. The snap lock makes removal and dressing up easier. It is just the right tightness so you won’t have a hard time peeling this off your child.

I like how this diaper is machine washable, one less cloth diaper for me to hand-wash. I was also surprised how it can survive a few rounds into our dryer without losing its form and elasticity. The cloth material seems of good quality; it is sturdy enough to tolerate at least two summers.

The sizing of this swim diaper can get tricky, so I suggest that you take a tape measure and check your baby’s size before you buy. This swim diaper will only do what it is supposed to do if you can fit the perfect size for your child.



  • Reusable, washable swim diaper
  • Snap lock
  • Trim design
  • Lightweight and stretchable
  • With wicking liner and inner absorbent layer
  • A bit sheer when wet
  • Once diaper has poop, removal is a mess


Alvababy Swim Diaper is perfect for infants. Its small size is of just right to contain all that poop without restricting baby’s leg circulation.

All its colors are bright and vibrant. Removing this diaper is easy as 1-2- 3 through the use of side snaps. What I like best is the fact that these snaps are adjustable; your baby can grow a size bigger and it will still fit.

Take note that since this baby swim diaper is designed small, there is a weight limit. If your baby has chubby legs, this swim diaper might restrict his movements and make him uncomfortable.



  • Trusted swimwear by moms all over
  • Size “Large” can fit up to 18 kgs.
  • Made of waterproof polyester outer layer
  • Holds up poop and solids well
  • Adjustable snap cover
  • Too thin
  • Not ideal for bigger babies


Finding the best baby swim diaper is a hit and miss. Not all brands are created equal. Most of them can do the job, meaning they can hold up the poop as they should be. What every parent should get careful about is choosing the right size of baby swim diaper. Too small and they can impede blood flow. Too large and your baby’s poo can go floating in no time. So with this list and these words of advice, I trust that you will be a wise shopper.

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