Mom’s Review: In Search For The Best Nursing Pillow

The nursing pillow that you will choose can make or break your breastfeeding routine. Nursing your baby isn’t easy, you can get aches and pains all over. Sitting for hours while holding a growing baby, you’ve got to have the patience of a monk and the nerves of steel.

Breastfeeding can tire your muscles out. I had nearly quit in the first months of breastfeeding with my first born because I can’t seem to find the right latch; that is until I decided to buy a nursing pillow.


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​How About Using Just A Regular Pillow?

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It’s alright to use a regular pillow for breastfeeding but if you are struggling with back pain, stiff neck and sore muscles, a nursing pillow can help. Holding your baby steady for 30 minutes or so can get painful.

What makes a nursing pillow better?

A nursing pillow can relieve your shoulders and back by taking the weight off your arms. This pillow is designed with the right thickness and shape. There will be less adjustment on your part, making you relax and focus on breastfeeding.

​Finding the Best Nursing Pillow

Just like a newbie mom, I have to buy at least a handful of nursing pillows through the years before I learned what worked best. To save you from lots of guesswork and money, I have outlined here the best nursing pillow for you and your little one.


What distinguishes the My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow is its self-attaching feature; it won’t fall off in case your baby gets squirmy. Other crescent-shaped pillows can slide off, but this pillow’s wraparound design keeps it in place.

There’s an arm and elbow rest which helps you to lean on and not get stiff shoulders.

The overall pillow design helps to maintain the ideal position for latching on while taking off baby’s weight from mom’s arms. You will also like its firm and flat cushions, just enough to keep your child comfy without much effort on your part.


It's small side pocket is an added extra that isn’t present on other nursing pillows on the market. It makes storage of small items such as a pacifier, nipple cream, or breast shield within easy reach.

Aside from breastfeeding, this nursing pillow can also help you to hold the baby during those days and long nights when she needs to sleep in your arms.



  • With extra back support for mom
  • Additional small pockets were sewn
  • Wrap around design secures it to mom’s body
  • Firm and flat cushion
  • Soft and plush fabric
  • Velcro lock can scratch off soft fabrics


If you need a large and plump pillow to boost baby up for your marathon cluster feeding session, then Nursit Nursing Pillow is your best choice.

Perhaps your child is small, and you need some leverage, Nursit can help you to prop baby up so you can get a good latch.

I like the firmness of this cushion. I am not a fan of pillows that engulfs baby due to their sheer softness.

Design-wise, it's good too.

The pillow itself comes in cute printed design, but its slipcovers that come with the package are just plain solid colors.


Although this pillow is just of the right height and dimensions to support your baby without you getting tired, there is a bit of a downside: it can hardly fit big moms.

This one is perfect for small babies and average sized moms but if you are on the heavy side, don’t expect this to fit around your waist area.



  • Fluffy and bigger than average
  • Affordable and value for money
  • Can prop and support baby as he sit
  • Super soft hypoallergenic microfiber
  • Machine washable
  • Plain designs
  • Not ideal for large moms


Leachco Natural Boost is the perfect pillow for preemies and small babies. This nursing pillow might be bulky, but it is designed with your comfort in mind.

Nursing a baby can be tricky as you need to prop him/her up higher just to get a proper latch. It will make your arms and shoulders sore if you don’t have a good nursing pillow.

Good thing the Leachco prides itself on giving your baby a natural boost, elevating his/her body without much effort on your part.

I also recommend this pillow if your child has GERD. It provides a natural boost, lifting your baby at a proper angle to prevent acid reflux.

You can easily prop this nursing pillow while seated on a nursing glider. It will also provide excellent support for your arms.

Its booster flips from side to side so you can change baby’s position without having to turn the whole thing. For a nursing pillow that is perfect for infants with special feeding needs plus is not too expensive, Leachco is hard to beat!



  • Best priced among this list
  • With adjustable booster pillow support
  • Elevated pillow design
  • Additional pillow to support mom’s arm
  • Best for preemies and small babies
  • Pillow is large and bulky
  • The fabric is coarse


Luna Lullaby Bosom nursing pillow is huge! At 3 pounds of weight, this is the biggest nursing pillow on this list.

If you are looking for a nursing pillow that will also be useful for your next pregnancy, this is your best bet. I just love how luxurious this pillow looks, its stylish design and large dimensions is a winner.

Luna Lullaby nursing pillow is ideal for moms of all sizes. If you are on the thin side, you will appreciate how this pillow gives your baby a boost; your little one can reach out your breasts without much fuss.

I also love how this pillow suits moms who are larger than average, its generous girth can easily fit into thick waists.

Have I also told you how unique this pillow’s shape is? It isn’t crescent or round but instead has a unique V-shape.

It may seem like this nursing pillow is a bit expensive, but you’ll find that this pillow will be useful to you long after you had weaned your little one.



  • Huge pillow
  • Perfect for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Stylish designs
  • Removable machine washable covers
  • Ideal for large moms
  • Too heavy and bulky for travel
  • Expensive


Boppy nursing pillow is considered the veteran on this list. This nursing pillow is a moms' favorite for two decades now.

The only reason this nursing pillow got the lowest rating on this list is that newer nursing pillows have since emerged in the market, with improved designs and added features that were not present two decades ago.

Boppy is an essential nursing pillow that has lots of uses:

  • You can use this to prop baby up during breastfeeding.
  • You may also put this in your child’s crib to support him/her during bottle feeding and tummy time.
  • You may also take it with you during your travels to double up as your neck and back support.

The only two downsides with Boppy is its dimensions and its tendency to go flat over time. If your baby is on the heavy side, don’t expect this pillow to be as fluffy after a few months of use.

All in all, this is still one reliable nursing pillow to save you from back pain and fatigue.



  • One of the most trusted brands of nursing pillows
  • Ideal for nursing and also for baby’s tummy time
  • Can double up as baby’s pillow during feeding time
  • Gives just the right elevation
  • Machine washable
  • Gets flat after a few months
  • Not perfect for large moms


Breastfeeding isn’t easy. It is tricky and can get painful over time. It is especially hard if you don’t have the right support and the right tools.

Getting the best nursing pillow can save you time and money in the long run. If you can breastfeed comfortably, you won’t wean as early.

It may be an extra cost, but:

The best nursing pillow is just one small expense to make your breastfeeding journey enjoyable and comfortable.

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