Mom’s Review: 5 Picks For The Best Diaper Pails In The Market

Poops, pukes, rotten diapers; ah the perks of being a parent!

Let’s admit it:

 Our babies smell like angels, but diapers? Nope. Baby diapers are so stinky that the usual trash bin won’t do.

You might say that you can get used to the foul smell. Let me tell you that this odor will just get worse as your baby eats more and more solids.

So, if you don’t want your house to smell like shit, better check out this list of the best diaper pails.


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What To Look For The Best Diaper Pail

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• Hygienic

Find a foot-operated, one-push or hands-free diaper pail. Or you can also wear gloves while handling your trash.

But hey, who wears gloves at the nursery? A foot pedal makes disposing of your kid’s soiled diaper easy.

• Keeps the stink contained

You can always use a regular trash bin, but just wait for about an hour and the room will smell like poop.

Your other option is to run out of the house, soiled diaper in hand, and then drop it into the outside trash can. The latter is alright if you want to lose weight, but is totally not advisable if it's 3 AM!


If you want to save some precious minutes and to keep your house smell like home, better settle for the best diaper pail.

• With liners or bags that you can buy anywhere

You don’t want to get stuck with a diaper pail that needs hard-to-find disposable bags. The best diaper pail must be durable and usable long after your kid has outgrown his diapers.

Find a container that fits the usual plastic bag. No special liners or complicated instructions because a diaper pail must be the least of your worries.

My Top 5 Picks For Best Diaper Pails

There are days when I touch my kid’s soiled diapers pail with a ten-foot pole. I have tried converting our trash bin into a diaper pail, and it was the bane of my existence. I would rather not open it out of fear that I’ll contaminate the house!

There are lots of diaper pails in the market but only a few that can minimize odor. There is no such thing as a magic odor-free pail.

But one thing’s for sure:

You can reduce odor and save some time with these five best diaper pails.


If I have to recommend just one, it will be this Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe because it is indeed a champ. If you have a few more bucks to spare, I suggest you buy this instead of a cheap diaper pail.

You can save money in the long run since this diaper pail uses just about any big trash bag. Plus, this container is ideal both for kiddie and adult diapers alike.

I also like how this diaper pail opens and closes with just a push of its top button. It keeps everything clean since you are not lifting the whole lid.

What's more, this is the best diaper pail for keeping the odors in. I have no complaints about the smell.

This container’s capacity is also big enough for a day or two of soiled diapers. For a mid-priced diaper pail, it does the job. For its durability and how it keeps our room odor-free, one big thumbs up.



  • One-push opening on top
  • Best in keeping the odors in
  • Easy to refill and take out
  • Uses the usual 13-gallon trash bag
  • Ideal for babies, adults, and pets
  • Not foot-operated
  • No child-lock


Ordinary plastic trash bins absorb odor, good thing Ubbi is made of powder-coated steel. This makes it easy to clean.

The opening is on its top and is not messy since you can do it in just one push.

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail doesn’t come cheap, though, but it’s still worth it. This diaper pail is useful both for disposable and cloth diapers. Just take note not to mix this two in one bin! It contains the smell as long as you keep this thing closed.

Just remember to empty out this pail daily, you don’t want its contents to rot and release its putrid wrath.

As per my experience, the smell begins to get horrible in three days. At least this diaper pail contains the odor, just keep it closed and empty it early.



  • Ideal for both cloth and disposable diapers
  • Made of powder-coated lead-free steel
  • Uses a regular trash bag
  • Air-tight rubber seal
  • Child-safe lock
  • Contents become stinky in two days
  • Costly


Dekor has a well-deserved reputation for being an easy-peasy diaper pail. True to its promise, Dekor makes diaper disposal hands-free with its foot operated top and easy-to-dispose bottom feature.

This diaper pail has a huge opening at the bottom. Just cut the used liner to dispose. Tie back the remaining liner and you are good to go. No need to put to waste a full bag. I find this feature convenient since I used to empty my diaper pail daily.

There is also a child-proof lock to keep your toddler from putting in his toys and digging the mess inside.

Dekor also boasts of its triple odor control feature. I find that it just minimizes the odor, not entirely removing it.

Lastly, this pail is lightweight since this one is made of plastic but not the cheap trash bin-type. All in all, this one is the best diaper pail if you want to save yourself some pockets of your time.



  • Hands-free foot-operated feature
  • Lightweight odor-free plastic material
  • May be used for cloth diapers
  • Safety flap lock for little fingers
  • Easy to dispose diapers in one-step
  • Light weight, not heavy-duty
  • Minimal odor control


Munchkin Arm and Hammer diaper pail is the best diaper pail for odor-control. It has a deodorizer attached on top, which is baking soda. And based on my observation, yes, this diaper pail can indeed keep the odors at bay.

This unit is not user-friendly though, that’s the downside. I can say that using this is not a breeze. You’ve got to fumble around the lid to get it to close right.

This product is made of durable plastic. It is dent-free, odor-free and easy to clean.


How I just wish the manufacturer has designed the lid wider. They kept the opening small to maintain the odor from escaping but dropping a big diaper inside is a bit cumbersome.

Munchkin diaper pail is on the small side, so it is good for a day’s worth of diaper. At least this diaper pail can later double up as your sanitary napkin container in the bathroom.



  • The best in odor control
  • Made of odor-free ABS plastic
  • Compatible with most diaper refill bags
  • With removable deodorizer
  • The lid and opening is small
  • Too costly


Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail is the cheapest on this list. What merits this diaper pail a mention on this list is its convenience. You can use just about any plastic bag.


What I don’t like about this item is its opening. The hole is too small; one can hardly fit a “fully-loaded” toddler diaper in it.

However, what separates the Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper pail from the usual trash bin is its deodorizer. This pail may be big in size, but do not  make a mistake of waiting for it to fill up. After two or three days, the odor builds up inside.

You will have to hold your breath for a few seconds while opening the flap or your will pass out. At least this one has a good seal that keeps the odor in. Just empty its contents daily.



  • Cheapest
  • Air-tight seal and with deodorizer
  • Big size, can hold lots of diapers
  • Uses standard plastic bags
  • Made of odor-free plastic
  • Small pop-up door
  • The odor seeps out eventually

​Wrapping It Up

There are a lot of diaper pails that can make it to my best diaper pail list, but these are the ones I highly recommend because I tried them and they worked.

But take note:

Even the best diaper pail cannot remove your child’s stinky diaper smell. They just keep the stink contained, no more no less. 

At least they are still better than a trash can, especially if you don’t want your room to smell of poop and urine each time. The best diaper pail is a time and embarrassment saver.

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