Mom’s Review: Best Detergent For Baby

Who would have thought our tiny tots could create huge messes? From their spits, pees, and pooh-poohs, every stain may mean a tough fight.

Regular detergents have lent their hands, but they are usually tougher than the fight itself. Thus, leaving a lot of soap residue.


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​What Then Is The Best Detergent For Baby?

Our precious little ones have very delicate skin, so it is but proper that we use detergent for babies that can take care of their skin just the way we do.

  • Hypoallergenic. I can’t remember how many times my little daughter had rashes and other skin problems because of detergents that claim to be safe for babies. Hence, it is a must for us mommies and daddies to find one that lives up to their being skin-friendly promises.
  • Can clean dirt. Being gentle on the skin doesn't mean it should be on stains, too. The best detergent for baby then should both be gentle and tough. Gentle on skin; tough on stains.
  • Harsh chemical free. Strong chemicals do not only harm our babies’ skin. It may also cause other unwanted results, especially if the chemical is inhaled.

​The best detergent for baby, in this case, should contain as many natural ingredients as possible.

​Chemicals To Avoid In Baby Products

As a mother, I also feel obligated to share with you the list of substances that are in baby detergents we should avoid no matter what. Sadly, some of these are not on the labels. 

  • 1,4 dioxane. This is completely unlisted on any label because this is merely a byproduct. The only way you can avoid this is by staying away from sodium laureth sulfate, xylenol, oleth, cetereath, and PEG compounds. These elements can give us not only allergies but possible organ toxicity as well. Yikes!
  • Formaldehyde. Because most commercially made liquid products stay for a long time in supermarkets, they need to have a long shelf life. Formaldehyde is what's added to liquids to avoid mold formation.It successfully gets rid of molds alright, but it causes respiratory problems for our little bundles of joy.
  • Fragrance. It’s nice to smell our little tots all the time especially if they smell like the first spring morning. But did you know artificial fragrances cause skin irritation and organ toxicity?That doesn’t smell nice at all, does it?
  • Parabens. To again lengthen shelf life, manufacturers use chemicals such as parabens as preservatives.While it can increase the lifespan of baby detergents, it can decrease the sperm motility for boys and may even cause asthma and cancer.

Top 5 Best Detergents For Baby




  • Fragrance-free
  • Concentrated so goes a long way
  • Uses mostly natural ingredients
  • May be used for adults’ clothing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clothes smell scentless which may be a bit boring for some
  • A bit pricey

Seventh Generation is a company that produces plant-based baby products and home cleaners, so it is expected that this laundry detergent contains the same natural ingredients. In fact, the company claims it is 95% bio-based. For us parents, of course, that is good news.


There is a notion that natural products can’t really clean dirt.

The good thing is...

This baby detergent counters it by claiming it targets even tough stains because of the quadruple-enzyme formula.

Other claims this product is hypoallergenic, which is good especially if our babies have sensitive skin; It's also USDA certified and animal cruelty-free. Woot-woot for us animal lovers!

The thing I like most about this is:

It's fragrance-free. My baby was sensitive to anything artificial fragrance that is why this made my list of the best detergent for baby.

If you are expecting, however, that your clothes will smell like flowers in full bloom in summer afterward, this may not be the one for you.




  • Uses gentle surfactants
  • Can remove most dirt and stains even without pre-treatment
  • May be used for adults’ clothing
  • Smells clean
  • Concentrated, so it doesn't require much amount in one load
  • Does not make as many bubbles as regular detergent
  • Soap bottle leaks

Just like Seventh Generation, Puracy also manufactures baby, household, and personal care products. It also promises to use only natural ingredients in each of their creations.

Puracy Liquid Laundry Detergent is no different. The company claims this is made without sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other harmful chemicals and animal by-products. Another hurrah for animal cruelty advocates.

What's more:

It is said to be created by doctors specializing in sensitive skin; hence, we can be assured that this one was given special attention in terms of being hypoallergenic. Which is why this is safe for babies’ clothes albeit not marketed as one.

But the best feature that made this to the list of best baby detergents is the fact that it only requires about ¼ oz per wash load. That’s a lot of savings for super saving moms like me.

However, if you prefer the sudsy, bubble-full machine when washing, this may disappoint you a bit.




  • Clothes come out relatively softer even without softener
  • May be used for adults’ clothes
  • Cleans dirt when directions are properly followed
  • No fragrance used
  • Does not leave residue
  • May not work for diapers of older babies
  • May not remove strong scents from clothing

Charlie’s soap is also not marketed as a detergent for babies’ clothes, but its claimed natural ingredients are touted to be safe even for our little ones’ apparel.


Because this soap is also made sans abrasives, lye, phosphates, bleach, dyes, and perfumes. 

The thing I like most about it is that it can make clothes softer even without a fabric softener. Plus, it promises to remove soap residues from the former product you used.


It may have been designed too delicately that it’s not enough to remove the stink off older babies’ cloth diapers, as their pee is more potent. The same may also be the reason it can’t remove perfumes and other strong scents in adults’ clothes.




  • Uses mostly natural ingredients
  • Removes bad smell from cloth diapers
  • Cleans most stains when used properly
  • May be used with adults’ clothes
  • May be used for all washing machines
  • Relatively pricey
  • Cloth diapers may still need constant stripping

Rockin’ Green may not be a name suitable for baby products, but this laundry detergent is said to work well for our little ones’ delicate clothing, especially cloth diapers.

As the name suggests...

This product supports the green environment, so they created this detergent without fillers or dyes, parabens, phosphates, and other environmentally unfriendly substances. This is why this passes as a safe detergent for baby.

If you have hard water, get the hard rock version.

The hard rock version is good for households with hard water because it prevents the minerals that this type of water gives our babies’ clothes. However, rumor has it that it still has chemicals that need to be stripped off once in a while.




  • Has clean and fresh scent
  • Cleans stains well
  • May be used in machines
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Relatively cheap
  • May need relatively more amount of detergent to remove stains
  • Pouring in small amounts may be hard if the bottle is full as there’s no pour spout

Purex is a company known to us for its creation of laundry products, from detergents to softeners. It is then no wonder that they created one for our little bundles of joy.

This laundry detergent designed for our babies is hypoallergenic and is dermatologically tested. It is also dye-free. But if you are looking for one that has natural ingredients, Purex has other versions.

If, however, you’re only after ones that can clean, hypoallergenic, and relatively safe for everyday use, this baby detergent should be enough for you.


Because we care so much for our little ones, it is a life-and-death matter to get them only the safest, bestest products.

Baby detergents are no exception.

The sure way to go is by choosing natural as the best detergent for baby. But there will always be that notion that the natural way is not the clean way while the clean way is the harmful way.

If going natural is more like you (which I hope you are), but you are worried about cleanliness, you may choose other cleaning methods especially for cloth diapers to get rid of the nasty urine smell.

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