Mom’s Review: Best Cool Mist Humidifiers for Baby’s Nursery

The air that you and your child breathe might be invisible, but it can mean the difference between sickness and health. You might have taken for granted your indoor air and humidity level because it is something that you cannot see. But just in case you are wondering if your child needs a humidifier, just go about and ask your doctor.

But how do you choose the best humidifier that will work for your baby?

The best cool mist humidifiers for your baby’s nursery can significantly improve your baby’s sleep, health, and mood. To save you from the hassle of trial and error, I had compiled this list of the best cool mist humidifiers in the market. 

I've also included the advantages of getting one and some considerations to look into when looking for one.


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 Health Benefits

ultrasonic humidifier in the house

Humidity is all about the air’s dampness or moisture. The higher the temperature, the more moisture the air has.

This is the reason we typically feel stuffy and sweaty during hot summer months. Likewise, falling temperature during winter can result in “thin” air, due in part to less humidity.

Unless you have a temperature and humidity monitor, you might not have an idea whether your room’s humidity level is average. 

But does humidity level really matter?

Low humidity, especially during winter, can contribute to throat and nasal irritation, resulting in a cough and even nosebleeds. High humidity, on the other hand, can make your little one fussy and also increase the incidence of a runny nose and allergies.

So, yes. It does matter.

The ideal indoor humidity level is at 50-70%. You’ve got to keep your room’s humidity in check as both extremes can do harm. If your house humidity levels fall below 44%, then a humidifier can help.

If you use humidifiers come wintertime, it will be a great help on your baby’s health particularly for the following:

  • Relief from dry skin, chapped lips, and dry eyes
  • Boost on your child’s immune system
  • Throat irritation and reduces dry cough
  • Clearing indoor air from city’s pollution
  • Annoying static electricity
  • Sleep improvement

Baby Humidifiers 101: What To Look For A Nursery Room Humidifier?

Little Girl Sitting Near Humidifier

1/​Adjustable humidistat

​Not all humidifiers have an adjustable humidistat feature. Small and portable humidifiers rarely have this function. Some days you’ll just need a little moisture boost, and on other days, you’ll need to crank up the humidity due to freezing temperatures.


It will be better if it has a feature that allows you to increase or decrease its humidistat level.

2/ Easy to clean and refill

This is a no-brainer, you’ll need a mini-machine that is more help than a hassle. The ideal humidifier is easy to clean, sturdy and easy to pull apart and reassemble.

3/ Antibacterial function

The best cool mist humidifier for baby has a UV-light feature to kill off all that pesky bacteria and viruses. 

But, of course, you should keep it clean too.

​To prevent molds from forming on your humidifier, you must allow its filter and reservoir container to dry out completely once in a while.

4/ Automatic Shut-off or timer feature

An ideal cool nursery humidifier must have an intuitive feature that shut offs as soon as the ideal humidity level is achieved. You want a humidifier that is less of a headache and not poses a fire hazard.

5/ Quiet/soothing noise

Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are the quietest. Some evaporative humidifiers can generate a lot of noise, so it helps to test the unit at the store before you buy.


It’s OK if your humidifier is not entirely silent. The gentle, soothing hum of a room humidifier can help to put a baby to sleep.

​Top 5 Picks: Best Cool Mist Humidifiers for your Baby’s Nursery




  • 1.5-liter capacity runs for 16 hours
  • Night light function doubles as a dim lamp
  • Operation is entire, emits the lowest noise
  • The LED light doesn’t turn off

The Ultrasonic Cool Mist is one of the best-selling baby humidifiers in the market. Its popularity lies in its low price, durability and no-nonsense approach to providing stable room humidity.

This small machine is one of the most reliable humidifiers on this list. I will recommend this if your baby is suffering from frequent bloody nose, cough and dry mouth and eyes during freezing weather.

What I like best its simplicity and its silent running mode.

What's more:

Using the button is intuitive. The only drawback is the sound that this button makes which is enough to wake the baby. There is also no option to turn off the nightlight, something useful for the nursery but a nuisance for your other bedrooms.

All in all:

If you want a powerful humidifier without breaking the bank, then the Ultrasonic Cool Mist will get you covered.




  • Easiest to clean and to refill
  • Emits barely noticeable soothing white noise
  • Evaporative filter type
  • Germ-killing UV light helps in preventing respiratory infections
  • Its germ killing action is yet to be proven as 99% efficient
  • Not as silent as ultrasonic models
  • Lacks of humidistat

Nobody likes the hassle of making nocturnal sleep-walking trips to the kitchen with a big humidifier machine on hand. Honeywell makes refilling and cleaning its water bottle hassle-free.

What I like most about this nifty tool is how easy it is to refill and maintain. You can quickly pour a water bottle on its large container spout, and you are good for another night. Just keep an extra purified water bottle at the bedside.

Not only that:

Even the water tray and reservoir are both dishwashers safe.

This machine as three fans setting to control its humidity level. The lowest setting is almost silent, while the high setting emits humming noise. It runs straight for 8-10 hours, good enough for an all-nighter.

Being a convenient humidifier that does the trick while killing germs at the same time makes the Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier one of the best in the market.




  • Humidifier and essential oil diffuser in one
  • Ideal for aromatherapy at home removes cocky smell brought about by pets and smoke
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Not as easy to clean with small nooks and crannies around the machine

If you have pets or are living near the road, chances are your baby is exposed 24/7 to all those pesky odors. Synthetic room air fresheners just won’t do if you have a baby.

You don’t want all those fragrant chemicals and nasty odors to contribute to your little one’s allergy. InnoGear Aromatherapy diffuser and an ultrasonic humidifier can help with “odor” your problem.

It has a small drawback though:

If you are looking for a heavy-duty machine, however, the InnoGear Aromatherapy diffuser and ultrasonic humidifier is not for you. If your weather is freezing, better look for a humidifier with lots of water capacity and something that runs for at least 16 hours straight.

Notwithstanding that little drawback, the InnoGear is the best humidifier for chilly weather come fall season.

To maximize its use:

Put in a few drops of essential oils (5 drops will do) to help baby relax while giving the room that cozy vibe.




  • Almost silent, soothing white noise at peak setting
  • Runs for 24 hours, with auto shut-off feature
  • Comes in different colors that doubles as a night light
  • Filling the reservoir can get tricky, not as easy as other humidifiers
  • Takes more time to clean and maintain

I can say that the Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has lived up to its name, looking fresh and presentable like a water drop.

The mist comes out on top of the water drop shape; my little kid finds this design cute. This model comes in various colors which light up at night to give your baby’s room that distinct vibe.

But the best part is:

Some humidifiers can only run eight hours, but with Crane Drop, you are covered for the whole 24 hours.

The thing is...

Crane Drop doesn’t have a filter. Same as with other ultrasonic humidifiers, it can emit white dust all around the house. This is barely noticeable if you do clean-up daily, but it can pile up if you are dusting just on a weekly basis.

The best way to make this pristine clean is to soak the container in vinegar solution at least once a month. To prevent sediment build-up and while dust by-product, it is best to use purified or filtered water when using an ultrasonic humidifier like this Crane Drop.




  • Small and portable, perfect for travel
  • USB-powered function
  • Easiest to use, just dip in a glass of water
  • Running time is limited to a glass of water or at less than 8 hours
  • Not as durable as conventional humidifiers

Don’t you sometimes wish you brought your big humidifier machine with you while traveling for hours in the car? Being trapped in traffic while breathing that dry winter air can irritate your little one’s skin and throat.

Now you can!

There are now portable cool mist humidifiers in the market.

Measuring just a few inches, this humidifier can fit inside your purse and even in your pocket. This will be handy, giving your baby just a boost of humidity anywhere.

If there are no electric sockets nearby, you can even plug this little machine into your laptop USB port.

There is also no need to bring in large water reservoirs, as the usual glass of water can do the trick. Just fill the glass with filtered water every now and then.

Cleaning is also a breeze, just a little soak in water and bleach solution will do. Just be sure to dry the whole thing completely after each cleaning session.


As the cold winds strip the air of moisture, the best cool mist humidifier can support your baby to combat the harsh weather. Even if your nursery has indoor heating, you need to balance the air with a cool mist humidifier.If your child is a little bit more sensitive, you may clean the humidifier daily.

These machines vary in price points and features. Try out the unit before you buy. Less than a hundred bucks, the best cool mist humidifier for baby’s nursery will give mom the best value for her money.

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