Mom’s Review: How To Choose The Best Co-Sleeper for Your Baby

Nothing compares to a peaceful sleep, both for mom and baby. Your little one might have given you lots of sleepless nights.

You have to get up dazed and sleep walk to the nursery room every night to comfort your crying child. Next day, you tried to put the baby to sleep in the middle of your bed so that you can reach and comfort him without getting up. Come morning; you regretted your choice because you had almost put the baby in greater danger.

Letting baby sleep on a separate room result to isolation. Putting baby to snuggle on your bed can potentially lead to falling off and suffocation. Is there a better way to put the baby to sleep without sacrificing his safety and your sanity? It turns out that a co-sleeper might answer your question.


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Why You Should Buy A Co-Sleeper For Your Baby

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A co-sleeper is designed to give newborn babies a safe and comfortable sleep. With its unique structure, it allows you to be as close as possible to your little one all the time.

Nothing beats the feeling of security knowing that baby is within your arm’s reach. A co-sleeper allows baby to lie next to mom while keeping him secured from the usual perils of bed co-sleeping.

Sleeping side by side comforts both the mother and baby. Mom can also sleep soundly, knowing that she can easily hear her little one once he cries. Hence, buying a co-sleeper is a practical and wise decision.

Here are more reasons why you should purchase a co-sleeper for your baby:

  • It is more convenient for moms to reach their child without the need to leave the bed.
  • It makes breastfeeding easy, particularly during the night.
  • It provides security for your child. Co-sleeping can prevent any risks such as SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Factors To Consider: How To Choose A Co-Sleeper

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Once you’ve decided to get a co-sleeper of your own, there are some factors you need to consider first.

1. Know your baby's weight age and size.

On an average basis, co-sleepers are designed for infants up to 5 to 6 months of age. However, this may still vary as manufacturers often provide the weight or age limit for their products. To avoid getting the wrong co-sleeper, it is best to know first your baby’s weight and size.

2. Check the quality.

You want the best for your child. Hence, it is a prerequisite to check the co- sleeper's safety as your child would be using it most of the time. You also have to check if it is comfortable enough. You don’t want him to end up crying in the middle of the night.

3. Know your budget.

Co-sleepers vary in prices. Getting a new equipment for your baby is an additional expense. If you only have a limited budget, it would better calculate the cost first and check all the affordable co-sleepers. However, you should not settle for the product only because it is cheap in price. You have to make sure that it is a quality product.

​Top 5 Best Co-Sleeper Reviews

To assist you further with what co-sleeper to choose, we’ve listed the Top 5 Best Co-Sleepers on the market.

Via Amazon.com

Halo Bassinest Sleeper promotes side sharing as compared to bed-sharing. This is perfect for parents who just don’t have enough bed space for an in-bed co-sleeper. With its smooth wheels and easy mobility, you’ll have one less thing to worry as your baby can sleep anywhere.

The Halo Bassinest is the safest co-sleeper among this batch, being JPMA certified and tested by thousands of satisfied parents like me. Its see-through side walls keep baby snuggly secured and visible at all times.

I like how easy it is to lower and adjust its height so that it can be on the same level with the bed.

Other co-sleepers can deliver a comfortable sleeping nook, but Halo Bassinest takes it a step further. It has a “Soothing Center” unlike any other, complete with nursing timer, lullaby player, and nightlight. Even better, this co-sleeper rock, I mean literally! It has two levels of vibration to soothe baby back to sleep.



  • Space saving, ideal for small bedrooms.
  • Easy to adjust, useful for moms who had limited mobility
  • Provides easy access to baby without getting out of the bed.
  • Rocks baby to sleep with its vibration feature and automatic timer.
  • Its price is not too affordable
  • This co-sleeper is not portable enough although it is perfect for use at home

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If you prefer a travel bed and co-sleeper in one, the Lulyboo infant bed might be the one you’re looking for. It works as a crib, bassinet, playpen and changing station in one.

The high-quality materials used such as cotton, nylon, and polyester, make it more comfortable and durable. The bottom part is also waterproof, so you need not worry about spills and any other mess.

The canopy feature also adds protection to your baby. If ever you’d like to bring this co-sleeper bed with you, it turns into a backpack. The foldable design makes it easy for storage.



  • It is foldable and easy for storage
  • Travel-friendly – it turns into a backpack
  • Features a waterproof bottom which keeps your baby dry all the time
  • Fits the bed perfectly with its small size
  • Due to its foldable design, the shape gets deformed at times.
  • The mattress is not firm.

Via Amazon.com

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue co-sleeper is recommended for those who have smaller spaces. The breathable mesh is one of its highlights which gives you a clearer view of your baby.

It works as a freestanding bassinet and a bedside co-sleeper. You can also move it conveniently with the wheels.

A convenient storage basket is also located at the bottom where you can put all your baby’s belongings. You can just pick them out easily anytime!

The mattress and the fitted sheet add comfort. If ever you’d use it as a co-sleeper, a nylon strap and plate is included for easy setup.

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue is recommended for an infant up to 5 months of age (or approximately 23 pounds in weight).



  • Features a breathable mesh for clearer view of the baby
  • Designed with wheels for mobility
  • Includes mattress and fitted sheet
  • Can also be used as a bassinet
  • The mattress is thin.
  • Crappy wheels – you have to roll it with effort

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The First Years Close and Secure co-sleeper is a best seller due to its reasonable price and portability. It is light enough for travel and sturdy to use around the house.

The main reason why parents would rather not do co-sleeping is due to the fear of rolling or pressing over the baby while asleep. The First Years Close and Secure co-sleeper provide a protected sleeping space for baby while he is asleep in his parent’s bed.

With the all-around mesh and foot guard of this co-sleeper, your little one won’t be going anywhere all night. It also helps that this co-sleeper has a built-in nightlight; mom will no longer get up and open the lights just to see the baby at the wee hours of the night.

What I appreciate best about this sleeper is that everything is washable, except for its waterproof base. You will have one less thing to worry as you can easily wipe off and wash everything on such times when all poops break loose.



  • Super affordable, easy to use and assemble
  • Ideal for traveling as it is portable and light enough to carry anywhere
  • The nightlight feature makes diaper changes and feeding easy during night-time
  • It's broad, and rigid design will take up most of your bed space
  • Not ideal for large babies as its length is non-expandable

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Swaddle Me by Your Side is a solid co-sleeper that is easy in the pocket and big in dimensions. This is also an in-bed co-sleeper to give your baby a chance to sleep right at your bed all night.

You’ll have one less thing to worry because the side meshes walls of this co-sleeper prevent you from rolling onto your baby while asleep. Its high walls get a plus point for safety, but it is a little cumbersome should you decide to breastfeed the baby. You will have to scoop baby out because you can’t feed him while inside this nook.

It can give you some peace of mind knowing the baby is within arm’s reach, yet it can also take out all the bed space for you and dad.

Since this is collapsible, this co-sleeper can be useful as a makeshift sleeper for baby all around the house.

Its dimensions are non-adjustable, so there is a good chance that your child can immediately outgrow this in six months or less. Despite these drawbacks, based on its prices and usefulness, I think this co-sleeper is a good buy.



  • Collapsible and easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy on the pocket but its design is presentable and looks sturdy
  • Easy to clean and sanitize, no need to wash.
  • The footrest is fixed, baby will immediately outgrow this depending on his size
  • The mattress smells of chemicals; you’ll have to wash it at least twice.


During the first months of baby’s birth, we parents barely get enough rest. We have to keep an eye open just to check whether the baby is still breathing or hasn’t fallen off the bed. A co-sleeper makes snuggling by child’s side so much easier. It keeps dad from karate chopping the baby while he is fast asleep thereby reducing the risk of SIDS.

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