Mom’s Review: Picking The Best Baby Cereal

Your precious baby deserves nothing but the best. Out of the hundreds of baby cereal brands variants in the market, only a handful is worth mentioning. You see, finding the best baby cereal is a bit tricky!

That colorful box sitting pretty on the grocery shelf might be just a simple concoction of sugar and whatnot. That enticing box of cereal with adorning cartoon character and superheroes most likely contain just empty carbs. Don’t ever get tricked by appearances and labels!


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How To Shop For The Best Baby Cereal

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# Organic and Non-GMO

If given a choice (and you have!) buy organic and non-GMO food products for your child and your family; don’t settle for anything less. If it isn’t organic, just make sure that it isn’t GMO.

Frankenstein-like GMO foods abound nowadays. Just about every major food manufacturer and mainstream brand out there use genetically altered ingredients. Do your due diligence and read a bit before you feed your baby that fancy cereal puffs.

# Artificial sweeteners and artificial colors

I don’t buy cereals if they are molded in different kid-friendly shapes, coated in sugar and tainted in fancy colors. If I am you, I won’t let my kid touch them, ever. This statement might seem strong but trust me, what these cereals lack in nutrients, they compensate with colors, sweetness and catchy marketing.

Consuming baby foods loaded with artificial colors and sweeteners (like Aspartame) can be compared to slowly poisoning your child. You may not immediately observe the harmful health effects, but it will make your kid less healthy in the long run.

# Taste

The most nutritious cereal might not emerge as a winner in enticing your child’s discerning taste buds. Whole grains are the ones full of fiber and minerals, but they usually taste bland. Finding the best baby cereal is a balance of taste and nutrition.

My advice to you is never to buy cereals in bulk the first time. Buy in small packets and let your baby have a taste. Introduce just a single variant of cereal for the whole week. Read the instructions, mix and offer in small quantities. Your child must get used to eating nothing but bland foods at first. That way, you won’t have a picky eater, and you can make him eat what is nutritious without protests.

My Top 5 Picks For The Best Baby Cereals

Now let us separate the grain from the chaff (pun intended) with my hand-picked list of the best baby cereals in the market.


If you are looking for the best baby cereal that is organic, non-GMO and tastes good too, I recommend that you try Happy Baby Organic Probiotic cereals. I find this product to have an ideal balance of taste and nutrition. You may choose this cereal for baby’s first foray into the world of solid foods. The taste is tailored for infants; your little champ will readily eat this.

What I like about this baby cereal is its balance of nutrition. It is iron-fortified, has the right amount calcium and other nutrients. It's plus factor is the added DHA and Choline, two nutrients that promote brain health.Preparation of this cereal is easy.

You can add in just water, or breast milk. It can also mix well with your baby’s formula. This Happy Baby cereal has good microorganisms like Lactobacillus and Bifidus that promote excellent gut health. All in all, this is a good product with a good taste to boot.



  • Probiotics equals to happy tummy
  • Made of organic oatmeal
  • Iron fortified
  • Contains DHA and Choline for brain health
  • A bit pricey


I must say that NurturMe Quinoa Organic Infant Cereal is the purest best baby cereal in this batch. It is made of nothing but wholesome quinoa, a healthy “grain” in a sense because this super food is not grains but are seeds.

It might be one of the healthiest but in terms of taste buds test; it won the horrible taste and texture award. Well, I might be a bit extreme here; it’s just that it took me at least two weeks of trial mixing and coaxing before I got my baby to eat this stuff.

Make no mistake though; I eat this grain too! Yes, you heard me right, my baby and I share this cereal. We are nearly done with one box. This is also an ideal food for breastfeeding moms.

I find this quinoa cereal best for digestion. It made my baby less fussy because she is less hungry while I feed her in moderation throughout the day. I was glad knowing that I am feeding my baby something nutritious. I mix in it some of my warmed breastmilk. It took me a lot of tries before I found out the consistency and mixture that he prefers to eat, but it’s all worth it.



  • Made of organic super “grain” quinoa
  • High in natural fiber, promotes proper digestion
  • Locally grown and sourced from farmers in South America
  • More than just carbs, its protein-packed
  • Contains natural nutrients and prebiotics
  • Tastes bland
  • Quinoa’s texture takes a little getting used to


Nestle Cerelac is the best-tasting baby cereal in this list. It is hands down the most delicious cereal in this batch. I tried it, and it’s yummy.

Other cereal brands can boost their nutrition, but they are of no use if your baby won’t take even a spoonful. I find that my baby eats Cerelac without hesitation. She always consumes everything that I prepared, so less feeding time and less mess to clean up later.

This particular brand of cereal has been around for decades. It is tried, tested and trusted by moms the world over. Nestle Cerelac has the basics of good nutrition covered, it is not spectacular but’s already better than the average baby cereal. It has Iron, DHA, probiotics and other vital nutrients. If you baby is a picky eater, I suggest that you try Cerelac.



  • One of the most trusted baby cereal brands in the market
  • Best tasting
  • Contains added DHA for brain development
  • Have probiotics for gut health
  • Easy to digest
  • A bit pricey in the US


If you want the goodness of non-GMO organic grains such as oats, brown rice, millet rice bran in one feeding, then Earth’s Best Organic is your best bet. This baby cereal is ideal for infants and toddlers who have already graduated from the initial stage of solid feeding.

You will know that your baby is ready for solid food when he/she can already hold his/her head unsupported. Your baby can already turn and can also sit with assistance. The next phase of solid food readiness happens around the time when your baby has begun to crawl or sit on his own.

The taste of Earth’s Best Organic is better than other single grain organic cereal. It isn’t salty or sweet and can blend well with milk. Since Earth’s Best is locally grown and sourced from organic farmers, it is certified free from pesticides.

This cereal is also made without refined sugar or any preservatives. Just a bit of caution though, if your child has some hypersensitivities to certain foods, better stick to a single grain cereal, unlike this variant.



  • Mixture of organic grains such as brown rice, oats, millet, and rice bran
  • Contains the right amounts of nutrients
  • Iron, Zinc and B Vitamins fortified
  • Easy to mix with milk or juice
  • Variety of variants to choose from
  • Not ideal as first food for babies susceptible to food sensitivities


Gerber is a trusted brand; their bottled cereals are bestsellers for decades. With the Gerber Organic Oatmeal variant, everything is kept simple. It contains no fancy flavoring or ingredients, just plain oatmeal. This single-ingredient approach fits babies who tend to have food hypersensitivities.

This baby cereal is certified non-GMO and organic; you can never go wrong with this one. It contains just the right mix of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as B-Vitamins, Vitamin A, C, E, Calcium and Iron. It also has Choline which is beneficial for brain health and cognitive development.



  • Tried and tested baby cereal brand
  • Single-grain cereal
  • Non-GMO, organic and USDA certified
  • Fortified with iron, Vitamin C and Calcium
  • Ideal for babies with food hypersensitivities
  • A bit plain in taste


One of the best ways to check whether your baby will like the taste of cereal is to taste it first yourself. Mixing the cereal with your breastmilk will make it taste familiar to baby. It is better also if you will read the labels to make sure that what you are buying is value for your money. You and your baby deserve the best every time.

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