Mom’s Review: Best Teething Toys For Babies

Oh, it’s that time in our babies’ life when they suddenly start biting our nipples—teething!

Teething is one of the milestones we, parents, are excited about, but not our babies. Teething for them, well at least most babies I know, is a strenuous stage when they cry and bite and have fever and fuss.

It’s not a good feeling!

Luckily, baby experts these modern days have created a toy that can soothe our babies’ itching gums (and fill in for our breasts): the teether.


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​What Is A Teether?

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A teether is any object a baby can chew on so that they can get temporary relief from the pain of the tooth protruding out of their gums. It can be a damp washcloth, a clean soft toy, or your fingers!

But as mentioned, we now have the blessing of giving our babies a full time teether—something they can chew on any time of the day for as long as they want.

What Should You Look for?

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# Material

Aside from it being safe, look for one that’s actually soft enough for your baby’s gum so as not to injure it. If your baby’s at the early stage of teething, start with a teether with soft cover and water inside. This can prevent gum bruising.

If your baby’s teeth have come out, choose rubber or any textured teether because it will help massage your baby’s gums surrounding the teeth. Also, choose a teether material that does not easily break apart. We don’t want our little ones to be choking instead of being relieved.

# Shape and color

Teethers, aside from relieving our little tot’s gum pain, are good ways of learning eye-hand coordination. Choose one whose color is attractive to the baby’s eyes and a shape that’s easy for them to hold.

# Washable

As our babies are still learning to hold objects, they may drop their teethers very often. So find one that’s easy to clean so as not to interrupt your babies’ teething slash playtime.

​Top 5 Best Teething Toys For Babies Reviews 


It’s a toothbrush and teether in one. It’s made of high-grade silicone so it’s soft for our babies’ gums. It’s banana-shaped which will make them familiar with eating bananas later on in their life.

Also, all parts of the teether/toothbrush are safe for munchkins to munch on.



  • The soft rubber bristles are gentle massagers for the babies’ gums.
  • The banana peel prevents choking.
  • Can be used as a toothbrush for babies avoiding brushes with nylon bristles.
  • It helps clean milk from our babies’ tongue.
  • Not to be used with babies with some teeth. The bristles tend to come off when bitten.


This multi-surfaced teether allows for soothing either front, middle, or back teeth. Its different colors also attract our babies’ eyes making them play with the teether some more.

The materials used for Icybite Keys are 100% BPA free, PVC free, Phthalate free and Latex free. It is also very easy to clean using warm water and mild liquid soap. This item is helpful for babies at least three months of age.



  • PurICE technology lets the teether stay cool longer, which is good for our babies’ itchy & swelling gums.
  • The different textures are nice for different levels of teething.
  • The multiple keys make small, attracting sound that entertains our little curious learners.
  • Not heat resistant. It means sterilizing it is not a good idea.
  • Some items are reported to have a strong chemical smell due to the plastic.


Is that a teether? That was the first question that came up when I saw it. But yes, it is a teether. More specifically, it is a toy which doubles as a teether because of its soft, bitable materials. The whole toy slash teether is made of rubber, painted with food-grade paint. Babies love to eat the toys they play with, so therefore we have made the product is such a way that along with playing it they can also chew it and is not harmful for them due to the use of non-toxic materials in the product.



  • The colors are visually stimulating for our babies, which gets their attention for a longer period.
  • It gives little squeaks that attract our little teethers’ sense of hearing.
  • The entirety of the toy attracts little ones, and the small parts get into baby’s mouth just fine.
  • Not for younger babies as the long neck and legs may cause them to gaggle.


This is not the first time a Comotomo product has made it on my list. And there’s no reason not to do so. This teether is simply designed—a circle with four little feet (which are actually finger shaped) the comotomo is made of non-toxic material and is safe for the babies to chew. Little babies try to chew every thing they get and this product is most suitable for them.

It comes in either orange or blue, depending on what attracts your baby more. Or, you can buy both as each is not that expensive.



  • The finger shaped ends have the perfect length to reach our babies’ molars. 
  • The ring is big enough for our babies to hold. It fits our tiny tots’ hands perfectly.
  • Easy to clean. The material is also safe for microwaving, boiling, dishwashing, and sterilizing.
  • Not for prolonged use. The silicone fingers tend to come off after several months.
  • Not for bigger babies who are strong enough to pull off the fingers
  • The silicone material can attract hair and other silicone-adhesive objects.


Teething these days have become more tolerable thanks to toys like these. Also, this stage has become a good start to slowly introduce learning using the teething toys as listed above.

Hence, choosing the best teething toys for our little tots comes with an extra challenge of picking one that’s also good for learning. But also make sure that all materials are safe and they’re easy to clean.

But if your teether doesn’t seem to soothe your little one’s cries, maybe you have to check for other causes of her fussiness especially at night.

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